Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The E! original scripted series titled “The Royals” returned this week for its second explosive season. The events picked up just shortly after the end of Season 1, and the new King Cyrus (Jake Maskall) is only starting to get comfortable warming up the English Throne.
After having been declared illegitimate and ineligible to take the Crown in the Season 1 finale, both Prince Liam (William Moseley) and Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) have been summoned back to the palace.
Both Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley) and King Cyrus, think that it is better to keep the kids close so that they can be controlled. Prince Liam is not keen on seeing his mother or the new King, but Princess Eleanor has other ideas.
She decides to accept the King’s offer for both of them to be reinstated as Prince and Princess, if they would apologize to him and keep up their appearances as part of the Royal Family. Cyrus thinks that he can use their popularity to his advantage.
Eleanor agrees and explains to Liam that if they were inside the palace, it would be easier for them to find out what really happened to their brother and their father, who both died mysterious deaths. Both of them are on a mission to find out what really happened to Prince Robert and King Simon, who were both murdered by unknown perpetrators.
Liam is convinced that Cyrus is behind the killing of his father, and he is willing to go through any lengths to prove it. He even hired Eleanor’s ex-lover and ex-bodyguard Jasper, to help him find evidence against Cyrus.
He managed to uncover that the alibi that his uncle gave the night of his father’s stabbing, is a complete lie. However, there is still no evidence to link Cyrus to the attack. He asks Jasper to be reinstated as his security detail and to help him find out more about the domino pendant that he found hanging around his neck, when he passed out on the streets of London.
Meanwhile, as Liam gets Jasper to be even more involved in the family’s secrets, Eleanor is trying hard to keep Jasper out of her life. She still hasn’t forgiven him for sleeping with the Queen, even if he did it to save his own skin.
As the kids scheme and investigate, Queen Helena has plans of her own. She enlists the help of the Prime Minister, to make sure that she will end up on the throne if anything happens to King Cyrus. She also hatches some kind of plan against Cyrus’ daughter, who are the rightful heirs. Her real plan is still vague, but it involves asking a known anti-monarchist to woo both Princesses at the same time.
As Cyrus tries to win the hearts of the people, he uncovers a new problem. Prudence, the maid that he forced to have sexual relations with him in Season 1, has fallen pregnant. She is trying to blackmail him and is trying to find a way to make him pay for what he’s done to her.
The biggest revelation of the episode, is when Queen Helena and her mother, the Grand Duchess Alexandra (Joan Collins) have a discussion in the palace balcony. When a domino symbol is seen blazing through the grass outside the Queen’s window, it appears that both she and her mother know exactly what it means. The Grand Duchess then comments that “we kill one of theirs, they kill two of ours." she then questions what the Queen will do about it.
It is unclear if she is talking about the deaths of Prince Robert and King Simon. Find out more when “The Royals” returns next Sunday at 10:00 p.m. EST on E!.  

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