Prepare for the greatest #ThrowbackThursday of all time as the living legend, Dame Joan Collins joins Joshington Post, for a jolly good chin wag.

THE star of the 1980s, with the fiercest shoulders in the business has become a bit of a beauty mogul and boy does she have one seriously iconic look. Not only does Joan give us the DL on her beauty range called, very aptly, Timeless Beauty, the Dame reveals she has a bit of a style crush on… TAYLOR SWIFT. Who knew?

Joshington Post AKA Josh Newis-Smith having a LOL with Joan Collins. No biggie...

Of course we couldn’t meet Joan without asking her to give us a rendition of her favoriteDynasty lines. WARNING: her stare into the camera whilst saying, ‘Don’t’ mess with Alexis,’ will genuinely give you sleepless nights, so apols in advance. Talk about fierce! 

With the 1980s back in all its glamorous glory this season there couldn’t be a better time to delve into Joan’s wardrobe and take a look at some of her most iconic looks. Check out the gallery below for everything from Joan doing cow girl to the best leopard print dress you will EVER see. 

Watch the video above for Joshington Post: The Diva Off. It seems our unofficial Dame met his match with a real life Dame!