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60'S FOCUS : SUBTERFUGE ..1968 ...


GENE BARRY as Donovan
JOAN COLLINS as Anne Langley
RICHARD TODD as Colonel Victor Redmayne
TOM ADAMS as Peter Langley
COLIN GORDON as Kitteridge
GUY DEGHY as DR Lundgren
DERMOT KELLY as Van Driver
GRETCHEN FRANKLIN as Bus Conductress

Executive Producer - Trevor Wallace    Assistant Director - Andrew Grieve    Music by Cyril Ornades 
 Director of Photography - Roy Garner  Screenplay by David Whitaker  Edited by Bill Lewhaite G.B.E.E
                                      Produced by Peter Snell     Directed by Peter Graham Scott 
When Donovan, an American special agent arrives in London for a vacation, little does he know the intrigue that awaits him! Donovan has to fight to stay alive and ahead of the game... Escaping torture, but with the enemy on his trail, he seeks solace with Anne, the glamorous wife of a fellow agent, Langley.. But Langley cant be trusted and Donovan must race against time to save a kidnapped boy and unmask the traitor in his midst! Cross and double cross! It's an amazing nightmare of deception! An explosive Subterfuge!!
(c)  1968  Commonwealth   100 mins  Color  ...

Before filming "Subterfuge", Joan once again appeared in many television hits of the time, which have since went on to become cult classics. She filmed an episode of "Star Trek", entitled "City on the Edge of Forever". She also appeared with Doug McClure on "The Virginian" and an episode of "The Danny Thomas Hour" with Bing Crosby. Another cult favourite was her appearance as "The Siren" on "Batman", alongside Adam West. 
"Subterfuge" was filmed in London and the Home Counties over four weeks. Although billed as an exciting Espionage thriller, it more resembles an extended advert for the London tourist board! It's star Gene Barry also starred in the NBC series "The Name Of The Game", on a rotation basis, which allowed him to make an occasional film. Co-star Michael Rennie previously appeared with Joan in the Fox release "Island in the Sun", while Richard Todd co-starred in "The Virgin Queen". Todd would work again with Joan in the play "Murder In Mind" in 1979. The film's bad girl Suzanna Leigh commented on her role.
" I always wanted to play a baddie. It is a new image for me.. In this part I go all the way! Killing! Kidnapping! you name it! I love it!"
Joan appears in a variety of outfits that she co-ordinated herself and even gets a screen credit for her fashion flair! However the film was a passable time waster and reviewers were not too kind.
 " 'Subterfuge' showcases Joan Collin's special physical attractiveness, however in the course of the plot development, Miss Collin's son is kidnapped. While the actress appears properly distraught in the scene where she is informed of this fact, two scenes and some hours later, she appears in the highest of high fashion clothes and complicated new hairstyles. One would think the worried mom had spent the afternoon at Harrods and at the hairdresser to impress the kidnapper's!"
The film was shot using the newly introduced Addavision cameras that allowed for immediate playback of the shoot. Joan was still married to Anthony Newley at the time and on completion of this film, she would start shooting the infamous flop "Heironymus Merkin", with Newley. While not an great film, "Subterfuge" does have a good cast of British film veterans and is a passable time waster!

 (c) 2010 ... Mark McMorrow.   

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