Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Joan features in the latest issue of 'Grazia' magazine as she discusses fashion, makeup and the contents of her closets!

Dame Joan Collins thinks women don't wear enough make-up.
  Joan isn't a fan of the natural look and thinks people should up their cosmetics usage when going to parties.
Discussing what women get wrong about party make-up, she said: "They don't wear enough! They really don't."
And asked if that means she isn't a fan of the no make-up look, she said: "Not at all. Well, absolutely - when you're eight."
Joan prefers to take a glamorous approach to her own wardrobe and is "very, very dedicated" to looking as good as possible at all times.
She explained: "I don't go in for the 'less is more' look particularly. I've always been very, very dedicated to looking as good as I possibly can, no matter what."
But that doesn't mean she will compromise on comfort for her red carpet wear.
She told Grazia magazine: "A [special event] gown has to be comfortable. I don't like to be too trussed up."

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