Thursday, July 23, 2015


I have a secret to tell, I love Joan Collins. Let me place exposure blame on my Nan for that, with her Saturday morning's watching Dynasty where Joan Collins played the uber bitch Alexis Carrington, with the only thing rivalling her shoulder pads was probably her voluminous hair.

There's something about Joan that you feel you're still getting vintage glamour and that's what you get with her Timeless Beauty collection. The packaging is reminiscent of vintage 1950s, you'd associate with seeing on your grandmother's dressing table, the golds, the weighty compacts, the sweet smell and musk in the air.

I Am Woman Eau de Parfum £50.00, let's note that this is Eau de Parfum so the staying power is potent. My mum when she smelt this was reminded of Opium. I remember Opium as a child, my nan wore it all the time and even had the soap. This perfume took Joan 2 years to make and 50 samples later this is the result.

Top notes: 
lemon, bergamot, orange, mandarin, peach nectar
rose, orange blossom, jasmine, herbs, moss
Base notes: 
musk, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli

When I first sprayed it, I was taken aback by the scent. Very strong compared to other perfumes I have but then remembering this is a true perfume, this is no EDT. Spraying it on the skin and allowing the skin to warm up the perfume and the scents. As it settles into the skin, I can smell the lingering musk, sandalwood and the slight after smell of vanilla. It begins to smell warm and a tad powdery. I could imagine this as begin a signature scent for some women possibly mid 30s+ this is a scent that is distinctive.

My favourite design out of the bunch is the Summer Kiss Compact Duo £34.00 it's a unique design with the lipstick next to the bronzer and a generous mirror. The lipstick sits outside of the compact when shut. The duo is clever if you need a touch up of bronzer here or there and swipe of lipstick, it's just there, no rummaging in your make-up bag for your lipstick. I was sent the lipstick named Marilyn (♥ - perfect Joan know's classic make-up she was taught by Marilyn's MUA) it seems to be a a very popular seller on QVC selling out whenever on. Marilyn is a warm rose that's moisturising and glides on effortlessly. It's almost butter like in its application and 1 - 2 sweeps on the lips are good enough to get this nice flush. The bronzer is light than most bronzers I own but very buildable and more subtle as a result on my skin, it has small flecks of gold running through the bronzer.
Lastly the Nail Lacquer £13.00 also in Marilyn. Giving that vintage paring, of nails that match the lipstick - something that now we're constantly told is a 'do not' (who makes up these rules?) Can we talk about the long tapered ribbed cap that accompanies this nail lacquer. How gorgeous is it, makes for an easy hold and application. My nan loved this colour, wasn't too bright or too dark and she was happy to have this on as a manicure. It perfectly matched the lipstick for a rounded off groomed finish. The application is thick but easy with a second coat giving those finishing touches. The nail shade feels more older in age than the lipstick.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is also available at QVC and the official website.

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