Monday, July 29, 2019


Joan enjoyed a fun night at the exclusive Pan Dei Palais Hotel in St Tropez for a birthday bash for her good friend film producer Monika Bacardi, who although celebrates her birthday August 20th took advantage of having many friends around for the season. 


Joan Collins reveals the secret to staying youthful


Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Joan looking sensational attended Elton John's Midsummer Party to benefit the Elton John Aids Foundation held at Villa Dorane in Antibes..

We are excited to share details for our first-ever gala event in the South of France:  A Midsummer Party for the Elton John AIDS Foundation on Wednesday 24th July 2019 at Johnny Pigozzi’s private and beautiful Villa Dorane. This stunning place and its (in)famous pool at the end of Cap d’Antibes has such a fun history of fabulous parties and is the perfect setting for us to bring our own Foundation brand of party to it – all raising funds to create an AIDS-free future.
The Côte d’Azur has a special place in our hearts. It is where we love to spend our summers, and we want to make our inaugural fundraising gala here a true highlight of the summer season. The programme for the evening features a cocktail reception, a Provençal dinner, a live auction conducted by Simon de Pury, and as an extra special treat, we are thrilled to announce that Chris Martin of Coldplay will perform an amazing set for us. It is an honour and we are so excited to welcome Chris as our guest performer for the night.
For their leadership and support, we are so grateful to our wonderful Supporting Partners, American Airlines, The Kraft Group and Lily Safra, and our founding Event Chairs: Jamie Bell and Kate Mara, Len Blavatnik, Gerard Butler, Dale and Leslie Chihuly, Gwendoline Christie and Giles Deacon, Taron Egerton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Tiffany Haddish, Bryce Dallas Howard, Quincy Jones, Robert K. Kraft, Spike and Tonya Lee, Bob and Tamar Manoukian, Richard Madden, Katy Perry, Bruce and Shadi Ritchie, Julia Roberts, Lily Safra, and Sharon Stone.
In 2019, no one should contract HIV, and no one should die of AIDS. Highly effective treatment for HIV is available, giving people living with HIV a normal life expectancy and making it impossible for them to spread the disease to others. The medicine, prevention therapies, and know-how exists. If we can ensure that all people know their status and have access to HIV preventive measures or consistently receive treatment, we can end HIV/AIDS as a public health threat. This is our goal and the reason for our fundraising. And that goal is within our grasp.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


Joan with Rose Marie

Joan has appeared in many popular tv shows over the years, including the classic western series 'The Virginian' which starred Doug McClure & James Drury.. The episode entitled 'The Lady From Witchita' also guest starred Rose Marie, with Joan playing Lorna Marshall, a saloon owner who comes to town to claim an inheritance from a local ranch owner who dies leaving her his estate, which meets with the town folks dissaproval..

Sunday, July 21, 2019


Joan with Alan Whicker in 'Wicker's Miss World'

As it was recently announced that the Miss World grand final will return to London this December after many years, here are a couple of photos from the 1994 competition held in Sun City, among the star judges were Alan Whicker, Kim Alexis and Joan, with Jerry Hall as one of the shows hosts.. This years grand final show will be on December 14th..

Joan with Kim Alexis & Jerry Hall

Friday, July 19, 2019


These rare stills features Joan with Darren McGavin on set of the 1978 comedy action film 'Zero To Sixty', which was also the last film role of 'Willy Wonka' star Denise Nickerson' who just died. 

Joan, Darren McGavin & Denise Nickerson

Sunday, July 7, 2019


Hollywood Everafters – stars that marry again and again


    Can it be Hollywood’s charm that’s responsible for the multiple mate-swapping that movie stars indulge in, asks Tom Mc Parland.
    Prediction is part of being alive (even incarcerated serial killers can safely predict breakfast). Yet, why is it famous movie stars couldn’t predict – say after one divorce – that there might be just the teeny-weenie chance that it could happen again?

    Most of us mortals are only made aware by the occasional bereavement that we’re mere replaceable waves on sand. But when thwarted romantic ambition turns nuptial necrosis, movie stars behave as though they’re hapless victims of a tsunami. Even though we know from Oscar night strutting hunks and overdressed leg-showing divas, that they do both triumph and lachrymose humility equally. These kids have been around more than a few blocks.

    They’ve been walking the walk and talking the talk since before we could write our names. And yet, when the farcical announcement emanates from respective lawyers that, Derby and Joan would ask you to respect their privacy at this sad time. We know that privacy means being left alone to determine to the last soupçon, who keeps the pet skunk and who gets the deodorant.

    Celebrity comments on their breakups sound like saints self-martyrdom: ‘It cracks you open’ – 2-spouse Jennifer Anniston. ‘I didn’t understand what marriage was’ – 2-spouse Kevin Hart. ‘It’s a nightmare – 3-spouse Nicole Kidman (whose first role was as a bleating sheep in her kindergarten Nativity play).

    5ft 11ins Nicole made her nightmare comment after her split from 3-spouse, 5ft-4ins Tom Cruise. Perhaps the real nightmare was trying to find him in the dark. Or possibly enduring the 10-year trauma of being called Mrs Thomas Cruise Mapother IV.
    But whether nightmare, frightmare or spitemare, movie stars adopt an unwitting tragic mode, while knowing that saying I do to someone who goes off the boil quicker than a boiled egg, carries a lunatic health risk. Or, even as in Kidman’s case, risking an ‘I thought I did last time but this time I really do’ less than 5 years after a first ‘career conflict’ nightmare, is taking the horns by the bull.

    As for liberated ex-seminarian Father Thomas Cruise Mapother IV, he’s since ascended into another monogamy with 1-spouse, 5ft 10in Katie Holmes (18 November 2006) and descended again (20 August 2012) into celibacy.

    Matching the gravity of these relationships, tinseltown journalists affect buttock-clenching combo names to keep tags on movie stars’ I do’s or I don’ts: TomKat (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes), Brangelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) and Bennifer (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez). Although portmanteau names frequently tempt fidgety Cupid to strike his tent for elsewhere, their use was de rigueur even in old Hollywood.

    Thursday, July 4, 2019


    As the death of Bafta winning actor Glyn Houston was announced, here is a shot of Glyn with Joan in the 1953 drama 'Turn The Key Softly'.



    Joan Collins: The night I got a TV star to flash Boris Johnson

    It has been a spring of party madness in London and New York. I was lucky enough to have several birthday parties thrown for me in both cities, including Evgeny Lebedev’s glamorous soirée at which Nigel Farage announced that he was no longer being served at any pub in Brussels, which may explain why he’s cut down on the drinking.
    There was also the ultra-glam Met Ball in New York: Dame Anna Wintour mingling with a half-naked Lady Gaga; divine Bette Midler in top-to-toe black sequins and a top hat, dancing with the talented Julianne Moore (wearing green sequins) and Cher in ripped jeans and an anorak. Not to be too bitchy (oh, go on!), but I thought Katy Perry dressed as a hamburger was a touch de trop, even for the party’s theme of ‘camp’.

    I’m not an Aquarian, but I seem to have attracted a few liquid dramas recently. There was the major flood in our flat two years ago, which forced us to move out for a year; then, at the Met Ball after-party, a drunk gentleman fell on to our drinks table, smashing two glasses of wine (luckily white) and spilling their contents over my gigantic feathered crinoline. It necessitated a swift exit for me, trailing wet feathers and shards of glass. And at the Old Vic summer party on Sunday, while I was sitting at Sally Greene’s table, a large iPad in the middle of the table, which listed the silent auction prizes, fell on to a full bottle of white wine (again!), tipping it all over me, completely drenching my dress and shoes. Napkins were hurriedly produced and assistants scurried about helping this soggy mess to mop up in the ladies’ room. But it was impossible to dry my dress, so I had to totter out and return home, once again smelling like a pub after closing time.

    At least at Ascot I managed not to get caught in any downpours. When it came to betting, I fancied the multi-winning jockey Frankie Dettori, but instead listened to the tipsters and didn’t bet on him in his first race. Frankie won it against the odds. So for his next race I took a punt on him, and he came through for me. One should always trust one’s instincts, especially if one knows nothing about racing. Ascot was full of the usual wonderful glitz and silly hats, and the Queen always seems so delighted when she attends — even more so than when she sat next to Donald Trump. Despite the fact that none of her horses won, she glowed all afternoon.

    At a dinner party once, I sat opposite Boris Johnson, who was seated next to a buxom reality star. She was so proud of her massive new chest that she asked the gentleman on the other side of her, ‘Would you like to see my new boobs?’ He looked frightfully embarrassed but was too taken aback by the question to reply, whereupon the lady forced the point by whipping her off-the-shoulder top down to her waist. The entire table fell into a fit of muffled giggling, with the exception of Boris, who was deep in conversation and had missed the party trick. I boldly asked the reality star to reveal her assets to him. She obliged. He merely glanced, frowned uninterestedly, and returned to his discussion.

    When my dear friend Charles Delevingne turned 70 last week, Susan Sangster threw a fabulous lunch party for him and 32 of his closest female friends and family. It was an extremely jolly affair. The champagne flowed and silver individual pots of caviar gleamed. Susan had put together an eclectic group of gals, and a marvellous scrapbook of pictures she had gathered from us — some funny and cute, some very embarrassing. I made a speech recalling the first time I met Charles, several decades ago. I was selling my house in South Street and the estate agents sent their brightest star to negotiate. I was at the top of the stairway when I buzzed the door open, and there stood 23-year-old Charles, with bowler hat, furled umbrella and old school tie, sunlight streaming in behind him as if he were a new Messiah. ‘How do you do? I’m Charles Delevingne,’ he said smoothly. ‘Of course, you are,’ I replied, unable to think of a wittier rejoinder. I was so impressed that I almost fell down the stairs.
    Then Dame Vivien Duffield stood up and made a witty speech also extolling Charles’s charms. Then Cara, his youngest daughter — and my goddaughter — made a beautiful and tender speech which brought tears to our eyes. Finally Pandora, his lovely wife of 37 years, told him that he had been the best husband in the world. In his speech, Charles told us that the next day he was to have another lunch, men only. ‘Thirty-two women today, and tomorrow only 16 men, which shows that I like women twice as much as I do men!’

    Tuesday, July 2, 2019


    Customers can now change operator through sending a text once contract expires

    Three UK has partnered up with actress Dame Joan Collins to encourage people to switch to its network as part of a ‘ditch and switch’ campaign.
    Three launched the social media campaign on its Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds and became the first UK operator to refer to the recent ‘text to switch’ rule introduced yesterday (July 1).
    In the light-hearted advert Dame Joan jokingly refers to her past relationships while sitting on a yacht in St Tropez.
    In the advert she joked: “I’ve never settled for anyone or anything that didn’t float my boat… It’s now easier than ever to switch.
    “So darling if they’re not satisfying you, then just… ghost them. So take control – ditch and switch to Three.”
    Three chief marketing officer Shadi Halliwell said: “We could all do with being a little more ‘Joan’ and not settling for anything less. And now is the time to take action – it’s never been easier to switch networks.”
    Customers that want to switch networks can receive the PAC code through a single text message and can switch networks in just one working day.
    As part of these changes Three has confirmed that it is offering new and upgrading customers six months half price line rental on its unlimited tariff until August 22 on a range of handsets, home, tablet and SIM only plans.