Wednesday, April 17, 2013


GT Stage

Joan Collins

The West End’s must-see diva

Working on GT I’ve done some pretty gay things in my time but it’s just possible that One Night With Joan may have topped the bill.

The one-woman show – celebrating the life and career of Joan Collins – is played for laughs with fantastic comedic timing, while still managing to be an impressive feat in showing off just how much she’s done other than Dynasty (pronounce it how you will, as you’ll discover in the show).

Joan herself plays up the misconception that all she’s ever portrayed is super-soap bitch Alexis by halting the proceedings as the show gets underway with the all-so-familiar theme tune. And so begins two hours of tales from Hollywood, of papier-mache ants and getting Cinzano poured down her twice a year.

Hanging. Off. Every. Word.

Who else has stories of encounters with Joan Crawford and Marilyn Monroe? Of having worked with Bette Davis? And who else would exasperatedly stop the show with a sigh - while fanning herself - to shout at press photographers snapping away during the first ten minutes.

“Click, click, click! Are you ever going to stop?” she snaps, rolling her eyes and realising the audience are completely on her side. Amazing.

Her life story is accompanied by clips from her many films and TV appearances, as well as a series of incredible photographs which look set to see print later this year.

She still looks utterly fantastic of course (goodness knows how she does it), she keeps the audience in the palm of her hand and ultimately leaves them desperate for more. I could’ve listened to her all night - if the end had been the interval I’d have happily sat for another two hours.


Get tickets for her London shows here and details of her UK tour here.

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