Sunday, June 23, 2019


Joan on sparkling form attended The Old Vic Midsummer Party held at The Brewery in London earlier.. Celebrating 200 years The theatre will raise vital funds to maintain the venue for the next 200! 


Joan presents the trophy to Hughie James

Joan was special guest judge at The Belgravia Classic Car Show held earlier today in Belgrave Square Garden.. Joan's brother Bill is a keen Classic car enthusiast along with his glamourous wife Hazel who hosted the event...

Joan with brother Bill, Liz Brewer & Percy

Thursday, June 20, 2019


Joan rounded off a day at the races with an appearance at The V&A Summer Party held at The V&A London in association with Dior..

Joan with Felicity Joanes

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Joan looking fabulously floral attended the second day of the racing calendar's highlight of the social season with a day at Royal Ascot. She met up with friends including Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan..

Monday, June 17, 2019


Joan took time out from her break in the South of France to attend The AA Gill Emerging Food Critic Awards held at London's River Cafe. The awards were launched by The Sunday Times in honour of the late food critic & good friend of Joan's. 
Joan with Ruby Wax

Friday, June 14, 2019


Check out this weeks Irish Woman's Way magazine which features this super cover with a 2 pae interview inside. You can read the interview below!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019



My lunch with Dame Joan in Saint-tropez

Dress code: Dame Joan Collins with Celia Walden
Lunch with Dame Joan Collins tends to get broken up by a series of star-struck diners crossing the restaurant floor to pay homage. Although entertaining (if looks could kill, these restaurants would be strewn with the corpses of the etiquette cave-people asking Dame Joan for selfies
while she’s eating), this can be frustrating when the Dynasty star is halfway through a particularly juicy anecdote – like the one she kept trying to finish on Saturday.
We were at Club 55, just outside Saint-tropez – a restaurant popularised by Brigitte Bardot in the Sixties – and Dame Joan was recounting the moment she first met the And God Created Woman bombshell.
“I was in my early 20s and sitting in a hotel bar in Rome, surrounded by men, when Brigitte walked in,” Joan recalled.
“She was in this tiny little gingham dress, and almost every man there promptly got up and walked straight over to her.”
Not one to suffer from either jealousy or self-doubt, Dame Joan quietly took in the scene before coming to the only logical conclusion: “I’m going to have to get myself one of those dresses…”

Saturday, May 25, 2019


Joan spent the afternoon on Friday at the new look Royal Lancaster Hotel in London to support her favourite charity 'Shooting Star Children's Hospices', where she is Vice President.. The hotel provided an afternoon tea for guests and a sweet station which provided colour to the afternoon.. Also in attendance were Simon Cowell, Anne Hegarty, Laurence llewelyn Bowen and Windsor's favourite panto star Basil Brush!
For more info on the charity, see tne following..

Friday, May 24, 2019


Joan celebrated her birthday by toasting the legendary Tramp nightclub in Jermyn Street which is celebrating 50 years.. Founded by Joan's good friend Johnny Gold and her late brother-in -law Oscar Lerman (Jackie's husband ) Tramp holds many memories for Joan and it was a fitting place to celebrate her birthday...
A toast for the birthday girl & a glamorous cake!

Joan with Michael Caine who met his wife Shakira at the club 48 years ago!

Thursday, May 23, 2019


For those who havent seen Joan's episode of 'The Love Boat' you can catch it on CBS Drama tonight at 6pm & 11pm.. Joan plays a glamorous movie star who sets her sights on Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod) as her latest husband.. The episode also stars Delta Burke, Ron Ely & Stella Stevens... 


Today is a special day for all Joan's fans as its a day to celebrate her birthday.. Wishing our favourite Dame a fabulous day...

Monday, May 20, 2019


Joan a vision in pink turned out for the VIP Press day of The RHS Chelsea Flower Show, which was also attended by Judi Dench, Christopher Biggins, Piers Morgan along with The Duchess of Cambridge who launched her 'Back to Nature' garden..
The RHS Chelsea Flower Show runs until May 25th..
Book Chelsea Flower Show Tickets Here!

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Joan a lover of fashion was delighted to attend the book launch of 'Thea Porter's Scrapbok' held at The House of Barnabas in Soho last week.. Joan who wore some cool Thea Porter designs in the 70s was joined at the launch by her good friends Theo & Louise Fennell and Barry Humphries..

Joan & Jackie on the way to a premiere 

Thursday, May 16, 2019


“I still have plenty of future left in me. ”: Dame Joan Collins insists she has no plans to slow down...

By Bernard Bale

Life is never boring with Joan Collins around. Just this year she has been touring the
country with her theatre show, working on another movie and even had a fire at her home in London – all that and still so glamorous.
“I am still loving life and that is, I am sure, one of the great secrets of keeping going – to be happy with what you do,” said Joan.
“It also helps you cope with whatever is thrown at you.
“I go to bed at night looking forward to the next day and I think that is so important. If you go to bed at night dreading the next day then you cannot be happy and you really need to do something about that, otherwise stress will set in and life becomes really dreadful.
“It is true that I have had my share of disappointments and failures but the secret is not to get morose and dwell on them.
“Learn from them by all means but don’t look back wishing you had done this or that.
“Look forward and focus on what you are going to do next. I think Irish people are great at that. Despite all their setbacks in history they always look forward with a smile on their face rather than moan about the past. They remember their heritage but they always look forward to the next challenge – or the next party.
“I love parties and I love to throw parties. I like each one to be an event that will always be remembered.
“I like to organise every little detail and make sure that my parties are simply the best. I have great guests, I have good food.
“All the parties that I’ve ever given have been really good and that’s not just my opinion.”
Joan must have been far from party mood when her Belgravia apartment caught fire some weeks ago.
“It was a bit scary,” she admitted. “It was about a quarter past four in the morning and we could smell something and then hear something, and the next thing we knew was that we had a wall on fire!
“My husband Percy was brilliant – my superhero – because he grabbed a fire extinguisher and tackled the blaze before it got worse.
“The firemen turned up and finished off Percy’s work and there were some ambulances and we were treated for smoke inhalation.
“I must say that the firemen were brilliant in keeping damage to a minimum and making it all safe, and the NHS people were also fantastic – they really looked after us and made sure there were no complications.
“It was a worry at the time of course but Percy kept cool and the whole thing passed off without too much fuss.
“It is not an experience I would want to have regularly though. It was bad enough when we were flooded a few years ago. But we survive these things. You have to have a cool mind and if you have to run away you make sure you grab a lipstick.”
But it has not been all trauma for Joan this year.
During the first few months she was on tour with her one-woman “audience with” show, in which she talks about her life and career and takes questions from the countless fans who have packed the theatres.
“I love those shows because I really enjoy meeting people,” Joan explained.
“Of course you get asked the same questions in the different places, but you get some really unusual and nice questions too, and I often try to remember them for the next time I am being interviewed.
“We have a lot of fun and laughter during those evenings too and that is what I am about really – having fun.”
Joan does have her serious side of course.
“I support a number of charities but I like to do more than just be a token patron. They are all serious issues that need to be addressed and I do whatever I can to turn the spotlight on them and to try to help and make a difference to the lives of others. That sounds a bit twee but I mean it.”
Joan still radiates glamour and fun. She constantly receives huge amounts of fan mail and regular offers of new films or TV shows on both sides of the Atlantic, which is probably why she has homes both in Britain and the US.
“It gives us the best of both worlds,” she revealed. “I like America and get on well with Americans, so we spend a fair bit of time there, but I am born and bred a Londoner and I still feel at home here – even though it has changed so much and is hardly recognisable as the wonderful city I grew up in and adored.
“I guess you have to move with the times but I do miss some of the London I grew up with. It is not the same these days but I still enjoy being here and I still like to see Regent’s Park where I used to go as a child with Jackie, my sister.
“I like to think about the past but I don’t dwell on it, I still have plenty of future left in me. I am only in my 80s! I hope to be around for another 20 years yet and I mean to make sure I keep busy. There is no way you will hear me talking about retirement, I enjoy my work and keeping busy far too much.”
Not only has Joan been busy on a theatre tour this year, but she has also been filming for the modern TV series Hawaii Five-0 and appearing in American Horror Story..
“Television has changed a lot and when you appear in an episode of a series it is almost like making a film. If you are in a series then it is a series of films.
“It doesn’t matter about the size of the screen, the production itself can be as huge for TV as for the cinema. I enjoy both and intend to do a lot more yet.
“I like breaking new ground and that is not always easy because people see you in one kind of role.
“For me, it has almost always been glamorous for many, many years but I love doing comedy. It is back to creating laughter again. Laughter is such great medicine.
“Even making American Horror Story is funny. In the series I am a cannibal but I am also a witch, I am also an ex-movie star and the wife of the ex-head of MGM so I get to be sinister, scary, witty and really catty at times. Great fun.”
That just about sums up Dame Joan Collins – she is just such great fun and looks like being so for many years to come.

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Darlings, I really did have a ball! Joan Collins was a Cinderella who'd never been invited to fashion's most fabulous gala... until this year. Now read her riotous, star-spangled account of a night she'll never forget!

Five months ago, when I was first invited to the Metropolitan Museum of Art's famous 'Met Gala' in New York, my first thought was 'What shall I wear?'
I mean, you would, wouldn't you? Even royalty in the form of Princess Diana has attended.
Every year the ball, held in aid of the museum's celebrated costume institute, has a different theme.
This year it was 'camp', which the dictionary defines as 'deliberately exaggerated and theatrical in style, typically for humorous effect'.

It's a daunting prospect to achieve this, competing with all the high-powered style and glamour while remaining dignified. But having been invited by the fashion house Valentino, I was comforted by the fact that its wunderkind, head designer Pierpaolo Piccioli, was going to design a dress for me.
As I fretted about what that design would be, my PR Jeffrey Lane, who was co-ordinating with Valentino's people, soothed my fevered brow: 'They said leave it all to him. Pierpaolo will send you the sketches.'
Six weeks passed and no sketches arrived. 'Don't worry,' counselled Kate, the Valentino PR, 'we can organise a dress in a week — we did it last year for Lady Gaga.' Another month passed and now I was in full-blown panic. This was the Met Gala! My first one!
Finally they arrived, five beautiful fashion sketches — exquisitely packed and boxed in Valentino boxes trimmed with white ribbon — of dresses that were, oh, dear me, a bit too 'ingenue' for me.
Pierpaolo and I went into full collaboration mode from that moment on, with texts, emails, photos, hand drawings and hasty calls placed at various hours of the day to account for the time difference from LA to Rome.
And, with four weeks to go before the grand event, another Valentino box arrived, hand-couriered from Rome to London for my first fitting, containing a dress in heavy white silk faille ruffles, absolutely covered in feathers.

Camp? Oh yes, completely. I adored it and decided to camp it up some more with diamonds by the yard.
I wasn't about to borrow from any of the jewellers, as that would entail being shadowed by security officers in scenes reminiscent of Ocean's Eight, so my favourite LA stylist Rene Horsch and I combed the shops for gorgeous costume jewellery and capped it with a zenith of camp — a tiara.
My husband Percy and I arrived in New York on the Thursday before the big day, which is always the first Monday in May. On Friday morning and Saturday afternoon I had the final fittings with the great designer himself. 'Call me pee-pee,' said Pierpaolo Piccioli. 'I'll try,' I replied.
He was great fun, and a wonderfully receptive designer who appreciated my feedback, even when I added more feathers. He took in the bodice as I'd lost weight since the last fitting, and added more and more feathers. I did my hair, make-up and tiara placement at home and went to the Pierre Hotel to get dressed and meet the rest of the Valentino coterie.
We mustered the group in the main lobby — beautiful and talented Julianne Moore looking resplendent in shimmering green, British music legend Mark Ronson, Chinese musical phenom Lay Zhang, waiflike warbler lovely Lykke Li and the glorious and striking model Adut Akech.
We stepped into the courtyard of the hotel to what felt like an opening night with about 200 fans gathered around, whooping and cheering and dozens of paparazzi snapping jauntily.
We piled into two huge SUVs of the type that Donald Trump uses for his flotilla — not easy to do in a massive crinolined skirt. The traffic was an utter nightmare, with bumper to bumper jams, so we passed the time watching the arrivals on Vogue's Instagram feed.
We saw Lady Gaga do her camp striptease on the pink carpet. She arrived in a huge fuchsia hooded outfit with a cape, surrounded by male dancers in tuxedos brandishing black umbrellas. She strutted and posed for the cameras then stripped down to a black gown.

'She's Lady G, she gets away with it,' said Carlos Souza, the brand ambassador for Valentino. We were thoroughly entertained. Dear Lady G — thanks for lightening the tedium of NY traffic!
Then — hello! — entertainer Billy Porter arrived as Cleopatra held aloft by a half-dozen, half-naked men. He was completely covered in gold sequins, sporting golden wings.
Two great performing artists, performing magically. Serena Williams, one of the chairs of the committee, arrived in yellow sneakers — smart, I thought.
We finally arrived at the traditional and austere facade of the Metropolitan Museum, which was a vision decorated in pink flowers, pink feathers and gigantic pink flamingos which, according to the doyenne of fashion, Vogue editor and chair of the ball Anna Wintour, are the quintessence of camp.
We shuffled along impatiently in a long queue before we were allowed onto the red — no, pink — carpet. I had to manoeuvre past vast trains, and duck armies of make-up and hair experts all tweaking bits of their clients.
It was a little like standing in line at the Waitrose checkout in a lunchtime rush, except you were surrounded by the likes of Idris Elba, handsome in a heavily embroidered jacket, and RuPaul, all 6ft 5in of him in a multi-coloured sequin pant suit. Tom Ford, looking soigne in a simple dinner jacket with a white gardenia, came to give me a big hug.
Then the diva of divas and the last of our Valentino team, the stunningly beautiful Naomi Campbell, joined us, glittering in a pink lace body suit topped with a huge floating pink-plumed cape and train.
A man, holding a piece of plastic, knelt before her and fanned her feathers so they fluttered prettily. A human wind machine — clever. We all hit the pink carpet together. The photographers whooped then ordered us around as we all stood arm in arm.
Naomi put her arms around my shoulders for a hug and I almost toppled over. I don't know how Victorian ladies managed their corset and crinoline but I consoled myself with the thought that they didn't have to wear 6in stilettos and have 5,000 cameras trained on them, while hordes of fans yelled and screamed.
I was gasping for a drink by now and worried we were late as it seemed we had been on the carpet for at least two hours. Another flight of stairs followed another flight of stairs and we arrived at a group of brilliantly costumed guests all swigging cocktails and looking relaxed.

'A glass of white wine, please,' I croaked to a waiter, then said hello to Demi Moore, chic in a YSL tuxedo; the Delevingne sisters, Poppy and Cara, the latter wearing the highest platform shoes I've ever seen; and Kate Moss looking gorgeous in silver sequins. Lily Collins and I laughed about the days we lived in the same building in LA and the postman constantly misdirected our mail to each other.
As I took a grateful sip of my wine Carlos took me by the arm to be interviewed by the fashion journals. After one more sip he dragged me off again — to dinner, I hoped. But another queue loomed ahead. People chatted excitedly while manoeuvring their trains and huge headdresses as we moved agonisingly slowly, one by one, negotiating yet another set of pink carpeted steps.
I was fascinated by how Katy Perry managed her chandelier so gracefully and then disappeared into the bathroom to return for dinner dressed as a hamburger.
Finally, we arrived at dinner — an exquisite panorama of pink. I managed to stumble to our table, my feet now throbbing.
'Hurry up and eat — Anna likes to get things going so we can watch the entertainment,' whispered Carlos. I rushed through my delectable tomato tartlet but was unable to face the fabulous fillet steak, which I knew from past experience would haunt me for the rest of the evening.
An ominous crash of music preceded Lady Gaga on the stage, casually dressed in bra, knickers and fishnets, who gave a speech about loving each other, inclusion and diversity, and embracing your 'inner camp'.
She introduced the stars of Pose, Ryan Murphy's new TV series about the trans movement in Eighties Manhattan. Ryan himself was there in top-to-toe sequins, channelling Liberace perfectly. It's the rumour that he suggested the theme for this year, so he certainly 'walked the walk' of which he talked.
As dancers filled the stage, they parted to reveal the icon of icons — Cher. This was a great and delightful surprise as the entertainment is a closely guarded secret. The legend was dressed down in ripped jeans, a tiny top, an anorak and a long blonde wig — the complete opposite of camp, but nevertheless wonderful and ageless.
Bette Midler, wearing a top hat and tailcoat in glittery black sequins, came to our table and boogied with Julianne Moore, and I glimpsed Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes doing the same.

Cher left after her first number and came back wearing , it seemed, her original Bob Mackie-style sleek black embroidered bodysuit and a massive black curly wig, and sang Believe. Harry Styles jumped on the table in front of us in a see-through blouse and pussycat bow, obscuring our view and ignoring our entreaties to get down.
The people started to get up to leave — and fast! Bella Hadid, looking chic and exquisite in a black sheath with long beaded gloves, actresses Zendaya, Lupita Nyong'o and Emma Roberts, and supermodel Karlie Kloss led the troops in the massive exodus.
Managing to ooze past this wall of names, pandemonium reigned as everyone tried to find the cars, limos and truck. It was a frenzy, so Pierpaolo lent me his jacket as two of NY's finest — the policemen tasked to protect us all — looked genuinely thrilled as Billy Porter and I chatted with them while we waited for our carriages.
We finally arrived at Hunter College, the venue of the Gucci after party, where guards were efficiently turning away anyone who was not on the list.
Inside, we were escorted by the security officer to a basketball gymnasium, the scores of the last game still posted on the board and 'Go Hawks!' posters on the walls. Within a minute someone fell and tipped the table over, which tipped my glass of wine all over my feathers. 'Time to leave!' said Percy firmly, to which I agreed weakly, thinking: 'My feet will never be the same again.' I must have walked five miles.
But what an experience it was. I loved my first Met Gala and I would certainly go again in a heartbeat, although at $30,000 a seat I'll wait to be invited!