Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Can you guess who Joan Collins is playing in The Royals?

Joan Collins has revealed she will be playing Elizabeth Hurley’s onscreen mother in scandalous new US drama The Royals.
Gossip Girl star Elizabeth, is starring as Queen Helena in the new E! series, based on a fictional modern day British royal family, and Dame Joan, told E!’s Ross Mathews at the 2015 SAG Awards what her role will be.
Joan revealed: “I play, I think they call them a ‘momager’ these days.
“A woman who controls the whole group of insane scandal-ridden families, starting with Elizabeth Hurley and her two really naughty teenagers.”
And the Dynasty star also promised the show – created by One Tree Hill’s Mark Schwahn – looks suitably glamorous.
She said: “It’s very dramatic, it’s very funny. It’s very beautifully written, the sets are to die for. The sets – you really feel like you’re in Buckingham Palace.”
Meanwhile, Elizabeth admitted she loves playing the “baddie” as the evil queen in the show.
She told E!: “It’s a combination of what the public sees and what the public will never see. It was wonderful to be offered to play the Queen of England because it’s not an offer one gets every day.”
And she promised: “There will be more fighting. More glamour, more danger. We’ll have to keep our fingers crossed for a happy ending, that’s for sure.”

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