Sunday, September 18, 2016


  You can purchase the following t-shirt plus another design at Joan's 'Unscripted' shows in the lobby of the theatre!

Custom T-Shirts for Dame Joan Collins

Posted by luke

It's not often you get to create clothes for a bona fide Hollywood star, but that's something we're proud to announce that we can now check off our bucket list! Dame Joan Collins - star of Dynasty and The Bravados among goodness knows how many other films and TV programmes - is performing her one-woman show, Unscripted, and the My Printed Clothing team have just delivered an order of these fab custom T-shirts especially for the occasion.

Thanks to Dame Joan and her team for the order, and we hope that everything goes swimmingly for the tour! The Unscripted tour will take Joan to twelve other UK locations between now and early October; click here for a full list of tour dates, or visit our Custom T-Shirts page to order some custom-printed clothing of your very own. Get yours at a theatre near you!!!

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