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For those who could not see tonight's hilarious episode of 'Benidorm' which featured Joan's return appearance as Solana Hotel Group CEO Crystal Hennessy Vass.. You can now pre-order the dvd release of Season 7 due out on February 23rd .. Pre order here..


Thrilled that Joan has been voted 'Best Dressed' at The SAG Awards, by the tough hosts of 'Fashion Police' and even more thrilled that Joan will join the panel on Monday nights show on E!.. Proof that Joan was always a fashion icon, nothing sums up the 80's like this fabulous photo of Joan and the sensational Morgan Fairchild from the 1984 tv special 'Blonde's vs Brunette's', wearing glorious Nolan Miller gowns...

Friday, January 30, 2015


So, remember how on last week's Fashion Police, Kathy Griffin happily crowned Joan Collinsas
"Best Dressed" on the red carpet at the 2015 SAG awards?!
Well, get your DVR ready because this Monday, February 2 the dame herself will be gracing us with her presence on the brand-new Fashion Police as a special guest!  
In case you missed last week's episode, in the video above, Kathy passionately explains, "Don't even start with me. Any of you. Okay? I love her. I love everything about her. She looks incredible. I actually wish she had more sequins, I wish there were sequins on the sleeve and the karate belt. I wish the slit went all the way to the neck. I defy any of you to say anything ill about Dame Joan Collins."  
We can only imagine how excited Kathy is to have her on the show. And Joan was certainly grateful for her new title!

On Monday's brand new episode, Joan will be on the show discussing her new role as the Grand Duchess of Oxford on E!'s first-ever scripted series, The Royals which premieres March 15th! She will also be talking about how she is able to keep her career moving and stay relevant after all of the years! She really is a legend.
And perhaps what we're most excited for? Joan will be chatting to Kathy and the team about fashion from the 80s! Yes, please! 
Watch a sneak peek of her new role in The Royals below!  
We are officially super excited for a Monday! Who knew that could even be a thing?!
Tune-in to an all-new Fashion Police this Monday, February 2 at 9/8c on E! Plus, mark your calendars because The Royals premieres Sunday, March 15th at 10 p.m. on E! 

TV ALERT : BENIDORM .. ITV1 .. JANUARY 30TH 2015 .. 9:00PM ..

Don't dare forget to tune into tonight's episode of Benidorm as Joan makes a return visit as Crystal.. Tune in at 9:00pm on ITV 1 ..

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Joan Collins set to 'cause
mayhem' as she returns to Benidorm

28 JANUARY 2015
Joan Collins will be making her return to hit TV show Benidorm this Friday. The Hollywood actress will reprise her role as Crystal Hennesey-Vaas, the CEO of the Solana Hotel Group.
Appearing in her first comeback episode later this week, Joan will be "causing mayhem" as usual, an ITV source said.
Fans will be able to see her flamboyant character Crystal appear to fire hotel manager Joyce, played by Sherrie Hawson
Joan Collins first starred in Benidorm last year
In the new episode, Crystal also seems to stumble upon a topless Johnny Vegas in a hotel room, as he takes on his character of pub quiz champion Geoff, also known as The Oracle.
"I think it might be the funniest scene we have ever had in the show," commented creator Derren Litten.
Joan, first starred in the TV series last year, when she appeared in her guest role as Crystal. She is said to have joined the cast with the help of her famous novelist sister Jackie Collins, who is a huge fan.
The sisters watched the sitcom after Jackie had taken a boxset around to Joan's, and the pair instantly loved it.
Joan Collins will reprise her role as hotel CEO Crystal Hennesey-Vaas
In a recent interview with HELLO! magazine, Joan opened up about her close bond with her sibling and her newest accolade – her Damehood.
"Jackie's an incredibly successful writer and received her OBE in 2013," said Joan. "We're extremely close. The first thing she said to me when she heard about the damehood was, 'Wouldn't Mummy have been proud?"
Joan Collins revealed she 'amost fainted' after hearing she had received a Damehood
The Dynasty star, who added that she "almost fainted" when she heard the good news, also shared a sound piece of advice she would have given her younger self.
"I remember my father telling me that acting was a terrible profession and that I'd be finished by the time I was 23," said Joan. "He said I'd never make anything of myself and I think, in the back of my mind, I wanted to prove him wrong.
"I underestimated myself so much. I had no self-esteem; I didn't even think I was particularly good looking. Both Jackie and I were brought up to think we weren't anything great. The advice that I would give my younger self would be, 'You are something special.'"

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


One of Joan's greatest admirers, who never misses the chance to say hello is Brian Boyle, who attended last weekends 'The Hollywood Show'... Here are some lovely shots kindly shared by Brian...


Can you guess who Joan Collins is playing in The Royals?

Joan Collins has revealed she will be playing Elizabeth Hurley’s onscreen mother in scandalous new US drama The Royals.
Gossip Girl star Elizabeth, is starring as Queen Helena in the new E! series, based on a fictional modern day British royal family, and Dame Joan, told E!’s Ross Mathews at the 2015 SAG Awards what her role will be.
Joan revealed: “I play, I think they call them a ‘momager’ these days.
“A woman who controls the whole group of insane scandal-ridden families, starting with Elizabeth Hurley and her two really naughty teenagers.”
And the Dynasty star also promised the show – created by One Tree Hill’s Mark Schwahn – looks suitably glamorous.
She said: “It’s very dramatic, it’s very funny. It’s very beautifully written, the sets are to die for. The sets – you really feel like you’re in Buckingham Palace.”
Meanwhile, Elizabeth admitted she loves playing the “baddie” as the evil queen in the show.
She told E!: “It’s a combination of what the public sees and what the public will never see. It was wonderful to be offered to play the Queen of England because it’s not an offer one gets every day.”
And she promised: “There will be more fighting. More glamour, more danger. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for a happy ending, that’s for sure.”


Joan is as Timeless as ever in this sensational shot from the current issue of 'Hello!' magazine, taken at her LA apartment.. Joan is touching up her makeup with 'Timeless Beauty' her fabulous bestselling range of beauty products.. Check out for the full range...

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Benidorm's Sherrie Hewson: ‘Joan Collins is
so made me feel dreadful’

, Monday, 26 January 2015

There’s fear and trepidation among the staff when Solana CEO Crystal Hennessy-Vass (Dynasty legend Joan Collinspays another visit in this Friday’s Benidorm... especially for hotel manageress Joyce Temple-Savage (Sherrie Hewson).
The resort’s big boss - played for a second time by Joan – wants even more cost-cutting at the hotel.
“Joyce breaks her heel and falls down some stairs, leaving her battered and bruised. Then, while she’s on the floor, Crystal walks into the hotel lobby, sees her and shouts: ‘Savage! What are you doing on the floor?’” explains Sherrie Hewson, who plays Joyce.

"After that palaver, Crystal takes Joyce out for a posh lunch, but while there, instead of praising Joyce for the cost-cutting measures she’s already taken, she casually tells her some awful news about her job."
Although things are truly terrible for Joyce this, Sherrie was glad to see Crystal turn up in the comedy again as it meant some memorable on-screen moments with Joan again.
“My scenes with Joan Collins are fabulous – she’s so good at the put-down! The only thing is, Joan looks so amazing so it made me feel dreadful. You never see Joan without make up either. One day I asked her: ‘Do you ever wear a tracksuit?’ and she just said: ‘A what?”
“The most fabulous person of all is her husband, Percy. Everybody needs a Percy. He’s amazing and does everything for Joan, gets her coffee, gets the food, and brushes her hair.
“I love Joan and it’s great that she loves Benidorm so much and wants to be in our show.”



Just a reminder that Joan will be the special guest along with Miranda Hart in the latest edition of 'Backchat' with Jack Whitehall tonight on BBC 2 tv.. The show will air at 10:00pm.. Don't miss it!!


Joan looking totally sensational on the SAG - Screen Actors Guild Awards, Red Carpet earlier at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles...

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Joan take centre stage with from left.. Bo Hopkins.. Katy Kurtzman.. John James.. Leann Hunley.. Jack Coleman.. Stephanie Beacham.. Al Corley.. Gordon Thompson.. Pamela Bellwood.. Wayne Northrop.. Kathleen Beller.. Pamela Sue Martin.. Maxwell Caulfield..

Joan catches up with Stephanie & John
 Joan enjoyed meeting up with her former 'Dynasty' co-stars over the weekend at The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles.. Here is a group shot of the cast that attended the show...


Joan enjoyed the day at The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles where she met up with some old friends and met many fans and admirers... Here is a super shot of Joan with 'Dynasty' co-star John James taking a break from meeting their public..
Joan arrives at the show ..

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Joan Collins

Beauty is Timeless..

We speak to Dame Joan Collins, the Queen of Hollywood Glamour...
Joan has been a skincare and make-up fanatic all her life and has been taught tips and tricks by industry experts throughout her career. She now shares the beauty and glamour of Hollywood with us in her Timeless Beauty Range.
Launched in 2014 in stunning Art Deco packaging, with names such as' Divine Lips' lipsticks and 'Glorious Gloss' glosses it takes us straight back to an era where women wouldn't cross the threshold without a generous slick of red lipstick!
Joan says 'I was lucky enough to have had Marilyn Monroe's make-up man, Allan 'Whitey' Snyder showing me how
to apply my make-up.' She has now written several beauty books and has been involved in every aspect of creating
her own range.
Some of my infallible cosmetic tips?' Always keep your eyebrow pencils sharp as a pin, and
never go outdoors without foundation to protect your skin and lipstick, the most glamorous of cosmetics'.
'When I made The Stud and then The Bitch in the late seventies, I invented a look which I've stuck to more or less
ever since: big hair, smoky eyes and bright lipstick.'
What is your favourite beauty tip or secret?
'Beauty starts with the skin, Your skin-care regime should be as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth. It needs to be straightforward, easy and
responsive to your skin's needs, The quality of what you eat is as important as the quality of products you use. I try to eat a balanced diet. I believe eating avocados is very beneficial ( I have included avocado butter in several of my skincare products) and I believe in taking vitamin supplements-I take Vitamin C, E and Omega oils.
A good base can really help disguise any tell-tale signs of ageing, it's about base not Botox! I always wear foundation as
I believe it helps act as another barrier between skin and harmful elements that can aggrivate skin. My Timeless Beauty First Base Foundation contains hydrating skincare benefits as well as natural cover.'

What are your essential beauty products?
'A great lipstick in a flattering colour and an excellent foundation. I wouldn't dream of going without either.'
Who are your favourite beauty icons?
'Vivien Leigh and Ava Gardner. These fabulous ladies really possessed glamour in spades and Dita Von Teese epitomises
glamour today, you can almost see and feel their allure, their power and most particularly, their fierce individuality.
I even named one of my Glorious Gloss lipgloss after Ava Gardner; it is a pale bronze that reminds me of Ava's stunning  natural beauty.'
Why did you choose to launch your Timeless Beauty Collection?
'This has been a dream of mine for many, many years. I have a passion for beauty and I believe that, with the right products, and helpful tips and techniques, every woman can look good , whatever her age.'
What were the most important elements  for you when designing your beauty line?
'I have incredibly high expectations so demanded to take advantage of the latest scientific ingredients and formulations
available to create a range that was truly effective whilst also being stylish and easy to use. My aim was to make the
range glamorous, empowering and attainable.It is a product line that's designed for someone that wants to look as good
as they possibly can, no matter what their age. Never have I allowed myself to be defined by age!'
What is it that makes your products so special?
'I have been passionate, some might say obsessive , about looking after my skin and my Contra Time skincare products
 reflect my beliefs. Contra Time is a complex range of ingredients which work to shield skin from things that can
harm it, reverse the signs of ageing and delay future signs of advancing years by stimulating cells with energy and
 productivity of young cells. It should improve skin's firmness, freshness and vitality as well as reduce the
appearance of lines and pigmentation.'
Do you have a favourite product from your collection?
'I love the glamorous Paparazzi Ready powder and lipstick compact duo. It is a unique and elegant mirror compact
which includes the Meticulous pressed powder together with one of eight Divine Lips lipstick shades.
My favourite lipstick shades are of course Lady Joan and Alexis!'

And we love the Class Act Mascara! In it's beautiful, chic packaging this is a must have for any make-up bag!
with prices ranging from £12.00 for lip and eye pencils to £25.00 for a foundation .
The Contra Time skin care starts at £25.

Available from
                        Harrods (

Words by Annette Wiseman

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Just a reminder that Joan will make a special appearance as part of 'The Hollywood Show's' 'Dynasty' reunion weekend.. Joan will be appearing on Saturday ONLY.. For more details on 'The Hollywood Show'  check out ...
For photo shoot times see below....


Meet the other Queen Elizabeth: Liz Hurley in royal family comedy

Liz Hurley is about to star in a new drama called The Royals which one critic has already described as ‘possibly the worst show in the history of television’

Alexandra Park, Liz Hurley and Joan Collins as three generations of royal ladies
Alexandra Park, Liz Hurley and Joan Collins as three generations of royal ladies
The Queen is not amused. “The teacup. With no saucer,” she booms. “It’s a ******* disgrace.”
This is the royal family as you have never seen them before. And as you never will see them for these outraged words are spoken not by Queen Elizabeth II but by fictional Queen Helena, played with camp aplomb by Elizabeth Hurley in a new American TV series.
American-made drama The Royals follows the outrageous fortunes of a fantasy British royal family and offers more scandalous behaviour than any real-life annus horribilis could create.
It’s Desperate Housewives with tiaras. It’s Footballers’ Wives with a twisted silver spoon added. It’s a TV show that launches in the US in March and has already been commissioned for a second series.
The Americans can’t get enough of this sort of stuff. With the catchline “anarchy in the monarchy” the show promises to be unmissable television – possibly for all the wrong reasons.
Dame Joan Collins plays the Queen’s mother – the fi ctionally titled Grand Duchess of Oxfordshire – and does so in full Alexis Carrington mode.
This means there are plenty of power shoulder pads, pleasingly reminiscent of her starring role in 1980s series Dynasty, as well as power putdowns (and lots of diamonds). The king is called Simon (really), people crash Range Rovers into red telephone boxes and shoot 12-bore shotguns on cliffs.
Sexy Princess Eleanor (played by newcomer Alexandra Park, 21, a dead-ringer for Liz Hurley at the same age) is high on cocaine while Prince Liam (a Prince William lookalike played by 27-year-old William Moseley) is in love with Ophelia, an American blonde studying art history and dance whom he met during a drunken encounter.
A family sit on a sofaPH
The alternative Royal family that's making headlines in America
There are drugs, sword fights, royal nudity and lots of attractive posh people being irresponsible. Delivering decadence and debauchery in equal measure it is flashy, trashy and far from many people’s idea of taste.
One leading Australian critic has described it as “a bunch of bed-hopping halfwits saddled with… very, very lousy dialogue” and called it “possibly the worst show in the history of TV”.
But even this is unlikely to damage ratings because what the show offers is the fascination of an alternative regal reality. Take the moment Queen Helena imagines addressing the nation in her Christmas message with what she is really thinking: “My husband is a stranger to me.”
She also refers to her daughter as “Princess party animal”. Hurley, 49, clearly enjoyed making the series. “I thought , what would it be like if Princess Diana became Queen of England?” she says. “I took my inspiration from her.
But of course what we never got to see with Princess Diana was what went on behind closed doors. Some of it we picked from Cruella de Vil, the Disney character, and the rest I added in.”
AMERICAN critics love it and have called it “a twisted, soapy take on England’s first family”. The show’s creator Mark Schwahn says: “I was working with Elizabeth on wardrobe and she asked, ‘Why not add in bits of fur? I think the Queen should wear bits of cruelty once in a while’.”
The series was filmed at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, where Sir Winston Churchill was born. Its owner the 12th Duke of Marlborough must be wondering if The Royals has the potential to do for his home what Downton Abbey has done for Highclere Castle, where American tourists have been arriving in busloads at the rate of 1,200 a day.


Joan's a stunning lady in red in this shot from the latest issue of 'Hello!' magazine which features a super 10 page interview with even more stunning photo's by Eddie Sanderson...

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Legendary TOS Guest Star, Joan Collins

By Staff - January 21, 2015
Joan Collins is now Dame Joan Collins, but to Star Trek fans worldwide she'll always be the actress who brought such warmth and humanity to Edith Keeler, the pivotal pacifist character at the center of "The City on the Edge of Forever." That brilliant, award-winning episode of Star Trek: The Original Series is widely regarded as not only the franchise's finest hour, but simply one of the best sci-fi stories ever told. An interview with Collins has been on's wish list since the site was rebooted in 2010, and we're pleased to say that we can finally scratch her name off the list. Collins will be appearing at the Hollywood Show this weekend -- click HERE for details -- where she'll sign autographs and pose for photos with fans. And, in advance of that event, she agreed to an interview in which she talked about "The City on the Edge of Forever," Dynasty, becoming Dame Joan, her books, beauty and skincare company, upcoming projects and more. Here's what she had to say...

Congratulations on your recent honor. What does it mean to you to now be Dame Joan Collins
COLLINS: It's wonderful. It's lovely. It's just about the highest honor that a woman can get in Britain. So it means a great deal to me.
You seem to be forever young and forever busy. Tell us about some of your current projects...
COLLINS: I'm in a series called The Royals that has just been picked up (by E! and will premiere in March). That's their first scripted series. I'm in another series called Benidorm in England, but people (in the United States) probably never have heard of it. I'm also working on writing books. And I have a very successful beauty and skincare line on QVC in Europe. It's in England and Germany and Italy, and I hope it's going to come to America. I'm totally hands-on with it. I've been involved with that for nearly four years, and with every single piece of it. We have a fantastic scent called I Am Woman. So I have to tell you, I am very busy.
You'll be at the Hollywood Show this weekend. How do you enjoy meeting the fans, signing autographs and posing for photos?
COLLINS: I enjoy meeting the fans. I enjoy signing the autographs. I'm not so thrilled about posing for the photographs, but it's part of the job.

Let's talk about Star Trek. By the time you shot "The City on the Edge of Forever" in February 1967, you'd already established yourself in America. You'd done The Bravados, Rally Round the Flag, The Road to Hong Kong and other feature films. So what led you to a one-off guest appearance on Star Trek?
COLLINS: My children. When I was asked to do Star Trek, I remember saying to my agent, "Well, what is Star Trek?" I'd never heard of it. When I told my children -- who were then about two and four -- that I'd been asked to do Star Trek, my daughter (who was the older child) jumped up and down and said, "Oh, mum, you must do it. It's a great show." So that's why I did it.
What intrigued you most about Keeler and about the episode's concept that this well-meaning woman had to die for millions of other people to live?
COLLINS: I really didn't think about it very much. I just read the script and I thought the script was very good. And I thought it was an interesting premise that this woman could have prevented a world war. So I just went ahead and did it.

What do you remember of the shoot itself? Of working with Shatner and Nimoy and Kelley?
COLLINS: It was fun. I did get to know Bill a little bit. We cross paths once in a while still. Years ago, at my first (Star Trek) convention, he introduced me (to the audience). I actually think that was the only convention I've ever done.
There's a shot of Keeler and Kirk walking in front of a barbershop. That was actually the Floyd's Barbershop storefront from The Andy Griffith Show, which filmed on the famous 40 Acres backlot, where you filmed portions of "The City on the Edge of Forever." Were you aware of that at the time? Has anyone ever pointed that out to you? Or is that too arcane a piece of Trek trivia?
COLLINS: I had no clue! (Laughs). As far as I was concerned, I was starting to do lots of television at that time. I did The Man from U.N.C.L.E.  I did The Virginian. So I was doing quite a few shows and, as far as I was concerned, (Star Trek) really was just another gig.
At the end of the day, though, "The City on the Edge of Forever" ranks as one of Star Trek's best episodes ever...
COLLINS: ... I know.
How pleased are you to have been a part of that episode and, as a result, of the whole Star Trek phenomenon?
COLLINS: I am pleased. It's nice. But I didn't even have a clue at the time that we'd made a memorable episode. It was not until several years later.

The episode aired back in 1967. Have you seen it since it premiered?
COLLINS: I don't watch my older work. I'm not Gloria Swanson. (Laughs). But if it's on, sometimes I will take a look. But I don't exactly sit there and hunch over it and think, "Oh, my God."
When you're doing appearances like the one at the Hollywood Show, what do people want to talk with you about most? Is it Dynasty? Star Trek? Something else? Maybe something like Batman or Empire of the Ants?
COLLINS: It's mostly Dynasty. People mostly want to talk about Dynasty. Let's say that out of 10 people, 8 will want to talk about Dynasty, one will want to talk about Star Trek and another one will want to talk about other things. Some people talk to me about theater, because I've done a great deal of theater. I've been doing a one-woman show regularly, and I'll be doing that two or three times this year.

You have hundreds of film, stage and TV credits. What are you proudest of? Maybe credits most people haven't even seen?
COLLINS: Well, there are two movies that I did, independent films that you've probably never heard of. They didn't get a lot of attention. One is called Quest for Love, an English film (released in 1971). And the other is called Decadence, which is also a British film (released in 1994), that I did with (writer, director and co-star) Steven Berkoff. I would say that my performances in those films are the performances I'm most proud of. Then, again, I'd also say Dynasty. It's not easy to take a venal, vindictive character and make her extremely popular.
The Royals will debut in March and has already been renewed for a second season, before a single episode has even aired. Tell us about your character on the show...
COLLINS: It was only just announced last week. The show is a fictional account of the royal family. I'm playing the Grand Duchess of Oxford (the mother of Queen Helena, portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley).

Dame Joan will appear at The Hollywood Show on Saturday only. For those who can't attend, be sure to visit the site -- at -- for mail order options.