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Beauty Review: Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipsticks

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Lipsticks
When I think of classic beauty, I often think of Hollywood icons and vintage TV stars. Joan Collins is truly an icon in that sense and so when I was presented with the opportunity to try out her beauty collection, I was more than intrigued. Here's a little look at the Joan Collins Divine Lipsticks...
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lips
For those of you not yet familiar with Dame Joan Collins - you should probably look in to that because she's pretty much a big deal. She's a fashion icon, an actress, an author and most recently she's branched in to beauty with Joan Collins Timeless Beauty. The company itself is a new international, cruelty free beauty brand which aims not just to inspire women and provide them with the tools to look great no matter what your style, age or lifestyle. I was kindly sent two items to try from the Divine lipsticks range - Divine Lips Lipstick in Melanie (Pink) and Suzy Starr (Coral) and I immediately loved the gold encasing and vintage-inspired packaging. It just oozes Collins' style and the era.
Joan Collins Divine Lips Lipsticks
Joan Collins Lipstick swatches
As well as being cruelty free, the brand boasts that these lipsticks are actively hydrating and formulated to maintain a full, long lasting colour. Having applied it to my lips, I can definitely see where the hydration comes from as it feels very creamy which I believe also gives the lipstick it's shine.

I did not find that I had to work too hard to get full coverage or colour although these are certainly very different to the likes of Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks that I'm used to. I found these slightly harder to apply without the use of a pencil and they did not last as long as my JS lipsticks which can sometimes last an entire day. That aside, I do think these make for very moisturising, full colour lipsticks and I love the 80's inspired packaging. My lips certainly felt hydrated and didn't dry out as time went on although the creaminess did mean there is a slight risk of smudging so watch out when you're eating (standard girl problems). Personally, I think out of the two shades the pink is my preferred colour and one I imagine I would get a lot more wear out of. I do think the coral tone would make for an excellent summer addition to the makeup bag though. Joan Collins Divine Lip Lipsticks can be purchased via the website for £18.00 each.

Thanks so much to Joan Collins Timeless Beauty for sending over these two for me to try. - have you tried Joan Collins timeless beauty yet? What shades would you like to try? As always, I love reading your comment so please do leave me lots of lovely ones below. Personally, my favourite shades from the collection are Katrina, Marilyn and Bella but I'd love to learn your favourites too.

Finally... thank you so much for everyone who voted for Popcorn and Glitter in the 2016 Bloggers Blog Awards which took place this weekend. I got Highly Commended for Best Photography and it honestly means so much that everyone took the time to vote when I was up against some real champs. Much love!

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