Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Sunday Post

Ross King: Joan Collins still loves a Dame good night at the movies

Last week I met my old pal and movie legend Dame Joan Collins here in Los Angeles.
Joan, star of  Dynasty, was out on the town with her husband Percy Gibson. She’s set to appear in the latest series of American Horror Story – and plays the grandmother.
Although she looks so good she should be playing the mum!
My wife Brianna was working on the same red carpet for another media company and the pair had chatted just moments before.
“I just met your lovely wife there,” said a beaming Joan, who was looking dazzling.
I told Joan I’m punching above my weight with Brianna – well, my missus does read this column…
Our chat turned to movies, and Joan wanted to heap praise on Gary Oldman’s recent Oscar win for his performance as Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour.
“Every performance that Gary gives is fantastic – I’ve thought that since seeing him when he played Sid Vicious in Sid and Nancy in 1986,” she said.
“I loved him when he was the Russian terrorist in Air Force One, and when he tried to shoot the president in JFK.”
Hopefully Gary didn’t take his method acting too far with that one.
Percy and I had a chat about what they get up to on date nights as a couple.
“We go out to see a movie – I always buy the popcorn,” said Percy.
One thing I can’t imagine is Joan tucking into a family-sized carton of the salted snack.
“He eats the popcorn, I hate it,” confirmed Joan. “Do I look like I eat popcorn?”