The Uncensored Diaries of Joan Collins

The Uncensored Diaries of Joan Collins
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Thursday, September 30, 2010


As a tribute to Tony Curtis who has just died.. here is another chance to read my post on Joan's episode of "The Persuaders" ... which starred Tony and Roger Moore.. Another Hollywood Legend gone but certainly not forgotten...



ROGER MOORE as Lord Brett Sinclair
TONY CURTIS as Danny Wilde

Guest Starring
JEAN MARSH as Nicole
ROBERT HUTTON as Frank Rocco
FERDY MAYNE as Sangallo

Directed by VAL GUEST

JOAN as Sidonie checks our Roger as Brett's profile
JOAN persuades the guys to let her tag along
Danny Wilde a self made millionaire from the Bronx meets Lord Brett Sinclair, a member of the British upper classes on the French Riviera. After they become involved in a bar room brawl they come face to face with retired Judge Fulton. They have two choices, spend 90 days in jail or help him bring criminals to justice whom the court system failed in prosecuting...they decide to keep their freedom! They become two unlikely partners known as The Persuaders, seekers of justice throughout Europe. Their latest mission to escort the assassin of an underworld boss, out of the country, who for a reduced sentence promises to expose a crime syndicate. Along for the ride is the glamorous photographer Sidonie, who is beautiful, but certainly not dumb! Can they get him out alive? When there is still Five Miles To Midnight! 

FERDY MAYNE greet JOAN while TONY & ROGER look on
"The Persuaders" first aired in 1971 on ITV and then ABC in America and for it's time was the most expensive television series made for British TV at £100,000 an episode. Star Roger Moore was involved in the production from the start, but it took awhile to cast the role of Danny Sinclair. Rock Hudson and Glenn Ford rejected the role, with Tony Curtis finally accepting the part. But the series only ran for a season, while it was a hit in Europe and as far a Australia, it never caught on with American viewers. It did not help that the schedulers pitted it against the hit series "Mission Impossible". Joan had been friends with Roger for many years, ever since he was married to singer Dorothy Squires, as her father Joe was a theatrical agent and he represented Dorothy and then Roger. Joan is funny and lively in the episode as the trendy but eccentric Sidonie, however she does don a hideous early 70's wig!! Even though Roger was a gent to work with as expected, Joan found Curtis to be rude and arrogant and it did not help when he insulted her on the set one day. Tony recalled this story only recently as did Joan in her autobiography "Second Act". Any tension between them is not visible on screen, which shows how professional true stars really are whilst at work! Now a cult favourite.."The Persuaders" is certainly worth viewing today...

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