Sunday, July 1, 2012


As part of their popular on demand Archive collection, Warner's finally released Joan's 1956 lavish MGM release 'The Opposite Sex' onto dvd in 2010.. This remastered widescreen release features an excellent print, but as the norm with Warner Archive, nothing in the way of special features, not even a trailer.. It is a shame this film was not given proper treatment, considering all the rubbish released daily with tons of extras and special editions.. At least it is finally out there! This release is Region 1 ..
I must also mention this Spanish dvd release of the film from 2011, which features a wonderful cover features Joan in pink, this is not in the film, however the hilarious catfight between Ann Miller and Dolores Gray, can also be seen! This release has the title 'El Sexo Opuesto', however it is the American print on the dvd, with both the English and Spanish soundtracks available.. So either versions are worth picking up.. This release is Region 2 Europe..

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