Sunday, October 1, 2017


Joan Collins dishes on Hollywood and the power of female friendship

By Tara Henley

Golden Era

"The best time of my life, really, was doing Dynasty in the ’80s. It was great fun. I became very successful. It was a role I absolutely adored. I loved working with [fashion designer] Nolan Miller. We were close and had a great collaboration. I was very upset when he died three years ago."

The Young and the Restless

"Oh my God, I wish I had known how powerful youth and beauty are [when I was starting out]. It’s something you don’t know when you are young and pretty – the kind of pretty that I was. You’re insecure, but in actual fact it’s a strong hand of cards to hold."

Girl Power

"I’ve always had many female friends. One of my best friends was one of the chicest, most elegant women I knew. Her name was Cappie Badrutt, and I based my character for The Time of Their Lives – a select part of it – on her. My best friend, actress Judy Bryer, lives in Las Vegas, and we’ve been friends for 48 years. Unfortunately, I’ve lost track of my school friends, because I started in Hollywood very young, at 17. But I do have many girlfriends."

Absolutely Fabulous

"I wear makeup when I go out. I protect my skin. I always look my best. I think you owe it to yourself, as well as the people who look at you. I’m really not keen on the hanging jeans and dirty T-shirt look."

Family Matriarch

"It’s very nice at first [being a grandmother], when they are very young. And then they grow up and become teenagers, and they are rather like the way my teenagers were. Not as much fun as when they’re four! [Laughs]"

Remembering Diana