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Joan with Max & Judy & daughters Samantha & Victoria
Joan is currently experiencing the bright lights of Vegas as she catches up with longtime friend Judy Bryer and husband Max who celebrated his 95th birthday with a family bash at McMullan's Irish Pub in Las Vegas..

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Sailing with the stars

Brittany Ferries is set to hit the big screen early this year, with Mont St Michel providing the backdrop for scenes in forthcoming feature film, The Time of Their Lives. Director Roger Goldby speaks exclusively to us...
You might not recognise the name Roger Goldby, but you may be familiar with his work. Credits include TV drama series The Durrells and Call the Midwife, while his first feature film The Waiting Room, which he both wrote and directed, played to critical acclaim in 2008.
To passengers and crew travelling on Brittany Ferries Mont St Michel on Saturday 9th July Roger might also cut a familiar figure. This was the man calling the shots among a film crew of 40, getting the best from two superstar performers, Joan Collins of Dynasty fame and Shirley Valentine star Pauline Collins, while filming scenes for his latest feature THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES.
Roger wrote the script, directed the film and is currently editing the final cut ahead of a planned UK cinema release date in March 2017. And the Oscar-nominated director took time out of a busy schedule in September to speak to Brittany Ferries.

Tell us about the The Time of Their Lives:

It's a heartfelt feel-good buddy movie with a fabulous cast. Joan Collins plays Helen, a former Hollywood star who escapes her London retirement home to gate-crash her ex-lover's funeral on the Ȋle de Ré.
Pauline Collins (no relation to Dame Joan!) plays Priscilla, a repressed housewife trapped in a failing marriage who joins Helen on a magical escape. Along the way the pair become romantically embroiled with a reclusive Italian artist played by Italian superstar Franco Nero.
 Roger Golby, director of The Time of Their Lives

What makes it so special?

First and foremost the main characters, who are the perfect odd couple. These two very different women come together by chance, go on an incredible journey, change each other, and end up as true friends. It's a warm, uplifting tale of two strong, mature female characters that people can identify with - and how they break free. I hope audiences find it funny too of course!

You wrote The Time of Their Lives. What inspired the story?

I've always been drawn to stories about older people. I suppose in a way it was inspired by my grandmothers and great aunt. These were three older women who were really important in my life. They showed me that older people can still to do things, still change, and are perfectly capable of going on an adventure.

Was it a coup to get Joan and Pauline for the film?

Absolutely. A film like this is made or broken by the cast. Joan is a legend, but she also has incredible depth of performance and real charisma. When I first met her and she agreed to do the film, we talked about the role of Priscilla. I had Pauline in mind to play the part, and it was also Joan's first suggestion.
They already knew each other and have a chemistry, a shorthand if you like, that transfers to the screen. They are very different people, but both are incredibly versatile and hard-working. Hilarious too. Franco Nero is a big Italian star and he was a real gentleman. A joy to work with.

Is there a message in this film?

I guess it's something as simple as: it's never too late to change and live bravely, with hope.

And was Ȋle de Ré an ideal location for an escape?

Pauline's character needs to get away, go somewhere different. When you go somewhere different it enables you to change and this contrast helps Priscilla come out of herself. France is a beautiful country throughout, but my producer Sarah Sulick recommended Ȋle de Ré in particular.
It's a little like Nantucket, with a lovely atmosphere to it, beautiful landscapes, old churches and abbeys, and people riding bicycles everywhere. Lovely little harbours too and a connection with movie stars and media people - lots go there for their holidays. I suppose it could've been St Tropez, but Ȋle de Ré was just perfect.
 Joan Collins shooting The Time of Their Lives on Ile de Ré

After the success of In Bruges, film fans flocked to the 'fairytale' Belgium town. Do you think The Time of Their Lives might do the same for Ȋle de Ré?

If the film is successful, definitely! Because we showed it off beautifully, particularly in Saint-Martin-de-Ré. Big skies which are glorious and we got some wonderful shots.

Was it a challenge filming on board Mont St Michel?

No, it was all very jolly and the crew and passengers were great. The locations looked fantastic, particularly the bar area (half of which was cordoned off for filming). I remember we'd been filming a scene and I was totally absorbed. When I turned round it was like armchair theatre. The area was packed with passengers watching us filming. I just hope they enjoyed it.

Is there a market for this sort of film?

I think we've known this for some time. But films like The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel have proved this for the studios. The older generation are going to the cinema a lot more than the younger generation and have been crying out for more mature, intelligent drama with strong characters.

Where can we see The Time of Their Lives?

March 10th 2017 is our planned release date, showing in cinemas across the UK. And maybe in cinemas on board Brittany Ferries ships too!

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This June will mark the 50th anniversary of the release of The Beatles‘ landmark album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which boasts a famous cover designed by U.K. artist Peter Blake featuring a collage of celebrities and historical figures. Now Blake has created a new star-studded mural based on Sgt. Pepper’s cover that was unveiled Tuesday in London on the façade of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park hotel.
The new collage, which is titled “Our Fans,” features 99 noteworthy people, including two who graced the Sgt. Pepper’s cover — Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.
“This piece is in the spirit of The Beatles 1967 Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album,” Blake tells the hotel’s own MO magazine. “It is therefore entirely apt that Sir Paul McCartney and fellow Beatles’ bandmate Ringo Starr should feature in the poster, during the 50th anniversary of the album.”
Other famous faces appearing in the mural include such music artists as Annie Lennox and Bryan Ferry, as well as Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, Maggie Smith, Judi Dench, Helen Mirren, Liam Neeson, Joan Collins and Blake, himself.
The mural, which was commissioned by the Mandarin Oriental, is scheduled to cover the hotel’s façade for nine months as it undergoes renovations.

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Joan proudly displays a glamorous cosmetic pouch from Pattern LA, given to her by niece Tiffany Lerman who designs the fabulous line of bags for all occasions.. See the following link to peruse the range!

London-born designer, Tiffany Lerman, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, a love of bags and an affinity for beautiful prints and colors.
Having studied Fine Art at UCLA and Textile Design at FIDM Tiffany’s pursuit for the perfect bag inspired her to design Chester, a collection of handbags in a beautiful variety of fashion-forward prints. Chester was so popular that she expanded into an array of licensed lifestyle products, including stationery, bedding and kitchen accessories.
When Tiffany became a mother to two sons, she used her sense of style and love of color to create Tiny Tillia, a fun, whimsical line of all-natural bath and body products with enchanting designs and characters all based on Tiffany’s family members, including her mother, best selling author Jackie
Collins! Tiny Tillia was soon met with the same enthusiasm as Chester and grew into a brand of clothing, bedding, and toys that Tiffany successfully sold to Avon.
With her latest brand, Tiffany returns to her first love with her new line of bags and accessories that is quickly gaining a cult following and can be found in some of the most stylish boutiques and resorts across the world. Pattern offers a vibrant collection of essential tote bags and make-up pouches, featuring exclusive and delightful textile designs. Pattern By Tiffany Lerman embodies a simple, fun, casual and charming look that women of all ages will want to carry with them everywhere - from


It was a most glamorous afternoon in Hollywood as Joan posed for another sensational photo shoot with the wonderful Fadil Berisha.. With the always reliable and handsome stylist Rene Horsch from Mark Zunino Couture on hand!

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For those in Germany, delighted to say the classic British suspense series 'Orson Welles Great Mysteries' finally gets a dvd release on January 27th..  Joan stars in an episode entitled 'The Dinner Party'. This edition has only a German soundtrack, but wonderful to finally see it available.. Hopefully Network Releasing will finally release it in the UK at some stage throughout 2017.. Watch this space.. You can order the German release here!

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TRIBUTE : BUDDY GRECO .. 1926 - 2017 ..

As it was announced the legendary crooner Buddy Greco has died at 90, here is a shot of Joan with Buddy and her good friends Steve Lawrence and Dani Janseen in the 60's..
Image result for BUDDY GRECO
Buddy with wife Lezlie Anders


 Sussex Life Logo

Peter James: A-listers being in awe of each other, why I quit the movie business and sandwiches with Joan Collins

16:02 10 January 2017
Peter James and Joan Collins
Peter James and Joan Collins
Bestselling crime writer Peter James talks us through his gastronomic adventures and keeps us abreast of everything relating to his fictional detective, Roy Grace
Celebrity is a curious thing. I learned years ago in my film producing days that even among Hollywood’s A-list there is a pecking order. Back in 2003 I was making what turned out to be a rather lacklustre film, The Bridge Of St Luis Rey, despite its quite stellar cast of Robert De Niro, Harvey Keitel, Kathy Bates and Gabriel Byrne. During the course of filming, Harvey Keitel confessed that he was nervous working with De Niro because he was so in awe of him. Byrne said he was nervous of working with Keitel for the same reason, and Kathy Bates said she was in awe of Keitel and Byrne. I never found out who De Niro was in awe of.
As a producer you pander to the whims of your stars and the riders that are part of every contract these days. Although I guess riders aren’t a new thing. When the late Sir Christopher Soames agreed to take the post of Governor of Southern Rhodesia, it was on condition he would be able to have his customary full English breakfast every morning, and roast pheasant, grouse or partridge, with game chips and all the trimmings for his dinner daily throughout the UK game season.
Not all movie stars have egos the size of aircraft carriers – Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, who I worked with on The Merchant Of Venice, are wonderfully grounded and fun people. And so are the two stars of my new play, Not Dead Enough – fabulous Shane Richie, who will be playing Roy Grace, and the truly delightful Laura Whitmore – who had a brilliant stint in Strictly – who will be Cleo. I’m looking forward to starting rehearsals. The play begins a nationwide tour on 25 January, and will be at the Theatre Royal, Brighton the week of 13 February.
I’ve had my fair share of difficult actors. One memorable nightmare of an occasion was filming in Toronto with Ernest Borgnine and Michael J Pollard – who shot to fame as CW Moss in Bonnie and Clyde. I was summoned by the night manager of the Hyatt hotel, at 3.30am, to remove a rooster, which was keeping all the hotel guests awake, from Mr Pollard’s suite.
For anyone who has ever wondered why I quit the movie business for a career in writing novels, I rest my case... And the beauty is that in my books my characters do exactly what I want – I don’t have to pander to any of their whims! Although sometimes during the course of promoting a book I come across some challenging requests from my fans. Two in particular stick in my mind. The first was being asked by a husband to sign his wife’s breast, at a very posh Royal Naval Voluntary Reserve dinner in Shoreham! The other was to sign the inside of a gentleman’s coffin – fortunately he was not in residence at the time.
The launch of my YouTube channel, Peter James TV (, has brought me back into the orbit of stars. Among them Joan Collins (pictured with me). I’ve always found her and her husband, Percy, utterly charming.. So imagine how I felt a few weeks ago when Joan was at the Theatre Royal in Brighton, doing her brilliant one-woman show. She has a number of Brighton and Sussex connections, including her father who spent the last decade of his life in the city. We arranged I would interview her for Peter James TV before the show, and afterwards she, Percy, Lara and I would go to dinner at English’s. Everything was arranged with the restaurant, we were to have an upstairs area – totally private. So imagine my surprise and consternation when we turned up at English’s at our booked time of 10.30pm to find it shut. Clearly a big misunderstanding somewhere, and my first black mark for the place in very many years of considering it my Brighton go-to eatery.
So what to do with a tired, thirsty and hungry Joan Collins, in the middle of Brighton on a freezing Monday night? I needed either a bright idea or a knight in shining armour. The latter appeared, just as we turned away from the locked door and darkened windows, asking if we were okay. When I explained the situation he said he was the manager of the pub right across the alley, The Sussex, and whilst his chef had gone home for the night, he’d be happy to rustle us up some cheese and pickle sandwiches.
Joan took it all with good humour. We ended up having a fun time, with great sandwiches, and booze flowing. When we had finished, our shining and very charming knight refused to accept one penny for the food or drink. Sometimes, celebrity rocks… And, hey, how many people have been able to call Joan Collins a cheap dinner date?
 The paperback of Peter James’s latest Roy Grace novel, Love You Dead is out now. He donates his fee for this column to his charitable foundation supporting Sussex charities and this month’s fee will be given to the Terrys Cross Trust.

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To celebrate the Golden Globe Awards, Joan attended the exclusive Weinstein Company/Netflix Party held at The Beverly Hilton Pavilion.. Joan met up with good friend Donna Mills and were joined by Naomi Campbell.. Another party date for Joan was an appearance at The HBO party at Circa 55 also at The Beverly Hilton..


Joan enjoyed at day at The Westin LAX for The Hollywood Show, where she greeted fans and met up with other familar faces. She also took part in a photoshoot, which included a shot for Marco and Francis who are big admirers of Joan..  Joan came face to face with Alexis! Attending the show was popular female impersonator Morgan McMichael who has been a big admirer of Joan's for many years.. It was the perfect opportunity to meet his idol with the fun of it been he came as Alexis! 
It's a tall tale..but which Alexis is which!
The two faces of Alexis!

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For those in the Los Angeles area don't miss the chance to meet Joan this coming Saturday at The Hollywood Show.. See the following link to book ticket options.. THE HOLLYWOOD SHOW JANUARY 2017
Joan's last appearance at The Hollywood Show

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Joan appears on the cover of the new lifestyle special issue of 'My Weekly' which is on sale at newsagents now.. Inside is a feature on successful women in business and entertainment, with a small piece on Joan..

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Joan's favourite crime writer Peter James attended a recent performance of 'Joan Collins Unscripted' in Brighton and took the opportunity to interview Joan for his 'Authors Studio - Meet The Masters' series on Peter James TV... Check out this super video!

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New Year Celebrations with Joan in Mexico
Joan raises a glass to another year which will no doubt be another busy one, with lots of exciting projects including the release of her new film 'The Time Of Their Lives' in March... As always watch this space for all the latest on our Legendary Dame! 
Joan & Percy toast the New Year Down Mexico way!


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Wishing everyone at most wonderful New Year throughout 2017.. May it be filled with many adventures and lots of good luck and more importantly continued good health.. Thanks to all those faithful fans and admirers of Joan, who continue to enjoy The Joan Collins Archive.. As you can see Joan & Percy enjoyed the festivities with family including brother Bill and his wife the fabulous Hazel on a well earned break in Mexico... Happy New Year To All!!!

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Joan Collins: Oh, the abuse I get for having a fake Christmas tree

Also in her diary: the gloom of modern movies; the stars whose Hollywood tombs are already built

 Every year, from mid-November to mid-January, dozens of DVDs drop through my letterbox. These are most of the movie releases of the past year. It is with great anticipation that I tear open the yellow padded envelopes from Sony or Disney or The Weinstein Company, and even from companies I’ve never heard of; but invariably it’s with disappointment that I scan the hundreds of titles unknown to me, and I do read Screen Daily and the Hollywood Reporter. I’m amazed that the production companies manage to finance some of these films. I know from whence I speak. However, snuggled up on the sofa in the days before Christmas I dutifully watch all the films in preparation to vote in the Bafta and Academy Awards. It’s like training for a marathon. It takes discipline, alertness, focus and stamina. Sadly, too many of the films I’ve seen this month are deeply dark and depressing, featuring either angst-ridden fortyish women or angry teenagers and endless silent ‘establishing takes’ (those interminable ‘mood’ shots that new directors are so fond of but I think are simply… how is it our dear Foreign Secretary Boris put it? A man from Ankara?). Let’s have no more of these time-wasters. I can understand very quickly where the plot point of a shot is headed and have no desire to gaze for more than a few seconds upon the leafy autumn sunshine, or be reduced to counting the wrinkles on an anxious hero’s face. I’d much rather it ended after 90 minutes and I could think: ‘Well, that was fun.’
Oh, for the days of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire musicals, of marvellous dramas like Sunset Boulevard and All About Eve and of comedies like Some Like it Hot and The Apartment. Sadly Billy Wilder is no longer with us. He knew how to write a memorable ending right down to his epitaph: ‘He was a writer. But then again, nobody’s perfect.’

We put up our Christmas tree earlier that usual, inspired by all the decorations in the shop windows and their fantastical designs. Opting to save the planet, we recycled our old faux tree. (Yes, I do have a frugal side.) Besides, it gives Percy endless hours of fun trying to get the lights to work again. (Being Peruvian and Scottish, he is genetically predisposed to frugality.) I must admit it looked beautiful with the decorations, so I tweeted a picture with the caption ‘Have I peaked too early?’ Followers chided me indeed for having put Christmas in their heads before December had even arrived, but many, many more were horrified that I didn’t have a real pine. ‘Seriously?’ I thought. In these days of conservationism I should get abuse for being environmentally conscious?

In LA for a brief visit, I was honoured to receive the Spirit of Entertainment award from the John Wayne Cancer Foundation at the Beverly Hilton. Since cancer will strike one in three people, this was an event worthy of support. Although it’s been 15 months since my sister Jackie died I still mourn her every day. We went to visit her crypt at the Westwood Cemetery on Wilshire Boulevard. This is a beautifully tended, peaceful park and the final resting place for a veritable Who’s Who of the motion picture business. Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Natalie Wood, Lucille Ball and hundreds of other household names all have their places. Marilyn Monroe’s crypt has a sign that says the area is monitored 24 hours a day and there are always fresh roses in the vase, though no one seems to know who puts them there. The immaculate graves are so much in demand that many have already bought their places, some priced at over a million dollars, and installed their sarcophagi in advance of the grand finale, which is slightly unnerving when you see them at the next cocktail party.
The Archbishop of Canterbury caused a stir with his Christmas sermon, speaking of a world ‘awash with fear’. That is certainly true of people in the entertainment world in 2016. I cannot believe the number of entertainers, some good acquaintances and some close friends, whose deaths have taken us all by surprise this year. One of my first movies was The Good Die Young. Never has this phrase rang truer. From the great David Bowie and Alan Rickman in January to my great friend, the unparalleled genius A.A. Gill in November, it has been non-stop shock and sadness. And with the demise of George Michael and Carrie Fisher on contiguous days at Christmas it’s getting spooky, so I am counting down the days and hours left before the year ends with great trepidation

TRIBUTE : DEBBIE REYNOLDS .. 1932 -- 2016 .

Joan with Debbie at The Apollo Theatre London after Debbie's 1st night of her London show
It was very sad news earlier with the announcement that the Legendary Debbie Reynolds had passed on, just a day after her wonderful daughter Carrie died from a heart attack.. Debbie was the true definition of a Hollywood Star, an MGM legend and all round entertainer. Debbie played the role of movie star to the hilt and as well as a fine actress, she could sing and dance, whether it be on the silver screen, the small screen or on stage, she had done it all.. Her most remembered film will be 'Singin In The Rain', which is a true Hollywood classic and I enjoy revisiting it on occasion.. But other lesser known films which I enjoyed are the 1971 shocker 'What's The Matter With Helen' in which Debbie
starred alongside another legend, the formidable Shelley Winters.. Debbie played a dance teacher whose son along with Shelley's son, is jailed for murder.. The two ladies move to the city to open a dance studio away from the scandal.. Shelley of course plays the demented half of the partnership and soon the bodies pile up.. A great suspense film also starring Dennis Weaver and Agnes Moorehead.. In 2001 Debbie starred in the legend filled tv movie 'These Old Broads' written by Carrie and also featuring Joan alongside Shirley Maclaine and Elizabeth Taylor, with June Allyson making a cameo.. Debbie also guest starred alongside the hilarious Marilyn Michaels in one of my favourite episodes of 'The Love Boat', where the girls played bookers who were to bring a
Debbie with Gavin McLeod & Marilyn Michaels on The Love Boat
group of stars on to the ship for the Celebrity cruise, but when the stars get on the wrong ship, Debbie and Marilyn, to save face decide to revive an old nightclub act they once had, which featured them impersonating stars and they manage to almost fool the crew into thinking they are among others Dolly Parton, Eva & Zza Zza Gabor and Barbra Streisand among others.. Well worth seeking out..With Debbie's passing, at least we have all her wonderful performances to view for generations to come.. God bless you Debbie, you may have left us, but your spirit is Unsinkable!
Debbie with Joan & Shirley in These Old Broads..

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‘These Old Broads’ Director Recalls Carrie Fisher’s ‘Love Letter’ to Debbie Reynolds

These Old Broads
Courtesy of Sony Pictures Television
Carrie Fisher’s affection for her mother was never more prominently displayed than in “These Old Broads,” the 2001 ABC TV movie she wrote as a starring vehicle for Debbie Reynolds and her one-time stepmother, Elizabeth Taylor.
The movie was true to Fisher’s form as a writer who excelled in offering unvarnished looks at the downside of celebrity and the ephemeral nature of success in showbiz. “Broads,” which Fisher co-wrote with Elaine Pope, offers a biting take on how hard it is for actresses to maintain a career, let alone age gracefully on screen.
The pairing of Reynolds and Taylor ensured that the movie generated advance buzz from the get-go. The two had starring roles in the real-life scandal that erupted when Fisher was a toddler in the late 1950s after her father, singer Eddie Fisher, had an affair with Taylor that ended his marriage to Reynolds.
The heat from those “Eddie Dumps Debbie” headlines still had marketing sizzle for ABC, even a half-century later. Shirley MacLaine and Joan Collins rounded out a stellar quartet. And just to make “Broads” that much more meta, MacLaine, of course, played a character loosely inspired by Reynolds in the 1990 film adaptation of Fisher’s novel “Postcards From the Edge.”
“Broads” centers around four actresses of a certain age, far removed from their glory days, who are reunite for a live musical TV special after a movie they made together in the early 1960s becomes a hit in re-release. Challenges, hijinks, and hilarity ensue as the foursome try to pull it together for the camera. Fisher herself makes a brief appearance as a hooker. (Fun fact: future “Lost” star Nestor Carbonell played the hit-hungry TV executive who dreams up the special.)
“These Old Broads” director Matthew Diamond said Fisher envisioned the movie as a tribute to her mother’s generation of Hollywood stars. But characteristically, there was nothing sappy about her material.
“She wrote it as a love letter to her mother, Elizabeth, Shirley, and Joan,” Diamond told Variety. “It worked for the audience as a piece of entertainment and also as a kind of inside joke that everybody in the world was in on. That it could exist on both of those levels at once was extraordinary and reflective of Carrie.”
The movie was filmed in 2000 on the Sony Pictures lot — the hallowed ground of MGM where Reynolds and Taylor, in particular, spent many hours working in their youth. All of the actresses shared old-Hollywood memories with Diamond during their downtime on the shoot.
“Debbie would talk about it a lot. At one point we were driving around the lot on a golf cart and she’d point out things she’d experienced and the place where she went to school,” Diamond said. “It was just so much fun to be there with them. They all had such a rich history.”
Reynolds also voiced her appreciation and pride for Fisher’s accomplishments, particularly as a writer, he added.
Despite old tensions, Reynolds, Taylor, MacLaine, and Collins were consummate pros and respectful to one another during the shoot.
“What was interesting was that the women all started out a little bit careful with each other. They were all such giants,” Diamond recalled. “By the end they were madly in love with one another and I could barely get them off the set. They wanted to play the scenes again and again. And that had to do with the spirit of the script.”
As a producer and screenwriter, Fisher was extremely articulate in her vision for the movie. But she was collaborative on the elements that Diamond suggested. The veteran director, whose recent credits include NBC’s “The Wiz Live” and CW’s “Jane the Virgin,” was recruited for “Broads” by producer Laurence Mark.
“It was a beautiful script from the start and tons of fun,” Diamond said.
Fisher came to the set a few times, but mostly gave Diamond the leeway to shoot “Broads” as he saw fit. At the time, Fisher was very focused on raising her young daughter, Billie, Diamond recalled, something he appreciated as the father of young kids himself.
“Broads” was a success for ABC in its premiere on Feb. 12, 2001. Sure, it skewed older in its demographic ratings, but 15.2 million total viewers was more than respectable. Fisher and Diamond felt it was mission accomplished.
“Carrie really did seem to make this movie an effort to embrace (the actresses) with her talent as a writer,” Diamond said. “Everybody had a grand time with it and that all sourced to Carrie.