AHS Season 8 Promo Ep 2

Friday, January 27, 2017

TV ALERT : LORRAINE .. ITV1 .. 8:30AM .. JANUARY 27TH 2017 ..

Don't forget to tune into
'Lorraine' on ITV1 with Lorraine Kelly to catch an exclusive first look at the trailer for Joan's exciting new film 'The Time Of Their Lives' which also stars Pauline Collins & Franco Nero which is due for release on March 10th in cinemas nationwide in UK & Ireland... Catch 'Lorraine' on ITV 1 at 8:30am..


  1. For those of us abroad who won't be able to see the film in cinemas in the UK, will it be released on DVD later this year?

  2. Lily The film is due to be released in other countries in cinemas.. When I get the confirmed dates will post.. I imagine it will get a release in Ireland on the 10th March also, but still waiting on dates for rest of Europe/USA .. thanks for comment..

  3. I'm in Germany and as far as I know the film won't get a release here, that's why I asked about a DVD release.