An Evening With Dame Joan Collins

An Evening With Dame Joan Collins
Dubai Opera December 12th 2017

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Just to mention that Joan's episode of 'The Virginain' entitled 'The Woman From Witchita', is available on the Season 6 dvd set of the classic Western drama series 'The Virginian' just released on dvd from Timeless Media, out now! In this episode Joan plays Lorna who is left property in a will and comes to town to claim it with the help of her friend Belle played by Rose Marie...
                                             On the subject of Joan's tv episodes.. The first of her two 'Police Woman' eps ..'The Pawn Shop' can be found on the Season 2 release of 'Police Woman' out on dvd from Shout! Factory..This classic 70's series stars Angie Dickinson, who is a good friend of Joan's..Both dvd sets can be ordered from Amazon....
One last mention for the upcoming Region 1 release of 'Dynasty Season 6', which has been available in Europe for some time, Season 8 is due in July here.. I have featured the cover for Season 6 here, but I noticed the cover for the Second part of the release is exclusive to the USA.. Here is a look at it....

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