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Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Range

I can often be heard proclaiming that true love doesn’t exist. But then I think I might have become a little cynical in recently years! However, I feel like I want to take back anytime I have ever uttered this phrase since I was introduced to this beauty collection.
The  Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range, just like the woman herself, is the epitome of timeless glamour and elegance. Never have I immediately fallen in love with a collection as much as I did this one.
Inspired by the glamour of Hollywood the range has had a genuine input by Joan Collins herself, something very rare with celebrity collaborations, and they have tried to create a range of products suitable to a variety of ages. Something they have done very well!
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

The range is compromised of lipsticks, glosses, blushes and much more. With a range of shades from subtle nudes to bright, hot pinks you are sure to find a colour suitable for every occasion.
Personally I love a bright, bold pink for my lips and so this lipstick and gloss are the perfect shades to compliment a summer dress. The Divine Lips lipstick in Fontaine comes in the most fabulous gold casing, which is actually quite heavy and certainly feels expensive. Although retailing at just £18 I think this lipstick is very reasonable, plus the Glorious Gloss in Too Hot to Handle is the perfect shade to go on top and leave you with glossy, kissable lips.
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Then there are the gorgeous compacts, holding either pink blushes or nude powders. Again there is some weight to these which all adds to the glamour and expensive look of the range. This Contour Velvet blush in Dusky Pink is just £22 and the perfect shade for both light and medium skin tones. It is not a bold pink and so will not leave you with cheeks that are too rouged. Instead it adds a light, pink shade to your cheeks that makes you look fresh and awake.
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty

Whilst I have never looked to Joan Collins as direct inspiration before, I am certainly impressed with this collection that she has helped create. The price point is excellent, especially for the quality of products, and I actually much prefer this range to those of high-end beauty counters.
Have you tried the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty range yet?

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