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Joan with Nikki Haskell & Tom Ford
Joan now settled into her new LA apartment, threw a fabulous housewarming party last night and invited many friends including Donna Mills, Jack Rich, Judy & Max Bryer, Alana Stewart, Tom Ford, George Hamilton, Nikki Haskell, Rene Horsch & Jeffrey Lane among others..
Joan with Alana Stewart
Joan with longtime pal Max Bryer
Jack Rich with Donna Mills

Monday, February 19, 2018


Global superstar Dame Joan Collins brought her trademark glitz and glamour to Fulham on Tuesday (6 February) at the official opening of the newest Shooting Star Chase charity shop.
Dame Joan Collins opens Fulham Shop
Shooting Star Chase provides care and support to children with life-limiting conditions and their families, and Dame Joan Collins, a Patron of the charity since 2003, officially opened the shop located on Fulham Road.
Dame Joan Collins greets supported families
She was joined by some children and their families who are supported by the charity, Gwen, Molly and Liam who presented Dame Joan with a bouquet of flowers and a special art canvas designed by children from the hospices.
Gwen, Molly and Liam and family at Fulham Shop opening
Dame Joan Collins and supported child Gwen
Dame Joan has donated nearly 500 exclusive items from her very own collection, which include a stunning black sequin dress, Chanel skirt and Grey Lloyd Klein Suit worn by the actress, allowing people a chance to own a unique piece of history. Showcasing a cream lace blouse from Catwalk Collection which is priced at £100.
Dame Joan Collins showcases items at Fulham shop
Dame Joan Collins, Shooting Star Chase Patron said; “I began my association with Shooting Star Chase in 2003. As a Patron, fifteen years on, I am delighted to still be a part of such a special charity. Sharing a huge variety of events to fundraise and raise awareness over the years has been a pleasure. I was even tasked to become a broker for a day! Meeting the children and the families, for whom Shooting Star Chase is vital, remains at the heart of what I enjoy most about being a Patron. I am very happy to be opening the latest Shooting Star Chase charity shop in Fulham and wish it all the success that their other charity shops have achieved. I am thrilled to be able to donate clothes, shoes and accessories from my own personal wardrobe. I hope its presence will help continue Shooting Star Chase’s wonderful work and benefit all those families who need its support now and in the future.”
Dame Joan Collins helps at Fulham Shop
Karen Sugarman, Director of Fundraising at Shooting Star Chase said; “We are honoured at Shooting Star Chase to have Dame Joan as a Patron. Her hard work and commitment to our charity is tireless.  She brings compassion, commitment and sparkle. We are thrilled that Dame Joan will open our fantastic and exciting new Fulham charity shop and has donated such a vast amount of her fabulous wardrobe.”
Dame Joan Collins Collection
A stalwart supporter of Shooting Star Chase, Dame Joan Collins’ visit to the Fulham shop is just the latest in a number of generous activities she has undertaken as a Patron of the charity. Alongside regularly donating items from her personal wardrobe to the charity’s retail shops, she has treated supported families to exclusive Afternoon Tea’s at the Dorchester and breakfasts at Selfridges, officially opening the Weybridge shop and has appeared on Celebrity Deal or No Deal and Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire to raise vital funds for the charity. She received her Damehood in 2015 for years of charity work.
Items for sale include a vast array of clothing, hats, shoes and jewellery- with a mix of vintage, high street and designer labels. The shop is also running a silent auction for some of the most iconic items which include a Monte Blanc Zebra print handbag, a Christian Dior brooch, an engraved mirror compact, LK Bennett shoes and signed copies of her book.
Yasmine at Fulham Shop opening
Area Retail Manager Ruth Shaw at Fulham Shop opening
Shooting Star Chase have a growing number of shops, now with a total of 11 across London and Surrey, all run by an amazing team of more than 220 dedicated volunteers. The shops play a vital role in helping the charity fund their care service, offering a huge range of pre-loved high quality items – including from an A-list celebrity! The new Fulham shop is the hub of houseware, terrific toys and fundraising fashions.

Shoppers peruse Dame Joan Collins donated items


Joan & Percy celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in Beverly Hills with friends including Leslie & Evie Bricusse, Judy & Max Bryer & Jack Rich among others...
Joan with her anniversary cake and friends Leslie |& Evie Bricusse & Percy..

Sunday, February 18, 2018


As it's time for the 2018 Bafta Awards which this year is hosted by the fabulous Joanna Lumley, here is a flashback to last year, where Joan was a guest presenter. This super candid shot features Joan sharing a joke with Joanna before the start of the show..

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Wishing everyone a most lovely Valentines Day! Joan & Percy are enjoying the festivities...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


This super shot taken last month in LA features Joan with Jeffrey Lane and her close friends Leslie & Evie Bricusse..

Thursday, February 8, 2018


Joan Collins: Want to know why all the Oscar films are boring? I’ll tell you

Also: Why I’m not being a diva when I refuse to shake your hand

10 February 2018
Joan with Gene Kelly in Sins...
I’ve been meaning to write a Spectator diary since the summer but as a Gemini with Aries rising I find I have the annoying trait (just the one?) of being too easily distracted. Not by social media as so many are — Twittering and Instagramming only grab my attention for a couple of minutes each day. No, what entrances me are movies, and the wonderful cornucopia of films available on Sky, Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and so many platforms proffering my preferred pastime on my big-screen TV. I refuse to be hunched over a tiny screen downloading the latest blockbuster from Disney or DreamWorks. I search for and find, like an eager fisherman, the classics: Bogart and Bergman inCasablanca (I’ve seen it 50 times at least), Kelly and Reynolds in Singin’ in the Rain (40 times), Davis and Henreid in Now, Voyager, Grant and Kelly in To Catch a Thief (not so many times — it’s not a repeater like the others) and hundreds more. Every time I become glued to the great films of the Golden Era I notice so many new things, particularly the reactions of the supporting and background performers.
I’ve tried to watch the latest batch of potential Oscar contenders sent to me by the Academy and Bafta; the stack of DVDs we attempted to wade through during the Christmas season is now three-feet high. Talk about snooze-making! I pulled off some high-quality naps watching some of these boring bombs. I am not alone in my opinion that many of them are dull, pretentious and preachy; most are far too long and drawn out, and many of my fellow Oscar voters are bemoaning the lack of a good solid product. Hollywood will probably despise me for saying this but when I watch a motion picture I want to be entertained, kept interested and intrigued. Romance, charm and style seem to have been replaced by brutal violence, revolting profanity or far-fetched and alien plotlines. No wonder box-office takings are way down.
The flu season is raging and I myself was struck down with the virus on a plane to Dubai as I travelled to perform my one-woman show at the opera house in December. In spite of having had a flu shot, which protects one from the virus’s deathly A-strain, apparently one can still succumb to the less serious but still awful B-strain, which I unfortunately contracted. But the show must go on, so I staggered on to the stage, the words of my ex about the roar of the greasepaint ringing in my ears, and managed to get through it, in spite of several coughing fits. Back in London I took to my bed like a Victorian lady with a case of the swoons — legs shaky as spaghetti, ribs aching from a hacking cough. Bed-bound for a fortnight, I missed several amusing Christmas parties and almost felt that the end was near. (I’m an actress — you have to expect some drama.) A few weeks later, on the flight from London to LA, I was adamant on blocking the airvent above me with duct tape and swabbing my seat and media screen vigorously with disinfectant wipes. Now I wear gloves whenever possible to protect myself against virulent germs — it may appear eccentric but just wait till I put on that surgical mask. I avoid shaking hands, much less this ghastly fad of kissing and hugging strangers as if they’re pals. Dining at a popular restaurant, the maître d’ was shaking hands with the patrons and when he came over to me, all Uriah Heep-like, proffering his appendage — his hand, I mean — I refused to shake it as I imagined it covered in germs. He was quite offended but my doctor told me that lightning can strike twice.
Hollywood is in an uproar. Some actresses have discovered that some actors and producers are nasty sexual predators. Oh really? Expressing an opinion about this is fraught with danger, so I shall refrain before it’s ‘off with her head’ to me. Nevertheless, if these accusations towards men continue much longer, I fear a major decline in population growth in the near future. An agent I know, who was negotiating a deal for a client, was accused by a female producer of being ‘a bully’ and warned that she was going to expose him because ‘Hollywood doesn’t like bullies’. If she really wanted to know what a bully was like, she should have dealt with super-agent Sue Mengers. A play about her was aptly named I’ll Eat You Last.
A 30-year-old single man informs me that he wouldn’t consider dating because he was too scared of being accused of inappropriate behaviour or of being ‘named and shamed’ by social media or the Twitterati. ‘I go out with the guys, drink beer and watch box sets,’ he said ruefully, ‘and friends are doing the same. We’re scared of the #MeToo movement and of being accused of sexual harassment and worse if we even tell a girl she’s pretty.’ ‘In my day we called it flirting,’ I told him.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Continuing her tireless support of The Shooting Star Chase Children's Charity, Joan cut the ribbon earlier today on a new boutique store on Fulham Road, which will sell a range of clothing and accesssories to benefit the charity.. To get the ball rolling Joan donated over 500 items from her own personal wardrobe to bring a touch of Hollywood to Fulham! 
Joan with some of the children the charity supports.
Joan takes on a new role as a mannequin!
A selection of Joan's fabulous items!
Joan tries to find a bargain!
Hows much is this Miss!
A Sensational selection of Scarfes
Joan makes her entrance.
A glamorous selection on sale donated by Joan..

Joan helps out in the shop!

Monday, February 5, 2018


Joan meets up with her longtime gal pal Arlene Dahl and her husband Marc Rosen along with Jack Rich for dinner when she was in New York last November..

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

PRESS ALERT : MY WEEKLY .. JAN 23 -29TH 2018 ..

Check out the latest issue of 'My Weekly' magazine which features a stunning portrait of Joan on the cover.. Inside features a 2 page feature with interview.. You can view the interview below!

Sunday, January 21, 2018


Currently on selected release is the new documentary film by Geoffrey Moore son of the late Sir Roger Moore, 'And The Winner Isn't' which features a host of stars including Joan along with Michael Caine, Ed Asner, Stefanie Powers, Valentino and Joanna Lumley.. 


Geoffrey Moore, the son of Sir Roger Moore KBE, has written and recorded a song for charity. His aim is to raise as much funds as possible and donate all proceeds to UNICEF.

Geoffrey wants celebrities to take part in a video and mime the song, but he also needs to make a documentary, for it to be eligible for ‘Academy Award for the Best Original Song’. The focus of the movie is on exploring what it takes to win an Oscar. By making it, Geoffrey will generate as much publicity as possible for the song – which should help to maximize profits for the charity.

Helping Geoffrey achieve his mission is his 18-year-old daughter Ambra. They go to Los Angeles to be close to those who know what it takes to win an Oscar. A lack of funds means they have to stay with a close friend, who lives in a classy Brentwood neighborhood, two blocks away from where OJ used to live. Although Geoffrey’s friend has an office in the house, they were only given access to her Airstream Traveler in the front garden, a sweltering aluminum tin of a trailer with a broken door.

They start calling people and the first results are not encouraging, as they fail to get past receptionists, assistants – and sometimes publicists. Their director is worried they won’t get enough material to make a compelling documentary. He wants to re-enact famous movie scenes in order to at least have something to edit.

Geoffrey calls on his friends in the music and movie industry and slowly starts getting the interviews with famous people needed for the documentary. However, the investors who promised to put money into the movie are slow to commit funds, which means the marketing budget is zero.

Meanwhile, Ambra is cold-calling publicists and agents to get celebrities to appear in the music video for the song.

Will they succeed in getting anywhere with celebrities, or is their director going to need to shoot a lot of abstract footage to fill in the gaps!

Rated NR


There is nothing more that Joan loves and that is a fabulous party and who can argue that Joan has attended many of the most star studded parties thrown throughout over the many years! This super advert was used to herald a screening of a Variety Club International Tribute to Joan in 1987 and as you can see a great cast was assembled for the evening with many more in attendence..

Monday, January 8, 2018


Joan with the latest Maserati!
To celebrate the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Joan attended
a party hosted by Jay Fielden editor in chief of Esquire magazine and  Irena & Mike Medavoy in association with Maserati.. In attendence was actress Ashley Judd who was delighted to meet Joan.
Joan with Jay Fielden & Ashley Judd

Friday, January 5, 2018


For viewers in the USA, 'The Royal's' will return for a 4th season on E! Channel on March 11th at 10/9c... Joan will return as The Grand Duchess along with series star Elizabeth Hurley..


Joan looks menacing in this still from a season 3 premiere episode of 'Police Woman' from 1978 which starred her good friend Angie Dickinson.. Joan guest starred as conniving hooker Lorelei Frank with another Hollywood legend Dorothy Malone You can now relive this episode and all of season 3 in the brand new dvd release from Shout! Factory. You can order here.

Wednesday, January 3, 2018


This 1965 Italian release features Joan in a comedy role.. You can read more about this film at the following link .....

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Dame Joan Collins swears by THIS beauty tip for flawless skin

HOLLYWOOD star Dame Joan Collins shares her beauty tips.

Which beauty products do you swear by?
I love any skincare products with vitamin C and E in them. The Superlift Eye Serum from my own Timeless Beauty range really brightens up the eyes after a party, and I also swear by my Timeless Beauty hydrating lotion. It’s so important to keep my skin looking youthful. 
What are your essential cosmetics for party season? 
During the festive season, it would have to be the Paparazzi Compact Duo from my range. It’s perfect for quick touch-ups – it has a powder, a lipstick and a mirror all in one, and is great when you’re always on the go like I am. I also think the right base is important; a great foundation can make such a difference.

I love any skincare products with vitamin C and E in them. The Superlift Eye Serum from my own Timeless Beauty range really brightens up the eyes after a party, and I also swear by my Timeless Beauty hydrating lotion. It’s so important to keep my skin looking youthful. 
What are your essential cosmetics for party season? 
During the festive season, it would have to be the Paparazzi Compact Duo from my range. It’s perfect for quick touch-ups – it has a powder, a lipstick and a mirror all in one, and is great when you’re always on the go like I am. I also think the right base is important; a great foundation can make such a difference. 
Can you share a top beauty tip?
Soak cotton pads in a bowl of icy water and place them on your eyes for five to 10 minutes before getting ready. It refreshes your face, reduces puffiness and wakes you up! Another favourite beauty tip of mine is to apply a thin layer of Vaseline over clean teeth to prevent lipstick transferring onto them!  
Does your beauty routine change for January and the harsher winter months? 
Yes. I use much more moisturiser as well as lots of lip balm to ensure that my skin and lips are hydrated. I also add a richer cleanser to my routine. I’m very passionate about cleansing well, and always make sure that I have removed every last scrap of make-up. 
Do you wear make-up every day? 
I often go without make-up and just wear skincare products. If I do wear make-up when I’m out and about, I make sure I use good quality products that will protect, treat and moisturise the skin as well as making it look gorgeous. 
What is your top tip for getting a great finish for your hair? 
I use L’Oréal Elnett hairspray for a finish that holds. I also recommend avoiding blow dries as they can be too aggressive on your hair.
How do you keep your skin looking good when filming? 
The quality of what you eat is as important as the quality of the products you use. I swear by avocados, broccoli and salmon. They do wonders for your body, both inside and out!
How do you pamper yourself? 
My favourite pamper days are spent with family, eating healthily and exercising. I enjoy taking walks or having a relaxing, no make-up day at home. 
Would you ever consider cosmetic surgery?
I tried Botox once and hated it – I hate needles!
What are your beauty and health resolutions for the New Year? 
Although I do eat healthily, my New Year’s resolution is to eat even more healthily as I recently found out that I have high cholesterol. Taking care of your body is just as important as looking after your appearance.
Who is your style icon? 
Cate Blanchett. She is truly glamorous and has an elegance that is rare these days.  
The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range is available from 50 Marks & Spencer stores and also from joancollins

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Wishing everyone a most wonderful 2018! Thanks to all who follow the blog and your continued support is much appreciated.. I hope you like this banner which features a small selection of images of Joan's ever busy social and professional diary in 2017...  I trust there will be many more to add in the coming year!! For all the latest news on Joan.. Where else to find it ... but here on The Joan Collins Archive.......   Happy New Year!!!

Monday, December 18, 2017


As its the Holiday season again, here is a fun article from Spectator Life from 2016!........


Gatecrash with panache (and other tips for surviving the party season)

Joan Collins, Celia Walden and Miss Steerpike reveal how they make it through December’s festivities in one piece

Joan Collins
There are various simple ways to survive the six-week explosion of embossed white-card invitations, exclusive ‘e-vites’ and the occasional last-minute phone call that many of us receive between November and the New Year. My best advice is to bin the invitations that celebrate the opening of a restaurant, shop or gallery.
In my experience these will be choc-a-bloc with people I don’t know among a sprinkling of paparazzos. Conserve your energies for those intimate gatherings where you are sure to see plenty of friends and no cameras. Once you’ve decided which venue you will honour with your presence, here are some survival tips: eat something before you leave — some soup, a hard-boiled egg, hummus on crackers; alcohol on an empty stomach is the quickest route to a hangover. If it’s a drinks party, don’t stay too long as you’re bound to get plastered.
If it’s a dinner party, arrive 45 minutes after the indicated time so that you don’t drink too much before dinner; that long cocktail hour, which too often becomes an hour and a half, can be fatal. And finally, be picky. Don’t be the person who goes to the opening of an envelope. The two golden rules of showbiz — always play hard to get and leave them wanting more — apply to everything in life!
Miss Steerpike
As Spectator Life’s diarist, it’s my job to trawl London’s soirées with the task of unearthing titbits of gossip. The job presents unique challenges; none more testing than a free bar. Over the years, I’ve witnessed a socialite vomit in the street and a millionaire reduced to stashing glasses of fizz on his table just in case the bar stopped serving.
So how best to navigate through an endless stream of eggnog and mulled wine? To start with, if your party invite is mysteriously lost in the post, adopt the tried and tested gatecrasher technique of turning up to your event of choice an hour late clutching an empty champagne glass — simply walk in as if you had been there the entire time. Just fill the glass with caution once you are inside. Your position in the room is also key; where there is alcohol, canapés tend to follow.
Work out where the trays are coming from to ensure a constant stream of food to steady oneself throughout the evening. Then avoid the festive cocktails and stick to what you know. Champagne is a safe choice. What’s more, research suggests that drinking bubbly can reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s.
Celia Walden
When trying to escape the party bore, pick an excuse that’s as close to the truth as possible: ‘So sorry — just seen a man with a tray of bellinis,’ or ‘Be right back: I love pigs in blankets!’ It took me decades to work out that only the most realistic line won’t hamper the rest of your night.
I gave up my one-time favourite — from the 1990s classic Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion — ‘I cut my foot before and my shoe is filling up with blood’ — because of the limping necessitated, and there’s only so many times you can use the old ‘I’m just going to run to the ladies’ tactic before people start to wonder whether you’re a) incontinent or b) Kate Moss.
Helen Lederer
Plan ahead: Boot camp in November. Be prepared for vodka searches and beatings but losing a few pounds before mid-November will set you in surplus.
Before party: Do what my mother told me — drink a glass of milk to line your tum (yucky but can save on foolish behaviour after six proseccos).
Prep: Wear frosted eyeshadow and lots of sparkle on décolletage — the more you can resemble a Christmas tree, the more you can be seen to have made the effort. (Caution: bling quota to respect postcode).
Demeanour: Ask other people how many brothers and sisters they have. You are now sparkly and interested in other people — people love guests like you and you will get a call back.
Control: Decline the canapés but gesture for the guests to whom you are talking to eat them instead — let them smell of the fish paste and not you.
Stamina: Cancel all morning appointments for December. Don’t ruminate on what happened the night before even if you find strange business cards in your clutch bag with House of Commons logo.


Joan greets The Duchess of Cambridge
Tune into ITV1 on Tuesday December 19th to catch Joan along with a host of stars for The Royal Variety Performance from The London Palladium. Catch it from 7:30pm!
Joan shares a smile with Prince William