Thursday, May 8, 2014


Bazaar Reviews: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Make-up artist Arabella Preston gives us the topline of Joan Collins new make-up range.

So, Joan Collins has a make-up line. And it's really, really good.

I was first drawn in by the liquid liner. Delivered in a heavy gold bullet (of course), the fine tip gives a ultra-black glossy line that doesn't smudge or lose its sheen - the make-up artist's Holy Grail.

Next, beautifully soft yet intensely pigmented eyeshadows in yet heavier gold packaging. And then there's the perfume - "I Am Woman" - an instant hit on QVC.

It's the quality that ultimately sets Timeless Beauty apart from the crowd - it's a far cry from the typically arm's-length and slapdash celebrity lines. The eye pencils and lip liners, generously long and super sharp (don't let Joan catch you with a grubby, worn-down nib) glide on effortlessly, leaving trails of soft, striking colour.  Lipsticks and nail polishes are named after her most famous fictional personas. You won't find putty-coloured Kardashian-style lipsticks here; rather rich reds, pinks and vampish wine shades (mine's an Alexis every time).

But the biggest surprise of all is the foundation and concealer. For a woman who learnt her make-up craft in an era of panstick and vaseline, these are incredibly light and modern. They blend beautifully, allow your skin to breathe and give a sheeny finish that lasts all day.

Joan's presence is there in every product, like a pointed stiletto ready to stamp on your unloved make-up bag. And if you happen, ahem, to catch her on QVC selling her wares, I defy you not to be caught hook, line and lipstick.

Watch Joan in action here.

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