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                             REVISITED .....
The story so far .... Alexis visits Steven in Washington, to hear his concerns over Sammy Jo.. Fallon informs Jeff she wants to do some shopping in Malibu, she fails to mention she plans on visiting Miles Colby!! ...Krystle continues to suffer with headaches and her behaviour becomes erratic..Sammy Jo recieves a call from Alexis..
After her brief phone call to Sammy Jo, Alexis had become so enraged, she wasted no time embarking on her journey to New York. Alexis stepped out of her limo, she entered the Fifth Avenue office of 'The Kane Photo Agency', she had not informed anyone of her arrival.
"Can I speak to Mr Kane? It is vital I see him, Dear!"
Alexis looked at Shanice Cole, Denny's pretty assistant, with a look that left the young employee with no option but to summon her boss.
"Who shall I say is calling? I can't guarantee he will see you. He is very busy!"
Shanice could tell that this glamorous, yet authoritative looking woman would have to be handled with care, she would not be persuaded otherwise.
"Thank you dear! Just tell him Alexis Colby is here to see him about Sammy Jo Reece!"
Minutes later Alexis had taken the elevator, one floor up to the studio..
"Mrs Colby! What can I do for you? Sammy Jo isn't shooting today. My camera is still steamed up since our last session!"
Alexis grinned, Sammy Jo was certainly the Emperess of Sleaze...
"Mr Kane! I don't wish to see that little tramp... Not at the moment anyway.. I came to see you! I am sure you and I can be of service to one another!"
Alexis sat down on a nearby stool, she lit up a cigarette, she could see an ashtray nearby, signs of a distant indulgence not too far gone..
"I can't see that I can help you in anyway. Unless you want to update your portfolio.. You are a stunning looking woman! I could shoot some stunning promo shots of you!"
Alexis was flattered, she knew Denny had the pick of ultra glamorous females.
"Mr Kane! I am all for ultimate promotion.. However my interests at present is a production of another kind! What is your relationship with Sammy Jo? Business or Pleasure!!"
Denny was shocked yet intrigued at her line of questioning.
"Purely business Mrs Colby! But I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested in a more pleasurable relationship!"
Alexis was surprised, but Denny was a handsome guy, she knew it would only be a matter of time.
"Denny! I can call you that? It may be worth your while to get Sammy Jo all steamed up in your favour! You are an attractive man. You should have no troube in ravishing the ever available Sammy Jo!"
Alexis has finished her cigarette, stubbing it out, as she mentioned the vixen's name.
"I am sure I could persuade her. But why? What advantage would it be to me.. Apart from the obvious!"
Denny was puzzled, but interested.
"Whilst entertaining her with your charms, do make sure you use other more high tech equipment, to catch the act on film. Of course I would maintain my dignity, if I were you! Sammy Jo's much seen face, will be all the coverage I need!"
Alexis squeezed his arm, a wry smile racing across her scarlet lips.
"You want to blackmail her? Why?"
Denny knew that Sammy Jo despised Alexis Colby and he was soon realising the feeling was mutual.
"Blackmail..Mr Kane is a word I find quite distasteful. On the other hand evidence is a word I choose to use! Evidence to help my son Steven, get my grandson out of the clutches of his by coastal mother."
Denny sat intrigued by Alexis, such a complicated woman, she would make an excellant subject.
"Your son Steven..he's gay.isn't he? Isn't the kid better off with his mother, than with a gay father and his boyfriend?"
Denny was only too aware of Sammy Jo's side of the story.
"Mr Kane! My son's sexuality is not the issue or the fault here! It is the wayward lifestyle of his ex-wife, that is the problem. Sammy Jo has passed Danny around so many times in favour of her career. Steven has a stable environment, a good job and his own home."
Alexis felt strongly on the subject as Denny was now only too aware.
"Look Mrs Colby! Don't get me wrong, I am not homophobic or anything..Hell I have lots of gay friends. I was led to believe your son left the kid on his own, while he went out cruising. Sammy Jo claims he used to lock him in his room. She led me to believe the guy was schizophrenic. He used to hit her in rages!"
Alexis eyes widened, she was furious!
"That knickerless fantasist! How dare that bitch, blacken my son's good name. Steven Carrington is the most gentle man I have ever known. For that harlot to say he could ever be violent or mistreat his own son is inexcusable! Steven has never harmed a hair on her unnatural head! This is all part of her campaign to keep Danny and subject him to her brand of motherhood!"
Denny looked into Alexis's eyes, he knew then she was totally sincere, he never really believed anything Sammy Jo told him."
"I believe you Mrs Colby. I can see you love your son. Okay I got the hots for Sammy Jo. She is one sexy babe, but hell you can't have brains and a body like her!"
Alexis couldn't argue with that.
"You can sample her brainless brand of sexiness, while you help me rectify this injustice. A rather large cheque will be the icing on the cake for the piece of film!"
Denny thought for a moment, long enough to decide to help her, besides times were hard, he could not afford to turn down a large amount of money.
"Okay! I will go along with it. Just as long as my name stays off this assignment! I want to feature in 'Vogue' or 'Harpers' not 'Hustler'!"
They both shook hands, laughter echoed around the studio, Alexis played to win.
Fallon sat in her car outside Miles's Colby's beach house, she had spent the morning shopping with a couple of her girlfriends, a lovely lunch and a welcome catch up put her in an upbeat mood. It was now late afternoon, Fallon knew the time had come to face Miles, lay her seasonal cards on the table. She had not informed him that she was in the area, the element of surprise could be in her favour.
"Fallon baby! I can hardly believe it! You should have told me you were coming!"
Miles was more than surprised to see her, he was thrilled, delighted to see her back on her feet again.
"Miles. I just happened to be in town, Christmas shopping, seeing old friends, one of which is you!"
Fallon could tell he was still heart over head infatuated with her, she knew it would not be easy persuading him otherwise. She had to admit his fleeting kiss at the hospital, did excite her, she would be kidding herself if she believed otherwise.
"I am not such an old friend! I would still like to think of you and I as a flickering flame!"
Fallon was only too aware how intense that flame was, she inhaled the enticing scent of his Polo cologne as she brushed past him.
"I have to fly back tomorrow on the early flight. The car has to go back to the rental agent. I only hope I can manage all the gifts I bought!"
Miles gave her a smile, he was so glad to see her.
"I have really missed you baby. Hope you liked the flowers. Something to remind you of me!"
Fallon was lost for words, all her thoughts, planned speech about her solid marriage to Jeff, how he was all she needed, somehow momentarily erased. She wondered if she would be able to resist the  temptation, he no doubt would try to entice her with!
"Miles! I thought we both had come to an understanding as regards to our relationship? I thought you accepted the fact that I am happy with Jeff. That my marriage is the most important thing in my life, other than the life of my son."
Fallon found the strength to confront him with her original thoughts.
"Jeff Colby is one lucky guy. I accept you are his girl, happy in his arms. But hell! I can't help the way I feel about you. I doubt I will ever feel otherwise."
Miles took her hands, pulled her close, she felt powerless to resist him.
"Miles! I am flattered you care so much for me. We can't go back to the way we were.. We just can't!"
Fallon pulled herself away from his grasp.
"You are far away from home. Let me kiss you for old times sake. Let me try and conjure some of the magic again. We can create a night filled with fireworks!"
Fallon could but be impressed with all the melodrama, even if he was beginning to sound like a character from a soap opera! But she was weak when it came to men, even more so when they both shared a past, that was still very present. Before she knew what had engulfed her, his lips complimenting hers, his hands running all over her body. They became consumed by a whirlwind of undressing, there was no turning back now, not tonight anyway! Fallon had failed in her mission to make him understand they were only friends. She knew when early hours dawned, she would be guilty, she would have to try again!
Sable Colby had enjoyed her dinner and was now relaxing with a cup of coffee. Krystle Carrington sat opposite her at the dinner table, her plate untouched. Blake had informed her he would be late home from the office.
"Krystle! How do you feel now? You hardly touched your dinner!"
Sable knew in her heart, that Krystle had a troubled mind . But it was pointless asking her as she would only deny the fact, that is until such a time she was desperate to unload her burdens.
"I am fine! I love Christmas. Don't you? Beautifully wrapped gifts..Mistletoe.. Holly.. Running barefoot in the snow!"
Krystle starred ahead of her, almost in a daze. Sable did not quite know what to say to her.
"All wonderful Krystle Dear! Why don't we retire to the study. I could do with a shot of brandy in this coffee."
Krystle resembled a Stepford Wife as she turned her head and stared straight at Sable.
"I need to go to the kitchen! I must check the refrigerator. See if there is enough chilled champagne for the holiday season!"
Krystle left the dinner table, leaving Sable bewildered. Sable decided it was best to let her go.
Sable decided she would have that brandy shot, she wanted to have a look at an advance copy of her book, which came by courier earlier in the evening from her publishers. She felt excitement holding the glossily covered hardback, a most fabulous jacket photo by Gary Bernstein adorning the back cover. She also looked forward to the book tour and spending some quality time with her daughter Monica. 
In the kitchen, Krystle had inspected the contents of the refrigerator, her lips quivering like a Texan tycoon's wife, there was no Champagne to be found! There had to be a bottle or two, she had to find some, maybe it was hidden! She proceeded to empty the entire contents, Caviar and Creme Brulee cascading to the floor, a gourmet's nightmare. 
"Those idiot's. No consideration!"
Krystle got up off the floor, where she had been kneeling, kicked aside the spilt food, then left the kitchen by the back door. She needed some fresh air, a drive to clear her head. Krystle drove her car out of the garage, out of the grounds, into the night.
Later that evening, Blake arrived home, with no sign of Krystle, she had not returned. Sable informed him of Krystle's antics, her ramblings and the mess she left in the kitchen. 
"Where on earth has she gone? Did you try to stop her?"
Blake was distraught, he knew she had been acting strangely for some time.
"Blake! She went to the kitchen, caused an upheavel and left. She was well on her way when I realised she had gone!"
They were both puzzled and concerned, even more so when four hours later she had still not returned.
Blake was tempted to call the police, but he knew she would return on her own accord. He hoped she might call, he prayed she was safe, he could not go through losing her all over again...

(C) 2011  Mark McMorrow..


Here is exclusive shots of Joan on set of The Joy Behar Royal Wedding After Party screening now on HLN..



This little seen promo shot from 2004 , features Joan looking sensational with a leather jacket and red skirt......

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As today is Royal Wedding day, here is a rare candid photo of Joan during her own wedding reception at Claridges in London in 2002.. Joan is seen with step-sister Natasha, also in the photo is Helen Worth and her husband, between Helen and Joan's is Christopher Biggin's partner Neil.. Joan can be seen today on The Joy Behar Show discussing the Royal Wedding...


Just a reminder that Joan will appear on The Joy Behar Show later today to celebrate the Royal Wedding.. Lisa Rinna will also join in the fun among others!  see local listings for times in your area!

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As Joan and Percy will be off on their travels shortly.. From LA to New York then to London for her Birthday Celebrations and then off to France.. Here is a shot of Joan and Percy on one of their many treks through Heathrow...

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I had a request regarding Joan's appearance in the 1995 tv movie "Hart To Hart- Two Hart's in Three Quarter Time".. in which Joan played authoress Lady Camilla Ashley...

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As part of extensive coverage of this Friday's wedding between William and Kate, American tv is going all out with coverage across the networks. Joan will be joining in the fun, when she guests on 'The Joy Behar Show', in a 'Royal Wedding After Party'.. Joan along with other guests including Lisa Rinna, will discuss the festivities.. The show airs at 4pm with a repeat at 7pm on HLN.10PM ET... check your local listing for screenings...


This rare still features Joan in a scene from the 1987 mini-series 'Monte Carlo', which gets a re-release on DVD on June 21st.. You can order here!!

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This photo was issued to promote a screening of Joan's 1987 mini-series 'Monte Carlo', in which played the glamorous agent Katrina Petrovana.. You can catch all the action in June when the series gets a re-release on dvd.

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70'S FOCUS : ZERO TO SIXTY ... 1978 ....

DARREN MCGAVIN as Michael Nolan
JOAN COLLINS as Gloria Martine
THE HUDSON BROTHERS as Eddie / Harry / Sammy
LORRAINE GARY as Billy John 
MONICA LEWIS as Aunt Clara
GORDON MACRAE as Officer Joe
DICK MARTIN as Arthur Dunking
LYLE WAGGONER as Gay Bartender
  Art Director - James William Newport
     Edited by Dann Cahn / Jack Peluso
       Music by John Beal
         Director of Photography - Donald H Birnkrant
           Screenplay by W.Lyle Richardson
            From a Story by Judith Bustany & Peg Shirley
              Produced by Kathie Browne
                 Directed by Don Weis
Michael Nolan is finding life hard, what with a greedy ex-wife, who with the aid of his own crooked lawyer, has just swindled a large alimony payment from him. Tired and broke, all he has left is his fancy new car, but when he sees a teenage tearaway stealing it, thus begins a series of madcap adventured! Gaining a job in the reposession buisness, the chase is on for the elusive Gloria Martine!! When your job is at stake, the price is high... It's a hard drive on a Zero To Sixty!!!
 (c) 1978  87 mins  color .. Rated AA .. 

This 1978 action comedy features Joan as the elusive Gloria Martine, who spends most of the film running from one place to another, trying to evade Darren McGavin, who is trying to repossess her car. Joan no doubt glad of the work, this was made just before 'The Stud' hit box office gold. The film's star Darren McGavin wrote the screenplay under the name W Lyle Richardson and his wife Katherine Browne produced the film. So all in all a labour of love for the star couple. The film however only got a limited release and was heavily re-edited by First Artists which gives the film a disjointed look. It does have an interesting cast, including "Willy Wonka" star Denise Nickerson, who played Violet in the 1971 classic, here she was sixteen and this to date is her last film appearance.Also appearing is 'Rowan and Martin's Laugh In's' Dick Martin, 'Jaws' star Lorraine Gary and veteran star of 'Oklahoma' Gordon MacRae. It was however the first film for popular film/tv composer John Beal, who is now the top movie trailer soundtrack composer.
The film was released on video in the 80's all over the place, however a dvd has not turned up as yet. Although the MGM channel is screening an excellent print of the film. Worth checking out to spot the familiar faces and of course to see Joan!
(C) 2011  Mark McMorrow..


Just to wish everyone a Fabulous Easter! Here is a photo of Joan wearing a wonderful hat that could easily have been aired for Easter!

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Here is a photo of Joan with her ex-husband Peter Holm launching the mini-series 'Sins' in 1986, in front of the press..


                             REVISITED :
The story so far.... Alexis is rescued by Frank and Steven... Sable is overjoyed to have her son back.. Alexis finds out Frank and Dex were brothers and was about to reveal to Frank her findings when Steven informs her that he needs her help!
WASHINGTON DC ............
It was a cold day in the capital, winter had definitely arrived. Alexis stood looking out of the window, the shadow of the White House, off in the distance.
"Thanks for coming mother!"
Alexis turned around, delighted to see her son, to be there for him when he needed her.
"Darling! I had to come! You need be here, to help you fight thet little tramp!"
Alexis had no qualms in expressing her feelings towards the notorious Sammy Jo.
"Fight her! I would love to kill her!!"
Steven became enraged at the thoughts of his ex-wife exploits, the doyenne of exploitation. 
"Darling! Killing that little bitch would be the kindest service you could possibly do for her. Now darling, be honest, is that what you really want?"
Alexis gave him a wry smile.
"No! I guess allowing Sammy Jo to live her turgid little life is punishment enough for the time being!"
Steven managed to calm himself, as they both sat down to discuss Sammy Jo's downfall.
"Steven! We have to fight her. Get Danny back where he belongs. We must ensure she loses all legal rights to him, he has a few years before he can decide for himself whether he wants to waste his time on her!"
Alexis was adamant, Steven shared her plans totally.
"She seems to think she can juggle her so called modelling career, along with her maternal one!"
Steven threw his head back, fully sure she would not do both.
"Yes! I'm sure she does. We both know that vixen does not hold many thoughts in her vapid little head."
Alexis took a slim cigarette from her Cartier cigarette case, smoke wafting into her perfectly made up face.
"Mother! I know all about her lack of brain power. The ultimate bimbo..That's my ex-wife..She is modelling lingerie now, snug lingerie if you know what I mean!"
Steven looked at Alexis with a slight grin, after all he knew how ample her charms truly were.
"Well darling, what more would you expect of her. She hardly modeled much more for Arnold Marshall, whose wife will come in handy when the time comes for the inevitable custody hearing. What surprises me is that at her age, she still manages to get jobs, she must be providing a service or two to secure such jobs!"
Alexis puffed on her cigarette, her mind in overdrive. Sammy Jo the husband stealer, not to mention the vintage nude photo layout from her much younger days. Alexis was certain that Sammy Jo was fighting a losing battle. This was one battle that Alexis was determined to win, for her sons sake.
Jeffrey Colby sat reading 'The Denver Chronicle', whilst sipping his after dinner coffee. Fallon had skipped dinner, instead settling for coffee, she had one thing on her mind!
"Jeff! I was wondering, since it is only a few weeks to Christmas. Well I was thinking of going out of town this year to do some shopping."
Fallon felt a little nervous, if not a little guilty. Even though she knew she only intended to talk with Miles, she could not help but wonder if her journey would lead her into temptation! She remembered his fleeting kiss at the hospital, that one split second that had aroused her.
" It's hard to believe that Christmas has come around again. You love shopping, it will pass the day for you. Where did you plan on going?"
Jeff spoke to her, whilst half attending to his newspaper.
"Not quite sure yet. But I would like to visit Malibu. Catch up with a couple of girlfriends. We could have a girls day out!"
Fallon finished off her coffee, waiting for Jeff to reply, would he suspect Miles was on her mind?
"Good idea! You need a few friends. Stuck in this house all the time. One condition though! You better choose a brilliant present for your truly!"
Jeff folded his paper, got up from the table, kissing her on the lips as he left. She let out a sigh of relief, hating to deceive him, but she had to make this trip, to secure their future without Miles lurking in the background. She would have to make Miles see that Jeff was her future, the man she loved, one way or another!
Krystle Carrington was exhausted, she had not slept all night, her head throbbed constantly, it was as if her pulse had extended to her brain. She had not confided in Blake her discomfort, for fears of having to face any more medical tests. She felt a little relaxed now as the throbbing has subsided for the time being. Krystle decided she needed a little fresh air, a drive into the city might help clear her head. She fixed her hair, applied a fresh makeup and slipped into her favourite winter sable. Krystle left her bedroom, ran downstairs and rushed out the front door. She went to the garage, got into her black Sedan, a gift from Blake after her return from Denver from her stay at the Swiss clinic. She drove out of the garage, down the driveway and out the gate. She enjoyed driving, she was not exactly sure where she was going, but somehow that did not matter, she was free of the confines of the mansion. Images from her past flashed across her mind, incidents that had happened many years ago. Her recent dreams had all been the same, images of Alexis, over and over. The sound of a shotgun, her fall from her horse, the pain in losing her baby, Alexis in the background, laughing and jeering at her. Images of Blake embracing Alexis, how he could believe he was still married to that viper, who somehow convinced him that he was! Krystle was confused as to why all these incidents from the past had somehow invaded her dreams. She was glad she had not slept last night, safe from the dreams, or where they nightmares? Krystle had been driving for over half an hour, she had almost reached the city. She suddenly got the impulse to stop the car, in the middle of the road. She sat behind the wheel, starring ahead of her, the silence seemed like heaven, her head was clear, no throbbing or images of the past. But her piece of heaven was short lived, as she was bombarded by the sound of a car horn, followed by shouting! She opened the car door and got out to see what was happening.
"You stupid cow! What the hell do you think you are doing?"
Krystle looked at the irate male driver, who shouted at her as he stuck his head out of his car window. But somehow she could not care less, she even felt amused, which made him more irate.
"That's all I need.. A bloody fruitcake on the road!"
He then put his foot on the gas and drove off in a fury. Krystle stood in the middle of the road bemused, a few minutes later, the sound of a motorbike zooming up behind her, brought her back to reality.
"You okay Lady? Need some help?"
The motorbike rider pulled up beside her, patting his head as he placed his helmet on his lap.
"Help! No I need no help."
Krystle starred at the handsome rider, his dark hair, sleek and shiny under the afternoon sun, a deep tan contrasting with his dark eyes, friendly yet mysterious.
"You sure? You look a little lost. You should be careful, you could have a nasty accident!"
Krystle smiled at him, she appreciated his concern, but she did not need it.
"Thank you! But I must go. So much to do!"
With that she wrapped the fur coat around her body, turned on her heels, jumped back in the car and drove off, the dust enveloping her handsome rider.
Krystle felt tired now, notions of spending time in the city had passed, she felt she needed a rest, it was time to return home. She stopped the car again, turned around and sped back in the direction of the mansion. Her handsome rider roared passed her  as she went.
Sable Colby felt excited, she had just received a call from her publishers to let her know that the book would be rushed released for the lucrative Christmas market. Even though it was short notice, she did not mind, it seems that another book title was held back, due to legal reasons, so they decided to publish her book. She had approved the dust jacket, Gary Bernstein had done a glorious photo shoot and Nolan Miller had designed an equally fabulous gown. Sable looked forward to her book promotional tour, which started in Denver, moving on to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and many more cities around the US of A.. Sable was also pleased that her daughter Monica had rung to say her work was up to date and she could manage a couple of months off. She had agreed to accompany her on the book tour. Sable sat in front of her vanity table mirror in her bedroom at the mansion. She felt content for the first time in quite a while. She looked forward to spending time with Monica, she seldom saw her children for long periods of time anymore. Miles lived in Malibu and Bliss was off seeing the world. She had hired a nanny to look after Dex Jr while she was away. She had contemplated taking him with her, but with all the hotel room, signings, tv appearances and parties, she would have to bring a nanny with her to look after him. So after talking it over with Blake and Krystle, it was decided the best course of action was to leave him at the mansion. She hated the thoughts of leaving him, but she knew it was the best solution. Sable brushed her hair, a smile crossed her well maintained face, a crashing sound out in the hallway startled her. Rushing out of her bedroom, she found Krystle halfway up the passageway, on her knees trying to pick up the pieces of a broken vase, she apparently had just knocked over.
"Krystle! Are you hurt? What happened?"
Sable rushed to her side, deeply concerned.
"Hurt? No! I accidentally walked into the table. I tried to catch the vase, before it hit the floor!"
Krystle looked to be in a state of shock.
"Accidents happen. Just as long as you are unhurt. We can clean this mess up and all will be well again. Just make sure you don't cut yourself."
Sabled helped her up and gave her a reassuring hug, she had a feeling Krystle was still suffering with headaches. But it was pointless asking her about it, as it was obvious she was trying to cover it up. Sable knew in her heart, it was just a matter of time before she would have to face the fact that all was not well.
The oil glistened on her soft skin as she rubbed the oil all over her, the watchful eyes of the photographer, ran up and down her tanned
body. Sammy Jo looked up at him wickedly, as her hands reached her thighs.
"You are one sexy lady, Sammy Jo! Real hot and sexy!"
Denny Kane had photographed hundreds of models clothed and unclothed, he equally bedded many more, but he found Sammy Jo to be more exciting than all the others.
"Why thank you sir! But don't you agree the photo shoot is much more important than keeping up with your libido!"
Denny laughed at her reply, but had to agree business was sometimes more important than pleasure. While he went to set up the shoot, Sammy Jo lay back, the heat of the lights warming her oiled body. She loved all the attention that Denny was giving her, she had always found it hard to resist a sexy looking man, as indeed Denny was. She thought of Steven, so handsome, yet so gay, she did care for him, she hoped they could be friends someday. Her plans to have to son with her, would surely drive an even bigger wedge between them. But she wanted her son to get to know her, before he got to an age when he didn't care, as he would have his own life to lead. Besides Steven had Bart Falmont, who did she have?
"Sammy Jo! A phone call for you, from Washington."
He handed her the phone, she wondered who had tracked her down to the studio.
"Hello! Alexis!! I was wondering when you would stick your ageing nose into my affairs. Okay you are Danny's grandmother, but that does not give you the right to talk to me like that! I want my son with me, so you better get used to the idea, that includes Steven!"
Sammy Jo slammed down the receiver.
"Problems? This Colby broad sounds like a tough cookie!"
Denny sat down beside her.
"She is an old broad alright! I can handle Alexis Colby. She thinks she can buy anything or anyone. But I will show her, I am not the naive Sammy Jo that arrived in Denver all those years ago, when she was the banished bride returning to cause trouble for my aunt Krystle."
Sammy Jo was determined to fight Alexis and Steven, she was almost certain that she could win!

                                        To be continued.....
(c) 2011..  Mark McMorrow... 

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Continuing my regular posting of photo's from 'Sins' in advance of the June dvd re-release, here is a rare shot of Joan as Helene Junot on set of the glamorous mini-series..

Thursday, April 21, 2011


This great shot features Joan giving her best wishes to old friend David Niven on winning his Best Actor Oscar for his role as Major Angus Pollock in the MGM release "Separate Tables" which also starred Deborah Kerr, Rita Hayworth, Burt Lancaster, Wendy Hiller and Rod Taylor..


Last week I featured a couple of photo's of Joan at The Hollywood Show in Burbank, with admirer Brian Boyle and promised a couple more this week! Here are two great shots of Brian, who traveled from Altlanta, backstage at Feinstein's Regency in New York last November  as Joan presented her "An Evening With" show.. As you can see this truly was backstage as you can see the back of Joan's on stage screen and projector...Joan looks sensational as always in these candid photo's. Thanks to Brian for sharing these from his personal collection..


This great little video goes behind the scenes of the shoot featuring Joan and George Hamilton for the March Issue of Palm Springs Life to promote their appearance at The Steve Chase Gala Awards, which they both hosted last month...

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I have been asked if I had any shot from the 1983 tv movie "Making of a Male Model", in which Joan starred along with the much missed Jon Erik Hexum. I have quite a few photo's from this Aaron Spelling Production and it will feature in my 80's film focus in due course.. This rare shot features Joan with John in a promo photo, featuring Jon having his makeup touched up and hair groomed.. Great 80's movie, well worth seeking out!

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This great photo features Joan with the legendary Gina Lolobrigida at a gala to celebrate Valentino's 45th Anniversary celebrations in 2007...

Monday, April 18, 2011


Delighted to see there are many fans of Joan's glamorous 1986 hit mini-series 'Sins', which gets another dvd release in June. Will feature occasional photos from the series. This great shot features Joan as Helene Junot, here she is reading a magazine featuring an image of Joan on the cover, as Helene was a top model at this stage of the epic series! You can pre-order the dvd on the side bar ...

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                                                                 REVISITED :
*****Please note due to an error on my part this episode should have posted a couple of weeks ago..I schedule these in advance and somehow put the wrong episode number on it..Hopefully loyal readers will forgive my carelessness .. in keeping with the soap tradition.. think of this as a flashback!!****************

The story so far : Sable is devastated over the kidnapping of her son.. Fallon is making a recovery from the shooting..Steven tells his mother about Sammy Jo's threats.. Alexis agrees to be the ransom in exchange for Sable's son's life.. 
Sable Colby ate humble pie, for the first time since she was a child she was actually grateful to her cousin Sybil! She recalled the time Alexis saved her from spending the whole week, if not month in her bedroom. Both little girls enjoyed a game of hide and seek, a particular game, that on this occasion allowed the stable door to be left ajar, while one of Sable's father's prize horses escaping to the freedom of the countryside. Luckily the horse was rounded up and the animal returned to it's stable. Sable was more than grateful to Alexis for not telling the truth about the fact that she had left the door open to confuse Alexis as to where she was actually hiding! Neither little girl could ever have foreseen the stormy future that lay ahead, as far as their friendship was concerned! She could not of course guarantee how long the truce between them would last, she could not envisage them both becoming kissing cousins! Sable had moved her belongings into the Carrington mansion, at least she felt safe here. She really needed her friends at this time, to help her cope with the absence of her son. Sable longed to have all her children with her at this time. She had just received a call from her eldest son Miles, who lived in Malibu. He had heard about the abduction and about Fallon's shooting, he was on his way to Denver, holding a torch for her no doubt! Sable only wished all her other children could fly in to comfort her. Bliss had sent a telegram from Monte Carlo, heaven knows what she was doing there, on a friend's yacht no doubt! Monica had phoned to say she would try an find a way around her busy schedule to fly in from New York, where she was now located. Sable was proud of all her children, they all had their faults, but she loved then unconditionally. How she longed to have her youngest child back with her, to love and to hold...
Alexis stood staring out over the Denver skyline, the fresh air on her face, a cigarette to calm her frayed nerves. She worried for Steven, she had to find a way to distance Sammy Jo from their lives. She was more than sick of her interference, in both their lives, she knew only too well Sammy Jo would never totally settle down, her gaining custody of Danny would mean total uncertainty regarding his future. The only consolation was that Danny would eventually come of age and could decide for himself, whom he should choose as the sterling parent. But that problem in her life would have to take a back seat, until the current crisis was laid to rest. Alexis knew she had to build up all her strength for her inevitable confrontation with Jeremy Van Dorn. She returned to the warmth of her spacious living room, to hear the sound of the elevator grind to a halt to herald an arrival. 
"Alexis! I have just been downtown to meet with a couple of buddies of mine, who work for the F.B.I."
Frank stood facing an interested Alexis.
"What ideas do they have? We must ensure the beast never bother me or my family again!"
Frank could see the apparent anguish in her eyes, a mothers determination to protect her children, whatever the cost.
" Don't you worry. I am going to organise to have a couple of tracking devices inplanted in maybe a watch or a brooch, maybe even the clasp of a purse!"
Alexis almost laughed at the idea, visions of 'Mission Impossible', came to mind!
"Sounds Bondish! I certainly have no shortage of those items. Just as long as that brute refrains from getting physical with me. I am certain a streak of sadism lurks within his demented soul!"
Frank would do all that was humanely possible to ensure her safety, most of all her survival! He would certainly strive to see Jeremy Van Dorn behind bars, if not permanently underground!
"Alexis! I know it is easy for me to tell you not to worry, but I can assure you I will do everything that is humanly possible to bring down this tyrant!"
Alexis smiled, she knew his words were sincere, she knew she was looked upon as a strong woman, unfairly labelled a bitch. However she was only human, the thoughts of being in the clutches of the man she now regarded at the beast, frightened her.
"How long do you think we will have to wait for the go ahead, to meet his demands?"
Alexis knew it would be sooner rather than later.
"I can safely say, we wont have to wait too long. My guess is that he is making us sweat before he calls in with his instructions."
Alexis put out the remains of her cigarette, she needed a large brandy, at this rate she would be an alcoholic by time the ordeal was over!

Fallon Colby sat up in her hospital bed, she was making a speedy recovery, the doctors had told her she could go home in a day or two. She was so grateful to be alive, vowing to live life to the fullest, as she had always managed to do. She longed to be back home with her son and her loving husband. Fallon flicked through a copy of 'People' magazine, engrossed in an article on the ever glamorous Joan Collins, how that woman reminded her so much of her mother, beautiful and strong, the ultimate survivor! Fallon was so riveted by the article, she failed to hear the door open, as a handsome visitor crept in laden with flowers and candy!
"Surprise! You look beautiful at death's door!"
Miles Colby had arrived in Denver, after visiting his mother, he wasted no time in seeing the woman he still carried a burning torch for. 
"Miles!! It is good to see you. I gather you heard about all the trouble going on around here? Your mother must be frantic. Your half brother abducted and mother is the ransom!"
Miles almost laughed at the way she conveyed the absurdity of the current crisis.
"I heard all about it from mother. That sick bastard! I could kill him with my bare hands!!"
Fallon had witnessed Miles outbursts before, with Jeff on the receiving end!
"How are things in Malibu, Miles? Any special person in your life?"
Fallon knew the answer, but she wanted to convey the idea that she had made a life here in Denver with Jeff and the life she had shared with Miles was now part of her memorable past.
"Fallon! You know you were the only girl for me. No one could ever come close to touching my heart like you do!"
Fallon could see the longing in his eyes, but she was happy with Jeff, he was her future.
"I know how much you care for me. But I do love Jeff. I guess I always have done. Maybe if we had met in another life!"
Miles plucked a rose from the floral basket he had brought for her, he placed it in her hands.
"I guess I always knew you loved Jeff more than anyone. I held the hope that you could eventually love me. But I guess things are not always that simple."
Miles looked into her eyes as she inhaled the scent of the Rose, he was compelled to lean over and kiss her, she tasted his lips, the tip of his tongue, daring and exciting for a brief moment. She felt engulfed in the memories of their distant affair, but the moment passed and Miles became only a friend again, as far as she was concerned!
"Miles! I do care for you. I love Jeff more than I ever knew and I want to be with him."
Fallon touched his arm, not looking at him, but sensing the heartbreak he was feeling. She hoped he could eventually get over her, meet someone who could devote their time to him, to love him as he loved her.
 Steven sat in the lobby of "The Carlton", sipping a cool beer, his minding racing with thoughts of his mother, his son and his trashy ex-wife. One thing he was certain off, Sammy Jo would not take his son from him. Steven sighed, a feeling of shock suddenly overcame him. Was his mind playing tricks on him? If they were not, he had just seen a ghost! Steven left his seat to follow the ghost into the men's room!
"Excuse me!"
Steven tapped the ghostly figure on the shoulder, he was startled when he came face to face with an image of the past!
"What do you want? Do I know you?"
Frank Mulligan was startled, not used to been propositioned in the men's room!
"I am Steven Carrington. You remind me of a guy I used to know. He was married to my mother!"
Steven could hardly believe the resemblance, he could easily be talking to Dex Dexter.
"Let me guess! Dex Dexter! You must be Alexis Colby's son? Frank Mulligan! I work for your mother now.. Her new security cum bodyguard."
Both men shook hands, Frank had heard all about Steven, he knew about his lifestyle, his sexuality, which did not bother him. Frank believed in letting people live their own lives the way they so wished! Steven could not help but stare at his mothers handsome protector. Steven had always admired Dex, in fact he had been attracted to him, he had never told anyone about his fascination for his mother's rugged husband. Steven could see why his mother would employ Frank, the image of her former lover, no doubt igniting a spark of times past. Both me left the mens room to get themselves a drink and to discuss how they could secure Alexis's safety.
The time had come, Jeremy Van Dorn had set the wheels in motion to exchange lives. Firstly Alexis had received a delivery of twelve red roses, with another of Jeremy's quaint little Valentine's.
               ALEXIS!!! We Will Soon Be Together!  xx
Alexis had almost expected this sort of maniacal taunting from him. She promptly binned the flowers, while the note went in to the fire. 
At the Carrington Mansion, Sable Colby received a telephone call with instructions to uncover some land deeds that belonged to her. Sable owned a considerable stretch of land outside Malibu, she had acquired it as part of her divorce settlement from Jason. Sable was now beginning to understand the reasons that her son was abducted. Jeremy Van Dorn had been after the land for many years, part of the reason for his business dealings with Jason. Sable despised Jeremy, for the way he treated her, she made quite certain that after the divorce, she would own the land. She made sure Jeremy would not get around Jason, who probably would have eventually sold it to him. Jeremy had big plans to open an exclusive Casino Resort, his vision of bringing Monte Carlo to Malibu! His plan was to release her son, when Alexis had been delivered to him, then release the boy to her safe arms, when she handed over the deeds. How could the monster loose? He knew the land deeds meant nothing compared to her son and he also knew Alexis was ever maternal..
Jeremy Van Dorn had all of them in the palm of his hand, it was now up to Frank Mulligan to chop off that hand at the wrist. Jeremy had left further instructions at Denver Carrington, he intended to leave Denver with the aid of the Denver Carrington company jet. He had ordered that the jet be fully refueled, ready for takeoff at a small private airstrip on the outskirts of Denver. No pilot was required as he planned to have one of his own henchmen fly the plane. Jeremy had sought something from all of them. A ticket out of Denver from Blake, a vital addition to his business empire from Sable, but most of all the life of Alexis! His demands would have to be met, there was no question about it! Blake ordered the refueling of the company jet and gave orders for it to be ready to depart from Van Dorn's chosen departure location. 
Sable held the deeds among her personal papers, which she had placed in the Carrington safe. She no longer cared for the land deeds or her vendetta against Jeremy, all that was important now was her son.
Alexis had just taken a hot bath, thankfully no one had burst in brandishing a large weapon! She knew that the time had come to face the beast.. How she longed to plunge a dagger into his cold black heart! But she really felt scared, she wished an end to the torment that he had inflicted on her and her family.
Frank had delivered her accessories which had been implanted with the all important devices to follow her every move. She had given him a brooch and a Chanel purse.
"Frank! Please promise you will bring him down.. He must be stopped!"
Alexis had every faith in her protector, both had been informed of Jeremy's instructions to Blake and Sable. Frank had requested that the availability of the jet be delayed, once the jet took off, there was little they could do to track them. Blake would try and stall Jeremy, when he rang back to find out if all of his demands had been met.
"I promise you Alexis.. I will not let that man harm you.. It will be all over in a couple of days.. Rest Assured!"
Alexis felt a little more secure in the knowledge that she had Frank on her side, however she would never under estimate Jeremy Van Dorn, she knew it would not really be all over, until the grim reaper came calling!
Two hours later, Alexis got the call from Blake to say Jeremy had agreed to wait until the jet was ready. He would however make the exchange between Alexis and Dex Jr and then the deeds to Sables land. Alexis would be picked up by one of Jeremy's heavies and taken to his domain. The boy would be left at a safe location until Alexis arrived into Jeremy's waiting arms, Sable would then be informed of the whereabouts of her child. Alexis threw back another large brandy, she may as well be under the influence to meet her tormentor.
Half an hour later she was ready, she wore the brooch and clutched the purse tightly to her bosom.
"Wish me luck.. Frank!"
Frank gave her a hug, she felt safe in his arms, longing to stay there, but knew she had no time for the nearness of him. They both stepped into the elevator, Alexis took one last lingering look at her penthouse. She could see her family and all the men that were in her life gleam in the distance, surrounded by silver. A tear came to her Kohl covered  eyes, that quickly dried as the elevator doors closed. There was no time for tears.. She had to be strong.. To survive!
After all, she had the wretched Sammy Jo to deal with! The door had shut...The time of reckoning had begun....

                                              TO BE CONTINUED...
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