Tuesday, November 29, 2016



Hello lovelies,

Today I’ve got an exciting beauty review; The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact Duo. Before being asked to review this product, I had no idea that Dame Joan Collins had started her own luxury brand.  After spending some close up time with beauty masters, Dame Collins is giving it a go herself. Not only has she bought out a cosmetics line, but a skincare and fragrance line too. Check out the website here!


The Compact Duo retails at £34.00 and includes a pressed powder form the Meticulous range, a classic old fashioned square sponge, a mirror and a lipstick from the Divine Lips range.

The compact has a strong magnetic close so there’s no risk of it popping open on it’s own accord whilst in your bag. The slot for the lipstick to sit in fits ALL Divine Lipsticks meaning you can chop and change what lipstick you carry around with you, from day to night, without fear of loosing it to the bottom of your bag! The whole range of Divine lipsticks looks incredible retailing at £18.00 each.


You have a choice of 16 lipstick shades to come with the compact so whether you’re buying it for yourself or as a cute gift, you have plenty of options! All of the Divine Lipstick shades are named after a significant character she’s played over the years as Joan Collins believes a choice in lipstick can say something about the person wearing it and how the world sees them.


The shade I was sent is Alexis which is a truly stunning deep berry colour. This is named after Dame Collins playing Alexis Colby in Dynasty. From what I can gather, she’s a head-strong, feisty yet loveable character with the sass of a true diva.



The packaging is stunning and I have it on display on my dressing table as we blog. Not only does it remind me of Charlotte Tilbury, but the shade too. I want to say Glastonbury? This is one of my all time favourite shades to pick up so I was chuffed to see I was sent this.



Dame Joan Collins believes that cosmetics are protective and should care for the skin. The lipstick is described as hydrating and if I’m honest, I’ve never felt a lipstick quite like it. Granted, I haven’t had the full experience of ALL high end lipsticks, there may well be better ones out there. But this is the best lipstick formula I’ve ever tried.

I wore it for a whole day, eating, drinking, eating some more. The colour did fade (as would any), but it didn’t go patchy, my lips were never dry, in fact, they were more hydrated than ever. It feels more like a light layer of vaseline on your lips. The Divine Lipsticks have been proven to make lips softer and fuller and after 30 days, the all round hydration levels in your lips is higher. Win. Win.


The application I found tricky as I’m not used to such a pigmented lipstick. The colour pay off is AMAZING, so amazing that a steady hand is definitely needed. One application is enough but the lipsticks so buildable you can chose to make it darker if you wanted (I did).


I’m super grateful that I’ve had the chance to try a hydrating lipstick as I’ve found my new favourite lipstick. It’s always great when a brands luxury packaging is met with the formula, finish and lasting power!

The Meticulous powder is super soft and applies beautiful with the powder puff provided. I feel like thats the difference between luxury and high-street. The applicators that they come with and whether we end up using them or not. You can also buy this seperately at £22.00. It claims to:

  • Even tones

  • Regulates shine

  • Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and fills fine lines

  • Light reflecting particles help make the skin look fabulous!


    I love it. I’m not sure if the fact it’s a modern take on the vintage powder puffs that used to be around is swaying it, but I’m loving it all the same. It’s great for setting your under eye or just throughout the day when you can feel yourself going a tad shiny.

    I personally think that this is the perfect gift for those that love their lipstick so much so they carry it around with them. It also has the elegance and sophistication for perhaps the older generation too. What do you think?! I honestly can’t recommend the lipstick enough. I’ve never tried a formula like it! Check it out HERE.

    Let me know if you have someone in mind to give this too or if you’re tempted yourself!

    Love Life, Lexi!