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Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Impeccable Finish & Brush Duo: The final step to a flawless face!

Joan Collins Impeccable Finish & Brush Duo Review
Powder - whether loose or pressed, is to be the finishing touch for every good makeup. With a good powder, professionals prefer to use loose powder, you can easily fix any primer that is playing. But powder is not the same powder, the composition and the nuance is what matters. From Joan Collins there are from the Timeless Beauty line for a classic duo, consisting of a loose powder and the appropriate professional brush. The speech is from Impeccable Finish & Brush Duo.
No fear of loose powder. Joan Collins has created with her ​​Impeccable Finish & Brush Duo a luxurious and wonderful powder that guarantees a well-groomed appearance.
The transparent powder that is very fine in texture and also feels super light on the hat, the primer optimally fixed. By the use of this powder to the foundation and the blurring can be prevented. With this last step, the durability of the foundation can be significantly increased.
Joan Collins Impeccable Finish & Brush Duo Review

Impeccable finish

This loose powder mimics in an intelligent way the tone of the surrounding skin, making it suitable for any complexion. Tiny particles conceal irregularities and become radiant, so that the skin comes to its best. A perfect veneer ensures a long lasting, natural finish.

Powder Brush

There are to apply loose powder many ways, but the most beautiful is usually the finish when the focus of a professional brushes used in a standard size. The brush included here in this set is made of fine, silky soft goat hair, which is for optimal color absorption and a smooth, even application, known. The fine brush hair is held securely by a gold-colored version and the handy wooden handle allows a specific, uniform application.
Joan Collins Impeccable Finish Loose Powder
The Impeccable Finish & Brush Duo from the Timeless Beauty line of Joan Collins includes 16g Impeccable Finish Loose Powder and matching Powder Brush.
costs per point Duo: about 39,00 €.

The advantages of the Impeccable Finish Powder Overview

  • Silky, transparent texture.
  • Fixes the primer.
  • Translucent formulation.
  • Adapts to your own skin tone.
  • Natural finish.
  • Dermatologically tested.

My personal review:

Loose powder - with me for many years in continuous use. Namely, almost every morning. At least but almost always when I'm wearing foundation. Because with a beautiful powder fixed to a primer now times very, very good. And since I have a fairly oily skin that begins to shine quickly, powder is faithfully at my side for many years. However, in these years, I have of course also the different products of very different brands tried. From very expensive to extremely cheap everything was there. But I have to honestly say, in a loose powder, it is worthwhile to invest a few more euros. These are mostly from the finish her even finer, more natural and more luxurious.
My newest baby is a little while since the Impeccable Finish Loose Powder by Joan Collins from the Timeless Beauty Collection. This loose powder comes in a set with a professional powder brush: And that's a good thing, because with a good powder brush the order of a loose powder is only really nice perfect.
The Impeccable finish there is only one "color", but do not worry. This nuance to every skin tone fits perfectly, because the texture is light as a breath and absolutely translucent, so as good as transparent. One can recognize so already, that it is tinted skin color, but after application to the skin of which is in itself nothing more to see.
The texture of this powder is amazing fine and almost silky. You feel just between your fingertips, how luxurious it feels this powder. And precisely for this reason, this powder also contributes as pleasant on the skin. Very fine, light-reflecting pigments ensure a natural finish. Shiny skin are visible matted, dull skin are moved skillfully in the right light. But most importantly, the primer is optimally fixed.
But not only the powder itself is great, even the jars in which the powder is is awesome. You can open this jar good, but you can also remove the protective sheet and use the pre-made holes to dispense the powder. The lid is a nice big mirror and inside the jar is also a small powder puff, which serves as the cover of the holes, but can actually be used to order this powder. For instance, who has an oily T-zone, which I can only recommend to apply the powder there with a tassel, and only then to remove small surpluses with the powder brush.
Otherwise you can the powder with the powder brush that comes with this powder, very good Apply. Best to always untern so that create the fine facial hair from the top to. And even with this powder, the moth is considered, less is more. This powder is so beautiful fine that even a very small amount is enough to treat the entire face with powder optimally.
I myself am surprised at this powder. Okay, he brushed my very oily skin now not so extreme, but the finish is wonderfully silky. One senses in itself is not that you wear powder, especially it does not look like it. That's why I think this powder is also designed for women who abstain because of their dry skin prefer to powder.
Above all, I can also say that this loose powder ideal for Flawless Collection fits of Joan Collins from the Timeless Beauty Collection. But what I really like about this loose powder: With his skin never looks "totmattiert" out or appear dull. Even the finish of a delicate, slightly glowigen Foundation remains. Nevertheless, oily and shiny skin are reported in their place, because after the application of this powder the face looks very harmonious and balanced. In addition, the pore size significantly finer and the skin relief works even.


The Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Impeccable Finish & Brush Duo is only available exclusively in Germany available at QVC.
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