Friday, June 12, 2015

RIP : SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE .. 1922 - 2015 ..

Joan & Christopher with Herbert Lom & Robert Hardy
One of the screen's most enduring actors died this week, the legendary Sir Christopher Lee, who will be forever associated with his classic portrayal of the evil Count Dracula.. But Christopher had a varied body of work which comprised of over 200 feature films and television.. Joan has been a friend of Sir Christopher's for many years and they last worked together in the 1973 shocker 'Dark Places'.. They were all set to star in a film sequel to 'The Wicker Man' entitled 'The Wicker Tree', but funding fell through and the project was put on hold.. ( it has since been produced without Joan, with Christopher in a cameo role). This lovely shot was taken in 2008 in Switzerland as Joan and Christopher were guests of Montblanc.. 

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