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Joan Collins : I am a champion shopper!!
Joan Collins

Joan Collins says browsing clothes rails is where her strengths lie.
Joan insists browsing clothes rails is where her strengths lie.
"The queen of boutiques, that'd be me. I have a black belt in shopping. I don't shop for furniture anymore as all my houses [in LA, New York, London and the south of France] are full, so I shop for clothes instead," she quipped in an interview with Stylist magazine.
"I just came back from Sedona, Arizona, with my two great friends and we spent a whole day just shopping. We went around all the arts and crafts shops buying strange turquoise jewellery."
Joan has revealed her favourite haunts. The British star loves to find a bargain even though she prefers the finer things in life.
"I love Montmartre [in France], it's very bohemian, but I also love Rue Saint-Honore, which is very chic and elegant. The boutiques are unbelievable. And the prices are unbelievable as well," she explained.
Joan has previously revealed what wardrobe items she avoids at all cost. The star insists short skirts shouldn't be worn past the age of 35.
“Frankly, [wearing jeans] just makes everyone look the same. One of the things about being glamorous is that you have to find your own look. If you must wear jeans, which are rarely glamorous in women over 40, wear dark blue or black and pair them with T-shirts that are fitted or jackets that are classically cut," she said.
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