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Review: One Night with Joan

This was a special night for Joan Collins fans. Taking the stage at the Pavilion Theatre in Bournemouth the fabulously preserved and finely dressed actress gave an interesting performance, recounting fascinating tales and dishing out the anecdotes picked up from her many years on the silver screen.
It was a well-polished show, being the last night of her long tour. Her one woman show has travelled the length and breadth of the country and it was clear at times that our Joan had said it all before. However Ms Collins beamed as she talked of her happy childhood and her parents, going on to talk about her experiences in Hollywood. A highlight was hearing about her encounters with lecherous studio bosses and resisting their approaches even being warned early on by Marilyn Monroe to “watch out for the wolves in Hollywood!” Another gem of advice she was given was to use a stunt double for rougher scenes. This was good advice it seemed especially after a filmed fight with Linda Evans!
As she went on to talk about her co-stars in various movies a backdrop of film scenes appeared behind her. She loved Bob Hope and Paul Newman was lovely (who would disagree with that?!). Lots of other stars were mentioned and pictured. Treated to lots of her life stories, the audience laughed at the one about Peter Sellers turning up at her home dressed as a German storm trooper. His visit upset all the neighbours to such an extent that she and her husband at the time, Anthony Newley had to move.
Joan has always praised her present, husband Percy, and at the end of the performance he came on stage to read out questions from the audience. Joan says she hasn’t had any cosmetic surgery, but some advice she gave was never be without your lipstick!
And then it was time for her to leave.The long tour was over, and it was at last time for a rest for Joan.
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