Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan CollinsJoan Collins is one of my beauty icons. Although our own beauty style is rather different, we admire and love her never failing glamour, her ever present lipstick, and always coiffured hair.  Joan is as fabulous as ever. Therefore we couldn’t wait to try her new beauty range, Joan Collins Timeless Beauty.
We’re not one for celebrity beauty ranges, but this is Joan Collins. If we can have a little bit of Joan’s glamour, we want it,
The skincare range arrives in thick, glass bottles, which have a classic feel about them, which we like. The scent is very subtle and pleasant, also a plus, as we don’t like anything that smells heavily perfumed, and the textures are fantastic. The night cream feels very hydrating, but doesn’t leave a greasy, shiny finish that some others do. We wake up in the morning looking incredibly refreshed, with soft, perfectly moisturised skin.
The make up range also has a classic feel to it and is beautifully packaged. Gold and glamorous, just what you would expect from Joan, it looks fantastic when you’re retouching your lipstick and makes you feel like an old school Hollywood star when using it. And, it performs. The mascara is the perfect compliment for the eyeliner to give you sexy, dramatic eyes. It doesn’t clog and builds up well so you can achieve the desired level of drama, a lot if you’re going for Joan’s look, and everything has staying power. But it’s the lipstick that is the real star of the collection. It glides on beautifully, and has a matte finish for that classic look, but feels wonderfully comfortable and moisturising. There are no subtle shades here, everything is feminine and sexy, think sultry reds and pretty pinks, and, this is the genius part, all named after characters Joan has played, including of course, Alexis Carrington. Not that we choose a lipstick shade on name alone, although yes we like something flirty and fun, and yes, we admit, we did choose Alexis. Joan has really tapped into a secret desire to be one of her beautiful, glamorous on screen girls, or just beautiful, glamorous her, and now with this range we can all have some of Joan’s glamour.
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