Tuesday, May 12, 2015

TV ALERT : DYNASTY : ENTER ALEXIS ... POP TV ... MAY 13TH 2015 .. 10A/9C ....

In “Testimony,” the season-one cliffhanger, Alexis is dramatically introduced during Blake’s murder trial as a surprise state witness. Maggie Wickman, a model and purported friend of the producers, played the part in this first (nonspeaking) tease, making a dramatic entrance in dark glasses and a wide-brimmed hat, a veil covering most of her face.
The iconic character of Alexis Carrington was introduced in the dramatic finale of Dynasty’s first season–but Joan Collins, who made the role famous, does not appear on the show until season two.
Joan Collins was cast as Alexis before filming began for season two. (Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, Jessica Walters and Raquel Welch had all been rumored to be up for the role.) She had strong ideas about how the character should be written, and her influence on the show was felt from the moment she joined the cast. 
You can see Collins at work in “Enter Alexis,” her first Dynasty episode, tomorrow, May 13, at 10a/9C on Pop. Find your channel: www.poptv.com.

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