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                                                       REVISITED ......

Last time on DYNASTY REVISITED ..... Fallon is recovering from the shooting, but loses the baby.. Jeff who had no knowledge of the baby, is informed that it has died! ... Alexis and Blake come to the conclusion that Jeremy Van Dorn is behind the shooting.. Sable Colby discovers her son is missing......

Sable's world had crashed down around her, her precious little boy had been snatched from literally under her nose. The hotel and it's grounds had been searched high and low, but to no avail. Dex Jr has just disappeared and all she could do now was wait until the police got back to her. Sable lay down on her spacious bed, thoughts of sleep were as distant as her son. The police had questioned everyone in the hotel, from staff to guests, but no clues or vital information were uncovered. Their only advice was to wait and see if there was a message from the abductors or indeed even a ransom! Sable felt so helpless, worthless even, her son was out there, somewhere, alone and no doubt frightened and she could not run to him. Frank Mulligan had filled her in on Jeremy Van Dorn's escapades, of his threats and his attempts on both Alexis and Fallon's lives. On any other occasion she would have applauded his stalking of her dear cousin Alexis, she would have even helped in her demise! But vendettas and feuds seemed pointless, when the one you loved faced danger and an uncertain future. 
"Mrs Colby! I will have to leave you now. I got a call from Alexis.. She wishes to to be driven home. Will you be ok?"
Although Frank considered Sable a bitch for the way she despised and maligned his employer, he could not help but feel the impact of her heartbreak, which almost proved she was human. 
"Thank you Frank! I will be fine. After all we can't have Alexis waiting around for transport. Can we?"
Sable's words poured out as if by habit, a sentence with Alexis, could only be spoken by her with sarcasm or unkindness.
"I will check back later to see if there are any developments."
Frank excused her sarcasm, he wondered if Van Dorn would contact the police with some sort of demand?
Alexis and Blake sat at Fallon's bedside, while Krystle was in search of the coffee machine. Strange how rich or poor had to grieve and wait over a paper cup, with not a hint of china in sight! Illness and death made humble people of us all, the Carrington's and the Colby's were no exception. 
"Blake this situation with Jeremy Van Dorn is escalating. Someone is going to be killed! God! That Dutch monster must be caught. I will kill him myself!"
Alexis jumped up from her seat in a fury, thinking of the upheavel that Jeremy had created.
"Alexis! It is pointless upsetting yourself. That is exactly what he wants. It would delight him to see us all dance close to the edge of hysteria. Sooner or later he will slip up. He is too cunning to kill, he knows exactly what he is up to. If only we did!"
Alexis took a deep breath and sat down again, just as Frank entered the room with the news of Dex Jr's abduction. He decided not to tell Alexis over the phone, when she rang him to come and collect her. He had hoped he might have heard some news by then.
"He has gone too far this time! An innocent child! What has Sable Colby done to deserve this nightmare?"
Blake was now the one enraged at events. Alexis could well recite a list of Sable's sins, but none of them were worth having one's child taken from you. Alexis never thought she would see the day when she could actually sympathise with her cousin.. But she did! She knew only too well the pain and heartbreak off having a child snatched from the bosom of the family. The emptiness and terror that you feel, thinking you would never hold or hug that special little child again. She recalled the nightmare all those years ago, when Adam was kidnapped by that deranged Torrance woman. All those childhood years stolen from her, Adam now an adult, who no longer needed that special motherly touch.
"Coffee's up!"
Krystle had returned, laden down with polysytrene and conveyer belt coffee.
"Darling! Sable Colby is back in Denver with her young son. The boy has disappeared, it has to be Van Dorn!"
Blake took a cup of coffee from his wife and handed it to Alexis, who could not control her anger. She felt something special for the child, whose father she truly loved.
"Alexis! Frank is here now. Why don't you go home and get some rest. Fallon will be fine. There is little you can do here."
Blake could see how upset she was, he felt so helpless himself.
"I think I will Blake. It has been a long day. One I would rather forget!"
Frank led her out of the hospital room, she could do with a large brandy to see her through another restless night.
Adam Carrington sat at his desk, daydreaming about Kirby Anders. She somehow managed to captivate him again, he regretted ever letting her go. She had not contacted him since that day she came to tell him she could not marry him. True! she said she could not marry him at this time.. Not that she would never marry him! At first he was enraged, but the more he thought about it, he could hardly blame her for her reluctance in accepting. After all they had been through it all before, without success. Adam was under no illusion of the obstacles, his mother been the main one. Alexis had no time for Kirby Anders, in a way he could understand her reasons. After all Kirby's father, Joseph tried to kill her along with Krystle in a burning cabin. When that failed he tried to smother her with a pillow in her hospital bed! Then again Kirby also tried to kill his mother by trying to shoot her! Adam loved his mother, but he knew only too well how Alexis could bring the worst out in people.  She threw the history of Kirby's family in her face, telling her of her mothers admittance to a mental hospital. Adam knew he too was like his mother, he could do some unforgivable things, trying to poison Jeff Colby and letting Alexis take the blame! So how could he sit here and judge her, when he was just as bad.Adam sat back, closed his eyes to think, the intercom buzzed, Kirby had arrived!
"This is a surprise! You do know I was sitting here thinking of you! I am very predictable!"
Adam took her hands, giving her a welcoming kiss.
"Adam! I just came to tell you that I am going back to Paris for a couple of months. I have some work lined up. I still have your proposal under consideration.. This will give me time to think."
Adam's heart sank, a couple of months seemed like forever. He doubted whether time would change her mind.
"I do love you.  Do remember that.I would love nothing more than to make you my wife."
He tried hard not to plead with her, but could not help himself.
"Adam! I know you love me. I can't agree to marriage at this time. It does not feel right for me at this time. I am trying hard to erase the past."
Kirby gave him a final kiss, she then left the office, he stood there alone with only the allure of her perfume lingering, the scent of what might have been.
Everything around her seemed hazy, as if in soft focus, but she was alive! Fallon opened her eyes, as wide as she could, a loving and adorable face leaning over her. The wonderful man, she truly loved and would always love, more than life itself.
"Fallon! Thank God!"
Jeff kissed her, tears in his eyes, he was so relived to see her awaken from her coma, he pressed the hospital buzzer to alert the nursing station. He felt a fool for storming out of the hospital like he did, knowing too well why Fallon had failed to confide in him about her pregnancy. One thing was certain, the love they felt for each other, surely that was all that mattered now..
"Jeff! Please hold me! Someone tried to kill me..Didn't they?"
Fallon was still weak, but she still remembered the burning pain she had felt, after she heard the shot, whilst standing on the steps of Fontaine Fashions. 
"Darling! Try not to think about that. You must get strong. Everything is going to be fine. I know about the baby, I do understand!"
Jeff squeezed her hand, to reassure her.
" I lost the baby.. Haven't I? Tell me the truth Jeff!"
Fallon knew the answer, but needed the confirmation.
"Yes! They did everything they possibly could. You must think of yourself now."
Jeff gave her another hug, tears reforming, he was so relieved to have her back, to regain the life she so much enjoyed.
Alexis sat up in bed, feeling as if she had not slept in days, feeling like hell and no doubt looking similar. 
"Good morning! Mrs Colby! A registered letter arrived for you. I took the liberty of signing for it, as not to disturb you."
Henrietta Moore put the breakfast tray down in front of her employer, for the last three years she had served her glamorous and powerful boss. Henrietta had too admit that this morning her beautiful employer sure looked pretty ragged! Those late nights were sure getting the worst of her looks!
"Thank you Hetty! I am not sure if I can manage breakfast, a glass of orange juice might be my limit!"
Alexis sighed and lay back, her mail, registered or not would have to wait till she had returned to the land of the living again. As she lay back, thoughts of Dex filled her mind, the thought of his little boy in the hands of Jeremy Van Dorn. What possible reason could he have for involving the child in his pointless vendetta. Alexis sat up again, taking a sip of the chilled juice, glancing at the pile of mail and newspapers. She lay back down, a feeling she could sleep for a week enveloped her. Maybe if she did, then the nightmare would be over, when she awoke and she could get on with her life!
Sable Colby sat in her suite at The Carlton, she had been crying all night, sleep far from her mind. She had never felt so alone, even when she had lost the safety and security of her marriage to Jason, she somehow knew she would survive, perhaps meet someone else. But this bout of loneliness was different, totally extreme, the bonds of mother and child, that were so close and so precious, had been severed. A knock on the door disturbed her, every sound could be a signal of danger now. She went to the door, relieved to find some friendly faces there.
"Blake! Krystle! It is so good to see you both.You heard about my ordeal?"
Krystle gave her a big hug, this was their first meeting since Krystle's near death experience. The last time Sable had spoken to her, was when Krystle and Blake renewed their marriage vows and they took off for the clinic. 
"Sable! We just heard about your son. Is there any news? Any demands?"
Sable ushered them in and closed the door of the suite, offering them a drink as they sat down by the open fire.
"Not one phone call or even a note. I am frantic with worry. I miss him so much."
Sable became distraught, Krystle was sure to follow, as she put her arms around her, to somehow try to comfort.
"Van Dorn is a madman! He is playing some sort of game. With all of us as pawns!"
Blake felt helpless, he longed to do something positive, but Van Dorn had become a sort of phantom, lurking in the shadows.
"Blake! If that madman harms a hair on my sons head, I will personally tear his black heart out!"
Sable's tears vanished, replaced with hatred and anger, clenching her fists in frustration at the situation. It was at that moment, the telephone rang.
"Hello! Yes! This Sable Colby. Where is my son? I demand to know at once!"
Sable managed to contain herself, listening carefully to the caller, minutes later replacing the receiver.
Alexis had somehow managed to rejoin the land of the vertical, she felt almost human again! Jeff had phoned to let her know Fallon had awoken, so she had planned to visit the hospital later. Alexis sat back and grabbed a pile of mail, beginning with the registered letter. She thought it might be some news on Frank Mulligan's adoption, but it was too soon for that to arrive. She tore open the envelope and read the bizarre contents!

                                          ALEXIS !!
    Sable Colby's son is safe!
                     Safe he will remain ..........
           But only if my demands are met???
 The presence of THE ALEXIS COLBY ...
          Queen of Denver is requested!
                               Yours Lovingly
                                    Jeremy xx
Alexis gasped... She held her hand to her throat in disbelief. Van Dorn wanted a life... Her life!!

                                               TO BE CONTINUED....
(C) 2011 Mark McMorrow..

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  1. You are a very talented script writer, Mark! Ive just had a quick skim through this episode (i havent started from the beginning yet) but i must say, your writing is excellent! I'm definitely going to follow it from the beginning when i get a chance.
    Queen of Denver! Love the expression! Rachel x