Friday, December 30, 2016

TRIBUTE : DEBBIE REYNOLDS .. 1932 -- 2016 .

Joan with Debbie at The Apollo Theatre London after Debbie's 1st night of her London show
It was very sad news earlier with the announcement that the Legendary Debbie Reynolds had passed on, just a day after her wonderful daughter Carrie died from a heart attack.. Debbie was the true definition of a Hollywood Star, an MGM legend and all round entertainer. Debbie played the role of movie star to the hilt and as well as a fine actress, she could sing and dance, whether it be on the silver screen, the small screen or on stage, she had done it all.. Her most remembered film will be 'Singin In The Rain', which is a true Hollywood classic and I enjoy revisiting it on occasion.. But other lesser known films which I enjoyed are the 1971 shocker 'What's The Matter With Helen' in which Debbie
starred alongside another legend, the formidable Shelley Winters.. Debbie played a dance teacher whose son along with Shelley's son, is jailed for murder.. The two ladies move to the city to open a dance studio away from the scandal.. Shelley of course plays the demented half of the partnership and soon the bodies pile up.. A great suspense film also starring Dennis Weaver and Agnes Moorehead.. In 2001 Debbie starred in the legend filled tv movie 'These Old Broads' written by Carrie and also featuring Joan alongside Shirley Maclaine and Elizabeth Taylor, with June Allyson making a cameo.. Debbie also guest starred alongside the hilarious Marilyn Michaels in one of my favourite episodes of 'The Love Boat', where the girls played bookers who were to bring a
Debbie with Gavin McLeod & Marilyn Michaels on The Love Boat
group of stars on to the ship for the Celebrity cruise, but when the stars get on the wrong ship, Debbie and Marilyn, to save face decide to revive an old nightclub act they once had, which featured them impersonating stars and they manage to almost fool the crew into thinking they are among others Dolly Parton, Eva & Zza Zza Gabor and Barbra Streisand among others.. Well worth seeking out..With Debbie's passing, at least we have all her wonderful performances to view for generations to come.. God bless you Debbie, you may have left us, but your spirit is Unsinkable!
Debbie with Joan & Shirley in These Old Broads..