An Evening With Dame Joan Collins

An Evening With Dame Joan Collins
Dubai Opera December 12th 2017

Monday, August 20, 2012


I recently memtioned this new book out on October 24th 2012 compiled by Robert Dance, featuring photo's from the Kobal collection, with a foreward by Joan.. Here is an exerpt from it.
'This wonderful book brought back many memories of my endless hours in the studio stills gallery posing for countless photographers in a variety of 'turn em on' poses! Most people nowadays would be amazed that, when doing publicity for 'Land of the Pharaoh's' at the Warner Bros stills gallery shortly after I arrived in LA, I was imstructed to 'Bring your best clothes', in contrast to later years, actresses were not dressed, groomed and gowned by an endless entourage of stylists and it was quite normal for the star to either wear her own clothes, or the ones from her current film. Since I possessed few clothes, I brought my one full length strapless beaded gown, and a white one piece bathing suit. They were all photographed and often still appear in publications. Of course the studios sometimes did supply costumes for important dates in the public calender... For the fourth of July I had to wrap myself in the American flag and look patriotic. For Easter I posed beside a giant egg, white little fake chicks played around my feet and once I had to wear a much used Bunny suit.. For Christmas I sat wrapped in a Mink coat, in a sleigh pulled by several 'Reindeer', with a giant sack balanced on my shoulder from which gifts spilled out...

'Photographic stills were a vital part of an actor's life, most of the photographs in this book, some of which have never been seen before, were overseen by a protective studio system that by the early 1960's no longer existed..'
*** This is an extract from the foreward, a full version is in book**
(c) Joan Collins  June 2012..

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