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Joan speaks to BBC about becoming a Dame..
Delighted to Officially report that Joan will finally be awarded A Dame - DBE For services to Charity in the New Years Honours List just published.. Joan as you can imagine was thrilled to be included on the list and I am sure her legion of fans and admirers are just as thrilled for her.. There is no one quite like Dame Joan!
Joan and Percy celebrate the announcement earlier..

Monday, December 29, 2014


Joan Collins Timeless Beauty: lipstick palette, mascara

Make up glamor from luxurious packaging, special textures and colors of great fashion here is the secret of the line Joan Collins Beauty, the cosmetic line created by the movie star known throughout the world for its film and television interpretations.
From Hollywood stars to the creator of a complete line of cosmetics, Joan Collins has chosen to reveal the secrets known behind the scenes of the sets most famous to all women.
Surely remember the beautiful Joan Collins in the role of the fearsome super glamorous and Alexis Colby in Dynasty , a woman icon that has won many awards for his work, including a Golden Globe.
From his experience on film sets, in close contact with the best makeup artists in the world , was born Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, a personal project aimed to encourage every woman in feel and become fantastic.
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty line includes products for skin care , make-up and even scents, which become for this brand, the three basic steps towards the conquest of the wonderful feeling of being beautiful because, as Joan says, "No one is born glamorous, but we can all become one. "
Let's find out some of the products of this line: find out with our review and personal opinions Joan Collins Timeless Beauty lipstick palette, mascara and even a lip pencil!
Jean Collins Beauty make upJoan Collins Timeless Beauty


The first thing that strikes the line Joan Collins Timeless Beauty, which literally means 'timeless beauty' is extremely nice and glamorous, and draws the full style of 'old Hollywood'.
The external packaging cardboard are black with gold decorations accompanied by iconic images of the British actress famous in the world, while the packaging is a beautiful gold worked, recalling in this way the real jewels, precious objects to be kept in her purse and show off to impress.
Jean Collins Beauty make up
The pack of these products are quite solid and well finished, very reminiscent of the cosmetics vintage '40s and' 50s , taste chic and always appropriate, fully reflect the concept of cosmetic brand signed Joan Collins.
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty


According to Joan Collins lipstick is 'queen' of the make up: just a touch of lipstick to brighten the face and make every woman more beautiful and confident, and I could not agree more!
As you know the lipstick is my favorite product of make up, my badge, and try new always makes me very happy. This lipstick Divine Lips variant Helene is a beautiful cold red with fuchsia base from polished finish and lightweight.
I find this product easy to apply and very resistant to his lips despite the luminous finish. The coverage is excellent from the first pass, although I think it is necessary to combine a lip pencil to prevent the product spiumi, especially for those without a regular lip, just like me.
joan collins Divine Lipsjoan collins Divine Lips
The color is just splendid: a deep red with fuchsia tones , which makes teeth whiter optically. Also, I found a good life on the lips, because after a few hours the shine wears off, leaving on the lips a beautiful color much fuchsia shades of red initial that I do not mind at all.
The pack then it's great, I find it is a little gem , compact and functional but very, very elegant.
joan collins lipstick
Swatch lipstick Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lips Helene:
joan collins Divine Lips Helenejoan collins lipstick


Here is a lip pencil Joan Collins in a fully opaque color , very interesting for this season: Plum, a purple mauve very cute. This includes pencil in soft brush slightly pointed, very useful for blending the product.
The texture of the pencil is quite dry, so I do not recommend the use of all the lips , preferring instead to the area around the lips.
joan collins lipliner
The mine rather dry lets draw well the contour of the lips without smudging, and the color makes this so interesting pencil perfect for dark lipsticks, so fashionable this season, like the ones that I showed in the video of t rends make up winter 2014 2015.
joan collins lipliner
Swatch lipliner Joan Collins Beauty Plum:
lipliner Joan Collins Beauty Plumlipliner Joan Collins Beauty Plum


This mascara Joan Collins Timeless Beauty I was very intrigued by the formula that promises longer lashes and dense in 30 days of daily use.
mascara joan collins class act
The color is very dark , and the formula is very mellow, also is in the brush bristles and slightly curved. On my eyelashes the effect is quite good, although I find that the formula so pasty curtain a bit appicciare to the eyelashes, for this reason, having very thin and short eyelashes, prefer to apply it on to a base of mascara lighter , which may separate them for good, or in combination with a specific basis for mascara white color.
With this arrangement, the effect is very nice and strong, just like I like it! I used very often this mascara last period, but I admit that I have noticed an effect infoltente product. I'll have to test it probably longer!
joan collins mascara


Here are the 'highlights' of the line Joan Collins in my opinion, the two palette dedicated to make up eyes and eyebrows , which boast of houses gold laminate: priceless!
joan collins Eye Shadow Palette
joan collins palette


Very interesting this kit useful to efinire in a single gesture eyes and eyebrows that contains four wafers produced three essential tools for a make-up perfect.
The palette contains a fact eyeshadow charcoal, ideal for defining eyebrows and even the eyes, a brown cold, the same use, and also a powder-pink fantastic, perfect to bring out in a perfect way the eyebrows besides a wax on which to apply the products for eyebrows for a lasting result and impeccable.
They also provided a bottle brush to style your hair the eyebrows , an excellent mini tweezers and a small brush applicator angled double.
I find this palette very functional and excellent quality: shades are perfect to define the eyebrows and in particular I find beautiful the color pink powder, which has become my must-have for the eyebrows . It 'also to be reported as the products remain unchanged on the face all day.
brown palette & eye definition joan collins
Swatches Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Brow & Eye Definition:
eyeshadows joan collins


Again there are four pods of eyeshadow: three shades in brown tones natural opaque and a waffle-textured particular gold color with a riot of glitter giving a wet look.
I find this palette lets you create delicious because nude look very pretty , often those who prefer going to emphasize the lips, with a touch of glamor given by dall'ombretto texture 'jelly' halfway between a powder and a cream with gold microglitter .
This particular eye shadow lights in an incredible look, giving a touch of glamor to look super! The other eye shadows have good pigmentation, though not extreme, but they fade very well and I am very well.
eyeshadow palettes joan collins
Unfortunately due to the poor light of these days I could not fully grasp the beauty in photography and ' extreme brightness of this product, but I assure you that is a blaze of light and glare, truly spectacular! I will try soon to do some mini video in the sunlight that will show you the profile of Instagram Beautydea to show you the beauty of this product that reminds me of the effect eyeshadows Illusion D'Ombre Chanel , with a thinner texture and sfumabile though.
eyeshadow palettes joan collins
Swatches palette Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Eyeshadow Quad Moody Browns & Gold:
eyeshadow palettes joan collins


You can find products which I have presented in this article and many more on the official site of Joan Collins Timeless Beauty and also the site Italian QVC , which we have recently presented with all the most beautiful gift ideas QVC beauty , a special selection of products exclusive course that includes the line Joan Collins!
Jean Collins makeuplipliner joan collinsmake up joan collins
We remind you that the make-up products of this brand are made ​​in Italy , are free of mineral oils and parabens and of course, are not tested on animals .
Inspires you this line of makeup Joan Collins Timeless Beauty ? I'm really excited about it: I have found a very good quality and functionality, combined with a pack glamor that I find amazing!


Joan spent a wonderful Christmas with family and the fun continues! Joan spent a super Sunday at The Warner Bros Studios outside London for a tour of The Harry Potter World attraction.. Here is a wonderful shot of Joan & Percy with Tara and her beau and kids Weston & Miel. Fun was also had over the weekend at London's popular seasonal attraction Winter Wonderland...

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Joan collins brings Hollywood glamour to Benidorm

THERE was scarcely a dry eye in the house when they filmed the departure of Benidorm’s best-loved family.

Joan Collins plays the formidable Solana CEO Crystal Hennessy-Vass
After six seasons in ITV’s sitcom about Brits abroad, the Garveys are permanently checking out of the Solana Hotel.
As the seventh series of Benidorm opens, the regulars round the hotel pool are preparing to say goodbye to the rowdy, yet lovable, Garveys, Mick (Steve Pemberton), Janice (Siobhan Finneran), Madge (Sheila Reid) and Michael (Oliver Stokes).
Steve, who also starred in and wrote Mapp And Lucia, which was shown at Christmas, ecollects the last day of filming. “When we arrived at the Solana, the whole crew were wearing T-shirts which read, ‘Adios, Los Garvos!’ We got very emotional.
There were tears shed. We had a party and they put on a firework display and a barbecue for us. Our departure was certainly marked.
“It was definitely the right time to move on and I’m glad we were able to do it as a family,” adds Steve. “We knew Benidorm would have a life beyond us, so we thought, ‘Let’s bow out disgracefully!’”
And as you might hope, the Garveys leave on a dramatic note.  
Steve Pemberton and Siobhan Finneran as Mick and Jance GarveyITV
Steve Pemberton and Siobhan Finneran as Mick and Jance Garvey
Joan Collins is the personification of Hollywood glamour and brilliant at delivering one-liners that cut you to the quick
Sherrie Hewson
This season the resort welcomes back The Oracle (Johnny Vegas), his mother Noreen (Elsie Kelly) and former manager Janey York (Crissy Rock), who will lock horns with Solana staff, led by manager Joyce Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson), and assistants, Les/Lesley (Tim Healy) and Mateo (Jake Canuso).
Formidable CEO Crystal Hennessy-Vass (Joan Collins) is also back to put the fear of God into Joyce.
Sherrie, who has been seen in soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale says she loves working with Joan.
“The perception of Joan Collins is of a Hollywood superstar – and that’s correct. She always looks stunning and immaculate and makes us all feel inadequate. But Joan is lovely. I adore Joan.
"We get on very well. I love that Hollywood glamour – I don’t think we have enough of that in this country.
"She is he personification of Hollywood glamour. She’s also brilliant at delivering one-liners which cut you to the quick. You can see her class.”
All the cast loves the Benidorm job. As Tim, who has also starred in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, puts it, “What could be better than this? I’m with a lovely bunch of people, and we’re all having fun in the sun.”
Adam Gillen, who plays Liam, says, “People greet you in the street like old friends. It feels very special. You don’t get that on Silent Witness!”
Reflecting on what has made Derren Litten’s sitcom so popular, Siobhan, who has appeared in Downton Abbey and Happy Valley, says, “There’s nothing else like it. Viewers are happy to go along with characters who have been in it from the beginning and embrace new characters, too.
“The sun is always shining and everyone is having a good time on holiday. That makes
a massive difference when you’re watching in the gloom of a British January or February. People come up to me and say, ‘It really cheers me up. I can sit here and have a giggle and forget that I’m under six feet of snow’.”
Do the Garvey family actors think there is any possibility of a return? “It’s adios and not goodbye,” says Steve, also known for The League Of Gentlemen, Happy Valley, Inside Number 9, Psychoville and Whitechapel.
“The door is definitely ajar. I’m sure we will all be rattling on the doorknob at some time in the future.”
Benidorm, Friday, 9pm, ITV


Joan Collins OBE pictured with a young patient

Joan's A Shooting Star this Christmas!
Christmas cheer was brought to families supported by Shooting Star Chase after Joan Collins OBE served up an exclusive breakfast at Selfridges.
The renowned star spent time with families and handed out presents in The Corner Restaurant in Selfridges’ flagship store on Oxford Street on Sunday (December 21).
The actress said: "Christmas is a magical time, and a time for family unity, so I thought it would be wonderful to put on something for the families to enjoy and remember.
"Christmas is very special, it’s a time when families unite and try to do nice things for other people."
Miss Joan Collins OBE brought some much needed Christmas cheer to families supported by Shooting Star Chase on Sunday (21 December) by serving up an exclusive breakfast at Selfridges in London.
Selfridges gave the children an added surprise by arranging a visit from Father Christmas who handed out personalised gifts.
“I think they loved being here, the children loved Santa, loved getting their presents, and they were very very appreciative," Miss Collins added. “Selfridges opened their doors for us and were very kind in laying on this wonderful brunch on one of their busiest days of the year.”
Miss Joan Collins OBE brought some much needed Christmas cheer to families supported by Shooting Star Chase on Sunday (21 December) by serving up an exclusive breakfast at Selfridges in London.
The breakfast was the latest in a series of generous activities Miss Collins has put on as patron of Shooting Star Chase.
She regularly donates clothes from her personal wardrobe to the charity’s retail shops and has appeared on Celebrity Deal or No Deal and Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire to raise money for the charity.
She said: “There are so many hundreds of thousands of charities and I chose a long time ago to make children's charities my first choice and Shooting Star Chase children's hospice particularly does so much to help families who have children with life-limiting conditions, and they get so little help from the government.”


Joan with Amanda Holden & Phillip Schofield
Joan appeared on This Morning before Christmas to help publicise the new documentary 'Brave Miss World' where this super shot was taken...

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Joan keeps her wits about her as she portrays the conniving Lorraine Sheldon in the 1972 tv adaption of the classic play 'The Man Who Came To Dinner' which is set at Christmas.. Joan's co-star is the unpredictable Orson Welles!

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Joan would like to wish all her fans & admirers a most fabulous Christmas and an even more sensational 2015.. Which seems to be geared up to be an even more busy year for Joan.. All of which you can keep up to date here at The Joan Collins Archive!!
With Joan last week at QVC

I would just like to thank all my loyal readers and followers and I was thrilled that the Archive has reached well over a million views and I am sure with Joan's ever busy schedule, there is lots to report on in the coming year!! As they say watch this space!!
Happy Christmas to all and to everyone!!

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Joan is tickled pink as it's Christmas in this advertising poster for a festive edition of the 70's popular tipple Martini in 1978....

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Sunday, December 21, 2014


Joan Collins brings Christmas cheer to families at a charity breakfast

Hollywood legend Joan Collins OBE brought some much needed Christmas cheer to families supported by children's hospice Shooting Star Chase this morning at an exclusive breakfast at Selfridges in Oxford Street.
The actor joined families with tea, muffins, pastries and other goodies in The
Corner Restaurant in Selfridges' flagship store on Oxford Street.
The shop also arranged a surprise visit from Father Christmas who will hand out personalised gifts to the children.
Miss Collins organised the event as part of her patronage of Shooting Star Chase, a children hospice caring for babies, children and young people with life-limiting conditions, and their families.
The breakfast is the latest in a series of generous activities Miss Collins has put on for the charity.
She regularly donates clothes from her personal wardrobe to the charity's retail shops and has appeared on Celebrity Deal or No Deal and Celebrity Who wants to be a Millionaire to raise money for the charity.