Sunday, March 24, 2013


                                              I still work... I’ve got four homes to pay for! Joan Collins says she’s no longer famous — but she disguises herself in dark glasses and a baseball hat to go shopping, just in case!

           Joan Collins insists on doing all her own make-up (Eddie Sanderson)
As a teenager, I used to love lying in bed until noon. These days I’m awake between 7 and 8, and before I get up, I stretch like a cat. I make sure everything is moving.
I then put on my Terrycloth dressing gown and make a very strong instant coffee. My diet isn’t faddish, but I look after myself. I eat boring stuff. If you look in my cupboards, you’ll find things like tins of tuna and loaves of white bread. I love a piece of white toast in the morning with Smucker’s raspberry jam.
My husband, Percy, is usually up by the time I finish breakfast, so we go through emails and make calls while listening to the Today programme. Although we’re in New York right now — we’ve also got homes in London, LA and the south of France — I still like to know what’s happening in England.
*** You can read the full interview in today's Sunday Times Magazine!***

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