Tuesday, January 6, 2015


The aftermath of those incredible lines.
“TAKE YOUR junk, and your blonde tramp, and get out of my house!”

Of all the incredible lines given toJoan Collins during the salad days of “Dynasty,” her delivery of the above, standing at the top of the Carrington mansion staircase, is a cherished fan favorite.

(The “blonde tramp” Krystal Carrington, aka Linda Evans gave one of her patented stricken looks, as John Forsythe, the perpetually angry Blake Carrington, rushed up the stairs to strangle Joan/Alexis. Ah, the good old days, when it was “dinner and ‘Dynasty’" on Wednesday nights! )

Joan, whom I know pretty well, is a terrific actress, often underrated because of her beauty, and a legit survivor of the toughest business in the world.

She is also genuinely witty, softer than her image suggests, and can do a full split. I saw her perform this athletic feat a few years ago at a party. She was wearing a Chanel suit. One of the greatest things I’ve ever witnessed!

All that might be enough for Queen Elizabeth to bestow upon Joan the title of Dame.
Joan Collins set Egypt aflame in "Land of The Pharaohs." (Much later, she incinerated the world in "Dynasty.")  From Denver's Carrington Mansion to England's Buckingham Palace — Dame Joan Collins!
And who knows, QEII might have been a big “Dynasty” fan? However, for years Joan has done remarkable charitable work in Britain for children in hospice care and also for youngsters with neurological damage. Miss Collins has been tireless in this effort, and pretty quiet about it. (If you want more info,click here).

Congratulations, Dame Joan Collins. Let us know what’s up next for you. That is if you deign to speak with the common likes of us anymore!
Dame Joan brought some much needed Christmas cheer to families supported by Shooting Star Chase on December 21st by serving up an exclusive breakfast at Selfridges in London.
What a Dame!

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