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The new life of Joan Collins

The famous Alexis Colby of "Dynasty" is in Italy to present her line of beauty products.

The new life of Joan Collins

One of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the most famous actresses of all time, came to visit us Italians. How so? The reason is obvious: the charming  Joan Collins has brought us on 28 February her own line of beauty products "Joan Collins Timeless Beauty" , on QVC. 
  What was the relationship between women and beauty at the beginning of your career?   
When I was young I always took my beauty for granted, even though in reality I never thought I was particularly pretty, for as long as 4 years I did not cut my hair and the hairdresser said to me: "You have beautiful eyes." I asked my father if this was true and he said: "You're ok". I mean, I did not grow up in a family that praised me, as often happens today, with parents who constantly say: "You are the most beautiful in the world, the brightest, the most intelligent." A 18-year-old then, I was voted the most beautiful woman in England by the British Photographers Association and my father said: "I am very surprised, you're cute but nothing special." So I've never been vain, until I realized that I had to take care of my face. That is, until the age of 21, when I went to Hollywood and having lunch by the pool with a friend of mine whose skin was beautiful she said to me: "You see these 40 year old shriveled up prunes? If you do not want to become like them, do not lie in the sun and moisturizes your skin. " In fact, I was tanned because I have always loved to sunbathe. Later I worked in Hollywood with the best make-up artist and learned their secrets, that's when I became interested in beauty.
 Hollywood has made ​​a fortune thanks to the charm of actresses like you. Do you wants to tell us some anecdotes about your career?
I do not know if you know in Italy, but in England there are now 40 to 50 age group leading actresses in court saying they were victims of "sexual harassment" years and years ago. If you were an actress and were pretty, it was normal, it was part of the game. For example, when I was 17 during the filming of my first film , several times I had to hide from the clutches of a producer. I never got a job in this way, even though I had 5 husbands and some boyfriend, but I have always chosen me. Many of my colleagues in Hollywood, however, have been linked to producers and directors.
You remain at the top: what are your preferences in terms of sports and make up?
I've never been a very sporty person, but I always liked to swim. I like to play Scrabble, Monopoly and read. My preferences regarding make-up, I put them all in my line of beauty "Joan Collins Timeless Beauty", of course. The lipsticks are wonderful and also "Paparazzi Ready Compact Duo" is a package designed by me which contains powder and lipstick, to be applied on the fly thanks to the mirror, just to test Paparazzi! 
What would you suggest to women in terms of beauty? 
Hydration, hydration, hydration and sun only on the body , as I do, the face put high protection,wear a hat, sunglasses and a scarf for your hair.
 Here in Italy, your character on "Dynasty", Alexis Colby, entered into myth. It is true that you risked dismissal, asking for a pay rise? 
Yeah, but it was worth it because it is important to know your value. When I started acting in "Dynasty," the show was failing. Thanks to me, it climbed the charts and won  great success. So I went to the producer, Aaron Spelling, and asked for an increase because I earned much less than John Forsythe (Blake Carrington in the TV series). He threatened to fire me, making me feel insecure. But I got my pay rise. I deserved it. At the time, unfortunately, there were many actors and actresses who were like puppets in the hands of directors and producers. Now things have changed, just think of actresses like Angelina Jolie. 
What would you recommend to a young person today who wants to be an actress? 
Do not even try. There is too many actresses, not like in my day. The competition is crazy, it's a tough world. If you do not have a CV with a maximum of 22 years, you'd better forget it.

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