Monday, March 30, 2015


Joan with Jonathan Ross
Jonathan Ross is gearing up to host a new documentary on one of the country's most iconic movie studios; The Secrets of Pinewood.
The show will go behind the scenes of the long running establishment, revealing to audiences the story behind the renowned UK based studio. Ross will also be joined by a group of well-known celebrities, who will aid in opening up the studio's secrets and past... as well as sharing some of their own stories.
 Pauline Law, executive producer, said: “The BBC wanted to put more money into arts programming and BBC Arts has a long-standing connection with Jonathan. Plus, with Pinewood coming up to its 80th anniversary since construction, we felt like it fit.”
The doc, made in partnership with the BFI, will have excerpts from Pinewood’s history and could even feature some behind the scenes footage of films currently shooting at the studio. Law added: “Some great filmmakers and projects have shot there, from Bond and Carry On to Hitchcock. It’s such a rich story of filmmaking in Britain.”

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