Monday, December 19, 2016

TRIBUTE : ZZA ZZA GABOR .. 1917 - 2016

Joan with Zza Zza and Nicky Hilton and Porfirio Rubirosa ..
I was saddened to hear the whirlwind that was Zza Zza Gabor has died as she neared the 100 mark.. One of lifes legendary characters, she has entertained and captivated audiences for what seemed like a lifetime.. A friend of Joan's for many years, here are a couple of classic shots..Its Hollywood glamour of the old school in the first photo as Joan and Zza Zza dine with a couple of legendary playboys, Hilton Hotel heir Nicky Hilton and notorious Dominican diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa.... The second photo features a legendary lineup at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 1984 for the Dean Martin Celebrity Roast honouring Joan..  
Joan with Anne Baxter.. Phyllis Diller.. Angie Dickensen & Zza Zza