Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Joan Collins reveals she will be making a movie in Ireland

Dame Joan Collins and her husband Percy Gibson pictured at the Museum of Style Icons at Newbridge Silverware, Co Kildare
Legendary actress Joan Collins has revealed she will be making a movie in Ireland.
The star officially unveiled a collection of some of her most fabulous frocks at the Newbridge Silverware Museum Of Style Icons.
And although grieving Joan refused to speak about her late sister Jackie’s death, she did reveal that she will be shooting her first feature film in Ireland at last.
Joan said: “We are going to hopefully be doing this movie in Ireland and we were going to hopefully be shooting it really right now but unfortunately something happened and it didn’t happen.”
The film, which is being made by Telegael, is called The Time Of Their Lives and stars Joan and Pauline Collins as two women of a certain age who are in search of happiness.
Joan said: “It’s a buddy movie about older women.
“It’s a story about two women who both have miserable lives and they go on a trip together to Ireland and then to England and France to try and find happiness.”
Joan has given up a number of fabulous items from her glittering career in television and film to the museum for the collection which is free for the public to view.
And she is still hopeful to take up more roles for television and film if the parts are right.
Robbie Reynolds
Dame Joan Collins pictured at the Museum of Style Icons at Newbridge Silverware, Co Kildare
She said: “The big budget movies are aimed basically at young people between the ages of 12 and 26 or 28. They want young girls. And I do know from some of my actress friends that there’s a huge shift to have them as thin as possible. I know actresses who weigh maybe 8st who have been told to lose weight.
“But there are wonderful older women like Judi Dench and Helen Mirren who are getting roles. “So I hope that I’m going to get one and do it in Ireland.”
In spite of the fact that Dallas has returned to our screens, the style icon said there’s no chance of a comeback for Alexis Carrington or Dynasty.
But Joan did reveal that she based her former character on another famous face.
She said of Alexis: “I would say that she was the best businesswoman. She was tough. She behaved exactly in business as men did. In fact I kind of based her - a lot of her - on Donald Trump.”
Robbie Reynolds
Dame Joan Collins pictured with William Doyle, CEO of Newbridge Silverware at the Museum of Style Icons at Newbridge Silverware, Co Kildare
Joan said the Irish actor she most admired was Liam Neeson - who is a good friend of herself and her husband Percy who was also in Ireland for the trip.
And the actress said she was aware of her TD alter ego here as she often sees news articles about her.
She said: “Well Joan Collins is a really common name there are hundreds of thousands of people called Joan Collins all over the world, especially in America.
“So I do get Google alerts - she did something the other day, something about water.”
Hollywood icon Joan also had a few style tips to share with her Irish fans.
She said: “The best style tip really is to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative. So put the emphasis on your good parts - if you’ve got good shoulders wear something that emphasises the shoulders and cover up the legs and vice versa and don’t follow fashion slavishly because most fashion today is ugly.”

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