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Forever Beautiful: So, Joan what's
your advice?By Elsa Mcalonan

Every Monday, Elsa answers a reader's big beauty query and presents the best buys to perk up your week...
This week, our most glamorous national treasure, Joan Collins, is helping me tackle your queries. Joan believes it’s every woman’s right to look and feel fabulous, whatever her age. Here, exclusively, she shares her advice . . .
Do you have any tips for making my brows look thicker? My natural shade was dark brown, but the colour is fading now and I can’t find a good, natural-looking shade of eye pencil.
Margaret, 64, Cheshire
Joan Collins with her new make up collectionTimeless Beauty
Joan Collins with her new make up collectionTimeless Beauty

JOAN SAYS: When I worked in Hollywood, I was taught many beauty tips by Marilyn Monroe’s make-up artist Allan Snyder. He told me to always keep eyebrow pencils pin sharp and to use two different shades — one on top of the other — to build up a natural, full-looking brow.
I thought of this when I created the Contour Eyebrow Pencil Duo (£14) — each double-ended pencil has two shades. Use short strokes of each to get naturally thicker-looking brows.
ELSA SAYS: Other clever brow products include Collection’s Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit (£3.99, Superdrug), a palette that contains three shades of brow powder and  a clear gel to tame stray hairs. Lancome’s new double-ended eyebrow pencil, Le Sourcils Pro (£18.50, has a matte crayon shade on one end for filling in brows, and a highlighter at the other to bring out the brow bones and emphasise their shape.
 There are so many products around — serums, primers, moisturisers — and I worry about clogging up my skin. I’m 39 and my pores get easily blocked, causing blackheads and spots. Which should I use?
Samantha, 39, Liverpool.
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lips lipsticks

JOAN SAYS: First of all, an effective cleanser is a must-have so that all the daily grime and make-up is removed. This is something my mother taught me in my teens, using Pond’s Institute Cold Cream (£4.57, Boots).
Now, I use my Scrupulous Cleanser, £30, before toning and moisturising. I love to wear glamorous make-up and I believe that foundation helps to protect skin from sun and pollution.
ELSA SAYS: Consider Eau Thermale Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser (£8, Boots). For a light moisturiser, try Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturiser (£20, Tesco) and, as a base, I like Kiehl’s Correcting And Beautifying BB Cream (£23,, which has SPF50 and won’t clog pores.
I am 72 and have had thin hair for many years (due to a previously undiagnosed underactive thyroid). Are hair pieces viable for someone like me?

Stephanie, 72 (by email)

JOAN SAYS: Absolutely. I often wear them. The most important thing is to choose a good quality hairpiece in the most flattering style for your face shape — round faces should look for height at the crown and layers, square faces suit styles that lengthen the face, heart shapes should look to add volume at the chin and almost any style suits an oval face.
You are never too old to redefine your image and look fabulous!
ELSA SAYS: I am impressed by Joan’s Dynasty wig collection. There’s a fabulous one called St Tropez with a chic hairband and even one called Elsa (which was Joan’s mother’s name). From £95,

Do you have any tips for  looking good after a long-haul flight? I never seem to wear the right clothes and always arrive looking as tired as I feel. Any suggestions  gratefully received!
Marion, 54, London

JOAN SAYS: I constantly travel long-haul and it can dehydrate skin. I remove all my make-up and moisturise my face and hands every few hours.
I travel in loose black or grey cashmere trousers, a loose top and a blazer. I make sure to put on lipstick when I come off the plane — from my Divine Lip (£18) range — dark glasses and a fedora.
ELSA SAYS: My in-flight essentials include Lanolips Antibacterial Hand Cream (£8.99, Waitrose), which kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria, as well as moisturising skin with lanolin and aloe vera to help keep germs at bay.

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