Sunday, November 23, 2014


Joan features in today's issue of Style magazine with The Sunday Times.. Here is a taste of the feature..

Miss Collins invites

From Liz Taylor to Andy Warhol, Joan Collins has partied with the best of them. The ultimate hostess shares her tips on how to throw the soiree of the season

Joan Collins Published: 23 November 2014
First-night party at the Waldorf, London, 2001 (Richard Young)
I have thrown dozens of parties in my life: children’s birthday parties, Christmas parties, beach parties, pool parties, barbecues, cocktail parties, seated dinners for 10, kitchen suppers for four, buffet dinners for 50, and weddings, at which, of course, I’m an expert.
The guest list
The first and most crucial element of a great party is the guest list. I invite a core group of my closest friends and family along with a sprinkling of new friends, as one doesn’t want to see the same faces every year. Boring or dull people can cast a bad vibe over any gathering, so I’m ruthless about whom I invite.
The food
I make sure I have the most delicious food possible, and I’m lucky enough to know a terrific chef who comes in to cook mouthwatering fare. For buffets I like to have three or four simple things so that everyone has............... For rest of interview see The Sunday Times in print or online!


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